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51. Which among the following is a Primary supporting member?

52. What is a Gun Whale?

53. What is the standard size of a TEU container?.

54. Why do you sub divide the hull into compartments?

55. Which compartment standard is given for passenger vessels with respect to flooding?

56. What is the stability criteria for Trim and Stability booklet?

57. How do you reduce free surface effect?

58. What is the advantage of variable pitch propellers?

59. Which rule is applicable for the design of light nnd sound signals?

60. Which among the following is an item in FFA?

61. In an alternator, the regulator controls output voltage by :

62. The number of windings in the stator of an alternator is :

63. The torque developed at the motor armature, when the battery current is switched on, is called :

64. Continuity test of motor field windings can be done with a :.

65. The light used to indicate the direction in w'hich vehicle turning is :

66. The device that give an indication whether certain electric units have turned on or not, is called :

67. The frequency of a 2 pole alternator running at 3000 rpm is

68. EMF of a cell is always--------------its terminal voltage.

69. in a series R-CJ circuit, current always—the applied voltage.

70. The unit of capacitance is :

71. What is standardization in material management?

72. In order increase productivity, how?

73. What is bath-tub cure stands

74. ABC represents what?

75. Identify one of the objective of work study :

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