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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 3270

163501. Temporary support to the structures is called :

163502. Type of arch consists of two curves which aremeeting at the apex of a triangle is called :

163503. The highest point of the extrados is :

163504. The inner surface of the arch is called:

163505. The total area of the window openings should be atleast -of floor area of room.

163506. Outside vertical member of the shutter of a door or a window is :

163507. horizontal member which is employed to sub-divide a window opening horizontally :

163508. The door suitable for buildings where there is heavy rush of foot traffic is :

163509. Vertical windows provided on the sloping roof is :

163510. Windows projecting outside the external walls of a room :

163511. Roof suitable for span upto 2.4 m :

163512. Wooden blocks, bolts and yokes are related to :

163513. An unbroken series of steps between the landings is :

163514. The finishing of mortar joints of either stone masonry or brick masonry is :

163515. Thin plastic covering applied on the surfaces of walls and ceiling is :

163516. Dot and screed are related to:

163517. The defect in plastering indicated by a very small loose mass on the plastered surface is known as:

163518. Polyvinyl acetate, synthetic resins etc are the binding materials in :

163519. The formation of soap patches on the painted surface is known as :

163520. A depressed or bent sanitary fitting which always remains full of water :

163521. The trap which is provided in the last manhole of house drainage system :

163522. The pipe which carries discharge from sanitary fittings such as bath rooms, sinks etc.:

163523. The waste water from bathrooms, kitchens are called :

163524. The word ‘Acoustics’ means :

163525. A modern technique to plan and to manage all types of construction projects

163526. An example for enlargement scale is :

163527. The length to width ratio of drawing paper is :

163528. R.F is expanded as :

163529. Letters and numerals are designated by :

163530. The built up or covered area by taking external dimension at plinth level or floor level excluding plinth offset is called :

163531. Value of dismantled material is :

163532. Unit of earthwork excavation is :

163533. Which of the following is a fiber mineral?

163534. Which is the largest man made lake in India?

163535. Where is the college of defence management located?

163536. Which state dominated in coffee production?

163537. Which is known as Bird Village in Kerala?

163538. The Taluk in kerala with the longest coastline :

163539. Which kerala river is known as “Yellow river'?

163540. Which of the following five year plan is aimed at Improving the Standard of living?

163541. The Mumbai stock exchange was setup in :

163542. How many delegates had attended the first session of Indian national Congress?

163543. The only licensed flag production unit in India islocated at?

163544. Who gave leadership to Kallumala Samaram?

163545. The last temple consecrated by SreeNarayana Guru?

163546. Original name of Brahmananda Shiva Yogi?

163547. The venue of Paliyam Sathyagraha

163548. How many people signed in Ezhava Memorial?

163549. Which of the following astronaut returned to earth NASA?

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