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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 1516

75801. The signals in 8086 are classified into

75802. Consider the following statements about constants in 8085 The assembler treats 64 H as hexadecimal constant.The assembler treats 154 as binary constant.The assembler treats 540 as octal constant.The assembler treats 138 as decimal constant. Which of the above are correct?

75803. Internally the two distinct units of 8086 are called

75804. Which of the following directives in 8085 causes one byte to be reserved in the memory?

75805. The chip 8259 is a

75806. A computer memory is an ordered sequence of storage cells.

75807. Which one is true for writing array variable in Pascal?

75808. In 8085, which of the following is an 8 bit register?

75809. What does the instruction 'PCHL' in 8085 do?

75810. In a multi-processor configuration two coprocessors are connected to host 8086 processor. The instruction sets of the two coprocessors

75811. Virus is a

75812. For converting a decimal number into octal number, the decimal number is expressed as a series of the type

75813. Consider the following statements The sign of a floating point number depends on the sign of mantissa only.If the absolute value of a number is less than 1, the sign of exponent is zero or positive.With sign bit of mantissa as 0, increasing the exponent from a positive to a more positive value gives a larger floating point number. Which of the above are correct?

75814. Assertion (A): In microprocessor 8085 instruction LXIB, 90 FF H means register B and C are loaded with upper and lower bytes to get B = 90 H and C = FFH.Reason (R): In 8085 the stack pointer indicates which memory location is to accessed.

75815. To add 8 bit words, two IC 74181 can be cascaded.

75816. The initial contents of ACC and CY in 8085 are
  1. CY = 1
  2. ACC = 10000001
After instruction RAL is executed once the contents of CY and ACC respectively will be

75817. A microprocessor needs memory chips and input-output chip to form a microcomputer.

75818. The maximum number of alphabets/digits or special symbots for character constants in C is

75819. Windows automatically starts CD player when one inserts audio CD in CD-ROM drive.

75820. In 8086 the word address is

75821. The instruction MOV r1, r2 in 8085

75822. Assertion (A): The variable name 5KING is not valid in Fortran 77.Reason (R): In Fortran 77 the first character of a variable name must be an alphabet.

75823. Which 8085 instruction causes exchange of contents of stack pointer with the contents of H L register pair?

75824. The four types of integers in Java are called

75825. Consider the following statements about data structures in Pascal Arrays and files are types of data structures.List structure is not a data structure in Pascal.Each element of a binary tree is called a node of the tree. Which of the above are statements correct?

75826. In the expression 3 2 4 2 in FORTRAN 77 which exponentiation is performed first

75827. Which of the following is not an interrupt line in 8085?

75828. In 8085, F register has 8 bits.

75829. The general purpose register code for accumulator in 8085 is

75830. Which of the following is not an internal DOS command?

75831. In 8085, high level on INTR line can be recognised only if

75832. The word size accessible at a time from the memory subsystem depends on

75833. In windows the middle button of mouse is not used.

75834. Microprocessor 8088 has

75835. Assertion (A): In 8085, P flag is for parity checking.Reason (R): If the result of ALU has even parity, P flag is set and if the result has odd parity, P flag is reset.

75836. Which of the following is not a special purpose peripheral?

75837. Which of the following is a valid variable in FORTRAN 77?

75838. In Pascal an array declaration provides information to the Pascal processor to enable it to

75839. In which of the following instructions of 8085 are the contents of accumulator complemented?

75840. Assertion (A): Microprocessors 8086 and 8088 are very similar in organisation and have identical instruction sets.Reason (R): If clock speed is same the execution time of 8088 and 8086 are exactly equal.

75841. In which of the following logical group instructions of 8085 is the addressing mode 'immediate'?

75842. Which of the following is a valid real constant in FORTRAN 77?

75843. Mouse is a very suitable input device for computers.

75844. Which of the following instructions have only one operand?

75845. Which of the following is not a keyword in C?

75846. 'Rotate instruction' in microprocessor belongs to

75847. For a 16 bit computer the range of integer constants in C is

75848. In which group of 8085 instructions condition flags are not affected?

75849. In 8085, the instruction CMA is an example of

75850. Assertion (A): Static RAMS are used where speed of operation is of primary concern.Reason (R): Dynamic RAM has lower cost per bit than static RAM.

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