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1. A foundation is considered as shallow if its depth is :

2. The soils most susceptible to liquefaction are :

3. The type of foundation suitable for under water structures is

4. Bernoulli’s theorem deals with the principal of conservation of:

5. Pitot tube is a device used in the Flowing fluid for measurement of:

6. A hydrograph is a plot of:

7. An aquifer that is confined at bottom and top is:

8. Weirs constructed on permeable foundation are likely to fail due to

9. The commonly used indicator for measuring iron concentration in water is:

10. Biochemical oxygen demand of wastewater represent:

11. An ideal horizontal transition curve should be a:

12. A road connecting one town with another town is known as:

13. The maximum allowable super elevation is:

14. Distance between inner faces of the flanges is kept:

15. The place where a railway line and a road cross each other at the same Level:

16. Gauge of a permanent way is:

17. Example for an obstacle that obstructs both chaining and ranging:

18. Spire test is used in permanent adjustment of a theodolite for:

19. The highest value of coefficient of refraction occurs during:

20. The thickness of cylindrical shell is designed on the basis of:

21. Who was the first Chief Minister of Thiru-Kochi?

22. Who is the Chairman of the National Farmers Commission in India?

23. Who is the President of France?

24. The Lokayukta and Upalokyukta Act was first passed in:

25. The concept of public Interest litigation in India relates to:

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