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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 3392

169601. The elastic constant which gives the relation between pressure and change in volume

169602. Where the intensity of load is constant, Bending Moment will vary :

169603. Moment of Inertia of triangular section with base b and height h about base will be :

169604. The shear stress in a circular shaft of radius r subjected to torsion is maximum :

169605. A simply supported rectangular beam is loaded transversely, the maximum tensile stress develops at:

169606. A surface vibrator for concrete compaction is preferred for all the following except:

169607. Maximum gross pressure which the soil can carry safely without shear failure :

169608. Type of foundation suitable when the load is heavy and the soil is highly compressible :

169609. The property of cement tested by using Lechatelier apparatus :

169610. The discharge through a V-notch varies as :

169611. Hydraulic jump is used for :

169612. An example of steady non-uniform flow is :

169613. For steady rotational flow of a fluid Bernoulli’s equation :

169614. As per ISI, concrete should be cured under a humidity of:

169615. Low heat cement is suitable for :

169616. For construction of structures under water, the lime used is :

169617. Efflorescence is caused by :

169618. Stone generally preferred for railway ballast is :

169619. Fluid milk plants should be located near the :

169620. Which among the following is the most suited material for the floor of the dairy plant?

169621. Which type of pump is suited for transfer of rawmilk from reception dock to storage silos?

169622. ne separators are associated with :

169623. In evaporators used in food industry, the heating medium used is mainly :

169624. Reverse osmosis technique is mainly used for :

169625. In GIF system, protein residue is best cleaned by

169626. Final stage of treatment in a Mechanical can washer is treatment with :

169627. The leak proofness of milk pouches are tested by:The leak proofness of milk pouches are tested by

169628. Homogenization divides the fat globules to the size :

169629. The process of removal of bacteria from milk by centrifugal force is called :

169630. Ice thickness controller is used in :

169631. Milk cold room is maintained at:

169632. Double ‘O’ vat is related to :

169633. A device widely used for removing condensate is:

169634. The optimum temperature for efficient homogenizationis :

169635. The steam required to evaporate one kg of water from milk is around triple effect evaporator.

169636. AISI 304 steel consists of:

169637. The speed of rotation in a centrifugal atomizer is:

169638. The time - temperature combination for HTST pasteurization is :

169639. Recently, WHO - India has launched IVR 2020 programme to protect and increase number of:

169640. Which among the following dates is observed as Anti -Leprosy Day in India?

169641. Who among the following was first cinematographer to be chosen for the prestigious Dhada Saheb Phalke award?

169642. The inventor of the World Wide Web has marked the 25th anniversary of his creation by calling for a ‘Magna Carta’ bill of rights to protect its users. Identify him from the given options :

169643. Wisden’s Five Cricketer of the year of 2013 has been awarded to :

169644. Lee Run—hee, who is facing an arrest warrant in a 1.4 million dollar cheating case is chairman of:

169645. “Jens stoltenberg” who has been elected as NATO chief is the former Prime Minister of:

169646. In context to astronomy, “Charkilo” which is in news recently is :

169647. Who shared the Best actor National Award of the year for 2013?

169648. The state which is known as ‘Jw'el of India’:

169649. Who was considered as father of Demography?

169650. Who was the viceroy of India When Congress formed?

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