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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 1399

69951. Thermal noise is independent of

69952. The decorative lighting works on the principle of

69953. In an oscillator crystal, the parallel resonant frequency is

69954. The maximum range of a radar is proportional to

69955. In FSK no synchronous carrier is needed at the receiver

69956. The constellation diagram of a modem has four states as shown in the figure given below. What is the bit rate of this modem?

69957. When the modulating frequency is doubled, the modulation index is halved and the modulating voltage remains constant. The modulation system is

69958. Vividh Bharti programme is transmitted in

69959. In a Vidicon camera tube, the beam current is controlled by

69960. Johnson noise is

69961. Which of the following is unlikely to happen when quantising noise is decreased in PCM?

69962. For real and odd signals, the Fourier series coefficient an is

69963. An amplitude modulated wave is e = 50 (1 + 0.4 cos 1000 t + 0.3 cos 10000 t) cos 107 t

69964. The efficiency of a horn speaker is about

69965. In VCR the luminance signal is recorded by

69966. Assertion (A): In digital communication data is coded prior to being transferred.Reason (R): A number of codes for digital data processing are available.

69967. In FM modulation pre-emphasis is done for

69968. c(t) and m(t) are used to generate an AM signal. The modulation index of the generated AM signal is 0.5 then the quantity is

69969. High intermediate frequency in a superheterodyne receiver

69970. The number of repeaters in a coaxial cable link depends on

69971. The overall noise temperature Te, absolute temperature T and noise figure F are related as

69972. In binary data transmission DPSK is preferred to PSK because

69973. A basic group B

69974. By the use of which of the following the PPM can be converted to PWM?

69975. Frequency shifting keying is basically a method involving

69976. Which of the following codes provides parity checks?

69977. PA radar means

69978. Dynamic range of hi-fi system is at least

69979. A band limited signal is sampled at the Nyquist rate. The signal can be recovered by passing the samples through

69980. The seven segment display used in watches and clocks generally uses

69981. If e = 10 sin(108 t + 3 sin 104 t) then modulating frequency is

69982. When a signal is quantized such that the step size S is small in comparison with the peak to peak range of the signal, the mean square quantization error is equal to

69983. Assertion (A): Many times a radar cannot detect 'grounding hopping' military aircraft.Reason (R): Ground interference limits the range of radar.

69984. Entropies associated with an extremely unlikely message and that with an extremely likely message are respectively

69985. In push button type telephone set, pressing a button generates

69986. If sound wave has an intensity of 10 Pa. The dB level is about

69987. The intermediate frequencies in VCR are

69988. Assertion (A): In TV scanning is done from left to right and top to bottom. Reason (R): Interlaced scanning is useful in eliminating flicker

69989. The unit of loudness is

69990. To couple a coaxial line to a parallel line wire it is best to use

69991. The total bandwidth needed for an AM signal at 55.25 MHz with 0.5 MHz video modulation is

69992. Peripheral Vascular Occlusion is a contra indication for one of the following modality

69993. In PM, without any modulation, all the transmitted pulses have the same

69994. Colour picture tube needs higher anode voltage and needs larger beam and cathode currents than monochrome tube because

69995. In frequency modulation noise can be further reduced by

69996. Which one of the following is digital?

69997. Automatic sensitivity control by target voltage control is easily possible in

69998. All of the following are ethological factors for development of cancer of oropharynx Except

69999. In a colour TV receiver SAW filter consists of

70000. Diffraction of EM waves

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