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You Are On Question Answer Bank SET 23

1151. Home is —————- sweetest place on the earth.

Answer: the

1152. The opposite of vice is:

Answer: virtue

1153. The idiom storm in the tea cup me

Answer: big fuss over trivial matter

1154. The mansion was pulled down to make way for a housing complex. The words italicized mean:

Answer: demolished

1155. Most of the people in India live from hand to mouth. The closest meaning to this idiom is:

Answer: without any provision for the future

1156. He is quite at sea. At sea me

Answer: confused

1157. Mark stands well with his boss. Stands well closely me

Answer: Mark is well thought of by his boss

1158. I save money by ———– smoking.

Answer: never

1159. I ————- prefer coffee.

Answer: usually

1160. There is a cat in the kitchen. ——————— is drinking milk.

Answer: It

1161. They sell ————– dresses in that store.

Answer: ladies’

1162. ————— bread and butter the only thing you have for me?

Answer: Is

1163. Former IAF chief, Norman Anil Kumar Browne has recently been appointed as India’s ambassador to which country?

Answer: Norway

1164. What is the name of the HAL (Hindustan Aeronautical Limited) made Dornier light-weight aircraft, handed over to Defense Research and Development Organisation (DRDO)?

Answer: Nabhratna

1165. Who won UNESCO/ Guillermo Cano World Press Freedom Prize 2014?

Answer: Ahmet Sil ( World Press Freedom Day was celebrate on May 3

1166. What is the name given to India’s first indigenously developed beyond-visual-range air to air missile?

Answer: Astra

1167. International Workers’ Day was observed on_________?

Answer: 42856

1168. Sania Mirza won the women’s doubles title at the WTA Portugal Open, along with which Zimbabwean player?

Answer: Cara Black

1169. World’s highest tunnel for high speed train has been opened in which country?

Answer: China

1170. Which Indian shooter has reached the third spot in international Shooting Sport Federation ranking in the men’s trap shooting?

Answer: Manavjit Singh Sandhu

1171. Which African country has purchased 3400 India- made Electronic Voting Machines (EVMs) for use in the Presidential Election there?

Answer: Nabibia

1172. Who heads the Special Investigation team (SIT), reconstituted by the supreme Court to probe into cases related to black money

Answer: Justice M.B Shah (Justice Arijit Pasayat has been appointed as the SIT’s vice chairman.

1173. Alan Mulally who has recently announced his retirement, is currently the CEO of which automobile company?

Answer: Ford ( Mark Fields will be the new CEO of the company)

1174. In which state is the Rakhigarhi Village situated, where a granary built during the Harappan was discovered recently?

Answer: Haryana

1175. India reached the no.1 position in the ICC Twenty 20 ranking on May 1, replacing which country?

Answer: Srilanka

1176. Which Academy award winning Hollywood Actor stepped down as the UN ‘Messenger for peace’ after 6 years in position?

Answer: George Clooney

1177. Juan Carlos Varela has won the presidential election in which North American country?

Answer: Panama

1178. Which American economist and Nobel Prize winner of 1992 passed away on May 3?

Answer: Gray Backer

1179. Around 2700 people were killed in the landslides that took place in which neighboring country?

Answer: Afghanistan

1180. Which terrorist organization has kidnapped approximately 276 female students from a secondary school in Chibook, a town in Nigeria?

Answer: Boko Haram

1181. Alenka Bratusek, who resigned from her post recently, was the prime minister of which European country?

Answer: Slovenia

1182. Who won the World snooker Championship 2014?

Answer: Mark Selby (England)

1183. Who founded Amnesty International:

Answer: Petter Bennison

1184. Who established Adwaida philosophy

Answer: Sakara Aacharya

1185. Who designed the famous Sabarmathi Ashrama

Answer: C M Corriya

1186. When did the Arabs invaded Sind

Answer: AD 712

1187. In which year Gandhiji entered into the Indian Independence fight

Answer: 1914

1188. Which is the largest river in the world ?

Answer: Amazon

1189. Where did the first Christina church was constructed in India?

Answer: Kodungalloorr (Kerala)

1190. Which animal was worshiped by the people of ancient Egypt

Answer: Cat

1191. Which date is observed as National Energy conservation day?

Answer: 43083

1192. What is the full form of LCD

Answer: Liquid Crystal Display.

1193. The Total Length of English Channel

Answer: 564 kms

1194. The Total length of Suez canal

Answer: 162.5 kms.

1195. Which the National flower of Italy

Answer: Lilly

1196. Which day is observed as world Literacy day

Answer: 42986

1197. Vacuum cleaner was invented by?

Answer: Hubert Booth

1198. Name the fastest super computer in india ?

Answer: Saga220

1199. saga 220 is developed by ______?

Answer: vikram sarabhai space centre

1200. First super computer from India ?

Answer: PARAM 8000
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