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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 3245

162251. Find out the odd one from the following :

162252. The property of lubricating oil to resist flow is called :

162253. Shape of bead lamp reflector of vehicles :

162254. Type of clutch used in motor cycle :

162255. Which one of the following engine part is made of aluminium alloy?

162256. What type of fuel feed system is used in two wheelers?

162257. Hydraulic brakes work on the principle of:

162258. When the air pass through the air horn of the carburettor :

162259. Air cooled engines Eire fitted in which vehicles?

162260. While starting an engine, the starter motor pinion meshes with :

162261. A4cylinder engine has a capacity of 1.2 Litres. The swept volume of one cylinder is :A 4 cylinder engine has a capacity of 1.2 Litres. The swept volume of one cylinder is :

162262. If the air fuel mixture ignites before the spark called:occurs at the spark plug, this condition

162263. In turbo charged engines, the turbo charger is driven by :

162264. Injector is not located in :

162265. A constant velocity universal joint is used at the :

162266. The crownwheel and pinion is called the :

162267. Which one is not the component of water cooling system?

162268. The art of determining and representing the relative heights or elevations of different points on the surface of the earth :

162269. The main principle of surveying is two work form :

162270. The longest chain line in chain surveying is called :

162271. ---------tape is used for the work of the highest precession.

162272. ----------is used for enlargement and reduction of plans.

162273. In Surveyor’s compass zero degree is marked at---------end.

162274. The inclination of the magnetic needle with horizontal is known as :

162275. Direct ranging is possible only when the end points are :

162276. The lines passing through points at same declination at a given time are :

162277. The horizontal angle which the magnetic meridian makes with the true or geographical meridian is known as :

162278. In a series of contour lines, if the higher values are inside the bend or loop it represents a :

162279. A long offset is to be measured more than :

162280. Obstacle for both vision and chaining is occurred when it crosses a :

162281. A series of connected survey lines of known length and directions are called :

162282. When two lines meet at a point, the sum of both interior and exterior angles is equal to

162283. Brass handle is connected to the link by :

162284. The variation of magnetic declination occurred due to magnetic storms and earthquakes is

162285. Bessel’s solution of three point problem is also known as :

162286. Which circle passes through the three ground points, in three point problem?

162287. is a point denoting shifting of the level.

162288. The least count of a metric levelling staff:

162289. In a simple levelling the back sight taken at ‘A’ of RL 100.00 is 2.350 and the foresight taken at 'C’ is 0.420 then RL of ‘C is :

162290. In working profile of a longitudinal section, the depth of cuttings are written in:

162291. While plotting the cross-sections :

162292. Find the curvature correction for a distance of 800m :

162293. Boning rods and sight rails are used for :

162294. Contour interval is :

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