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26. The capacity of a hydraulic accumulator is defined as :

27. The pump to be used for pumping highly viscous fluids belongs to :

28. Cavitation in centrifugal pump can be reduced by :

29. A direction control valve designated by DC 3/2 implies :

30. The function of check valve is :

31. Sequence valves are also called as :

32. A simply supported beam of span 10 m carrying a concentrated load of 1000 N at the mid span will have the maximum bending moment of:

33. The ratio of maximum shear stress to average shear stress for a beam with circular section is :

34. The maximum shear stress developed on, the surface of a solid circular shaft under pure torsion is 320 MPa. If the shaft diameter is doubled, then the maximum shear stress developed corresponds to the same torque will be :

35. When aclose coiled spring' is subjected to axial load, its axial deflection is directly proportional to :

36. Coriolis component of acceleration is always :

37. Axial thrust is minimum in case of:

38. Whenever the follower moves with simple harmonic motion, the velocity diagram is :

39. In case of multi-disk clutch, if there are 3 disks on the driving shaft and 2 disk on the driven shaft, then the total number of pairs of contacting surfaces is equal to :

40. A key connecting to a flange coupling to a shaft likely to fail in :

41. Second law of thermodynamics defines a property known as :

42. The entropy change in a reversible adiabatic process is :

43. The efficiency of a Carnot cycle operating between the temperature limits of 327'

44. One ton of refrigeration is equal to :

45. Which of the following processes is not associated withDiesel cycle?

46. Morse test is conducted only on :

47. The ignition quality of a petrol engine fuel is expressedas:

48. The brake lining is usually made of:

49. The throttling process in a refrigeration cycle is :

50. For the same temperature limits, the COP of a refrigerator is 4, then the COP of a heat pump equals :

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