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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 2519

125951. The staff considered Mr Rogers to be ..............

125952. What best describes Mr Rogers at the school assembly

125953. Joe can be a loose canon sometimes.

125954. All and sundry were asked to leave the village immediately.

125955. The presentation by the group at the meeting passes muster .

125956. QST # 91

125957. QST # 92

125958. QST # 90

125959. QST # 89

125960. QST # 88

125961. QST # 87

125962. Innocent

125963. Abhorrent

125964. Stationery

125965. Neither parties deserves our help.

125966. The doctor scribbled his prescription which I could not make out.

125967. Every person was not fitted for everything.

125968. Even at the peak of her success, Kalpana Chawla did not forget her home or her duty towards other human, this is evident from the fact that she distributed education of girls in India.

125969. How long I shall stay is doubtful.

125970. A number of people listening to a concert or lecture.

125971. All in a mess.

125972. One who believes in God.

125973. Happening every year.

125974. In a primitive or uncivilized state.

125975. Polite

125976. In the following questions, choose the word opposite in meaning to the given word.AUTHENTIC

125977. The convict was ............ on a Monday.

125978. He must ............... the loans.

125979. A man is known .......... the company he keeps.

125980. The actor died when his car turned .........

125981. They were worried about a new cult which many followers.

125982. You will have to face some practical problems when you start ........... this plan.

125983. ................ she can't drive, Anita has bought a car.

125984. Sally parked and got ......... the car quickly.

125985. Anna is not popular. She has ........... friends.

125986. He has not been attending English classes for one week.

125987. He is not what you would call an honest man, doesn't he

125988. It is a most beautiful painting in the gallery.

125989. Kindly submit your documents to the clerk.

125990. We rejoiced at his being promoted.

125991. I am too much pleased to know that you have topped the list.

125992. I am thinking I will go to the market later this afternoon.

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