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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 136

6801. What is the highest mountains in Africa, which is not part of any mountains chain?

6802. What is the highest peak in South India?

6803. What is the island state of Australia?

6804. What is the largest Airliner,?

6805. What is the largest and least populated state of the USA?

6806. What is the Largest Continent?

6807. What is the largest fish exporting region in the world?

6808. What is the largest part of our hydrosphere ?

6809. What is the least populated state in India?

6810. What is the Lowest point on Surface?

6811. What is the main attraction of Kaziranga Sanctuary locate in Assam?

6812. What is the monetary unit of Cambodia?

6813. What is the name for a raised block of the earth's crust thrown up between two faults?

6814. What is the nearest planet to the Sun ?

6815. What is the nickname for Food ball country ?

6816. What is the monetary unit of Laos?

6817. What is the nickname for Pillars of Hercules ?

6818. What is the nickname of Sorrow of Bihar ?

6819. What is the percentage of earth surface covered by India?

6820. What is the percentage of irrigated land in India?

6821. What is the Smallest Bird?

6822. What is the source of all energy on earth?

6823. What is the study of evil spirits and demons called?

6824. What is the top of the Crust which includes the land surface and ocean floor ?

6825. What is’Hebrew’ ?

6826. What ocean borders the US state of California?

6827. What percentage of the total production was shared by Public Sector Companies ?

6828. What island, 1 mile from Manhattan, which has been used by the army as an isolation centre for infectious diseases (such as typhoid and TB) and as a drug rehabiltation centre, is now deserted?

6829. What sport is 'angling'?

6830. What stands at the west end of the Champs Élysées?

6831. What type of climate prevails in India?

6832. What was Christopher Columbus's nationality?

6833. When Ice age ended?

6834. When South west monsoon blows?

6835. Where Arakan Yoma is the extension of the Himalayas located?

6836. Where are the Bismarck and Owen Stanley ranges?

6837. Where Chilka Lake Region is situated between?

6838. Where do you find day and night equal?

6839. Where does the river Brahmaputra originate ?

6840. Where greatest variety of animal and plant species is found?

6841. Where highest degree of concentration of mineral deposits are found?

6842. Where highest sand dunes are found?

6843. Where India's highest annual rainfall is reported ?

6844. Where is “Joothakkulam” in Kerala ?

6845. Where is Arvi, the earth station for satellite communication located ?

6846. Where is Bolan Pass is located ?

6847. Where is Duncan passage is located?

6848. Where is forest training school in Kerala ?

6849. Where is great Victoria Desert located ?

6850. Where is Hussain Sagar lake is located?

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