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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 2103

105151. The Gandhian principles have been enumerated in the?

105152. The difference between Fundamental Rights and Directive Principles of state policy is?

105153. An interpretation of the Indian Constitution is based on the spirit of the?

105154. The Lok Sabha Secretariat comes under direct supervision of the?

105155. According to the 44th Amendment Bill?

105156. Which Amendment to the Constitution gave primacy to Directive Principles over Fundamental Rights?

105157. When did India had its first General Elections?

105158. A Parliamentary Bill passed by the Lok Sabha is sent to the President for his assent. The President sends it back to the Lok Sabha for reconsideration. If the Lok Sabha again passes the Bill and sends it to the President for assent, the President?

105159. What is the salary of the Chief Justice of India?

105160. In the context of the budget, the term ‘guillotine’ is used with reference to?

105161. Which of the following are not subject to the detailed audit of the Comptroller and Auditor-General of India? 1) All Co-operative Societies 2) All Public Corporations 3) All civil expenditure 4) All defence expenditure Select the correct answer from the codes given below?

105162. A rigid Constitution is one which?

105163. The system of proportional representation as an electoral mechanism ensures?

105164. Which one of the following is not an essential feature of the parliamentary system?

105165. In which one of the following forms of government is the second chamber an indispensable part of the legislature?

105166. According to the Constitution of India, a new All India Service can be instituted with the initiative taken by?

105167. Which one of the following Parliamentary Committees in India acts as a ‘Watch dog' on departmental expenditures and irregularities?

105168. Which one of the following States has a seat reserved in the Legislative Assembly on the basis of religion?

105169. The quorum requirement in the Rajya Sabha is?

105170. Which of the following pairs are correctly matched? 1) The Indian Union - Union list, State list and Concurrent list 2) Canadian Federation - The right to secede 3) The American Federation - Dual citizenship Select the correct answer using the codes given below: Codes?

105171. 'Consolidated Fund of India' is created under?

105172. In connection with demand for grants, the Lok Sabha has a right to?

105173. Demands for grants can emanate only from?

105174. Railway budget in India was separated from General budget in the year?

105175. The proclamation of national emergencies ceases to operate unless approved by Parliament within?

105176. Which one of the following is a Secular State?

105177. Which State first adopted the Panchayat Raj Institution recommended by Balwantrai Mehta Committee?

105178. The President of India is?

105179. The Chairman of the Planning Commission in India is?

105180. The modern State is described as?

105181. Which of the following States does not have a bi-cameral legislature?

105182. The Ordinances issued by the Governor are subject to approval by?

105183. Can one person act as Governor for more than one State?

105184. Right to free education within certain limits \s?

105185. Which is the middle tier of Panchayati Raj in India?

105186. In a federal state?

105187. Which of the following State Governors enjoys special powers with regard to the administration of tribal areas?

105188. The Governor of a State?

105189. Under what circumstances can some of the Fundamental Rights be suspended?

105190. Who among the following acts as the Deputy Chairman of Rajya Sabha?

105191. The Term "Closure" in Parliamentary terminology implies?

105192. Which one of the following first mooted the idea of a constituent assembly to frame a constitution for India?

105193. When the Chief Justice of a High Court acts in an administrative capacity, he is subject to?

105194. B.R. Ambedkar was elected to the Constituent Assembly from?

105195. The Legislative Council in a state may be created or abolished by the?

105196. In which case did the Supreme Court concede the right of Parliament to amend the Constitution, but denied it the right to amend the basic structure of the Constitution?

105197. On what ground, the Supreme Court of India can accept t appeal against any High Court Judgment?

105198. In-what way the Finance Commission can recommend to the centre for transfer of resources?

105199. To uphold and protect the sovereignty, unity and integrity of India, a provision has been made in the?

105200. Which authority recommends the principles governing the grants-in-aid of the revenues of the States out of the Consolidated Fund of India?

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