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1. A universal joint is an example of:

2. The co ordination number of FCC crystal structure is :

3. According to Gibb’s phase rule, the number of degrees of freedom of a two component, three phase system is:

4. Which one of the following is correct for Berger’s vector in screw dislocation?

5. In high speed steels, the alloying element with maximum percentage is :

6. In electric arc welding, arc is created by :

7. Tool life is affected mainly with :

8. The surface roughness on a drawing is represented by:

9. Among the conventional machining processes, the maximum specific energy is consumed in :

10. The optimum value of the helix angle of a drillis:

11. Auto-collimator is used for measuring :

12. Density of a fluid is sensitive to change in pressure. Such fluid is known as :

13. The density of one litre of petrol of specific gravity 0.7is :

14. Whirl pool in a river is an example for :

15. A steady irrotational flow of an incompressiblefluid isknown as:

16. Bernoulli’s equation is:

17. The equations of motion for a viscous fluid is known as :

18. Darcy’s friction factor in a pipe flow corresponds to a Reynold’s number of 2000 is :

19. Pitot tube is used for measuring :

20. The slip in a reciprocating pump is :

21. Modern Francis turbine is essentially a :

22. The ratio of pressure force to inertia force is known as;

23. Series operation of & centrifugal pump results in-

24. Hydraulic ramworks on the principle of:

25. Hydraulic intenaifier is used for :

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