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52201. Which was the most popular coin commenced by Samudragupta?

Answer: Garura

52202. The Gold coin of Gupta period in inscriptions called?

Answer: Dinar

52203. Where was the capital of Magadha?

Answer: Giribraj (Rajgriha)

52204. Who was the founder of ancient dynasty of Magadha?

Answer: Brihadrath

52205. Who was the Inportant king of koshal State?

Answer: Prasenjit

52206. Who was the father of Jarasandh?

Answer: Brihadrath

52207. Koshal is the region of which state?

Answer: Awadh

52208. In which region were 16 Mahajanpada situated?

Answer: North India

52209. Ashamak Mahajanpada is situated under which region?

Answer: South India

52210. Who was the Important king of Gandhar?

Answer: Pushkar Sarina

52211. Who was the real founder of Magadha Empire?

Answer: Bimbisara

52212. Bimbisara was a follower of which religion?

Answer: Buddhism

52213. Who became the king of Magadha after Bimbisara?

Answer: Ajatashatru

52214. Who built a fort in Paligram?

Answer: Ajatashatru

52215. Who was the last ruler of the empire of Haryanka dynasty?

Answer: Nagadashak

52216. Who became the king of Magadha after Ajatashatru?

Answer: Udayan

52217. Who was the founder of Haryanka dynasty?

Answer: Bimbisara

52218. What was the nickname of Ajatashatru?

Answer: Kunik

52219. Udayan was a follower of which religion?

Answer: Jainism

52220. Who was the last ruler of Nanda dynasty?

Answer: Dhana Nanda

52221. Prasenjit, Bimbisara and Udayan were contemporaries to which reliogionist?

Answer: Gautam Buddha

52222. In which literature has the word Sasngam were been described?

Answer: Tamil literature

52223. Three Sangam councils held during the reign of which ruler?

Answer: Pandya

52224. Who is the founder of Agra?

Answer: Sikander Lodi

52225. The founder of Vijayanagar:

Answer: Harihara I

52226. Who founded the city of Siri?

Answer: Alauddin Khilji

52227. The city of Daulatabad was founded by:

Answer: Muhammad Bin Tughlaq

52228. Dinpanah was founded by:

Answer: Humayun

52229. The city of Allahabad was founded by:

Answer: Akbar

52230. The city of Jahanpanah was founded by:

Answer: Muhammad Bin Tughlaq

52231. The founder of Kolkata:

Answer: Job Charnok

52232. Who founded Ajmer?

Answer: Ajayaraja

52233. The founder of Gangaikondacholapuram?

Answer: Rajendra Chola I

52234. The city of Shahjahanabad was founded by:

Answer: Shah Jahan

52235. Founder of Fatepur Sikri:

Answer: Akbar

52236. Chandigarh was designed by:

Answer: Le Coubusier

52237. The city of Amritsar was founded by:

Answer: Guru Ram Das

52238. The city founded by Kanishka in Kashmir:

Answer: Kanishkapuram

52239. The founder of the city of Patna:

Answer: Sher Shah

52240. The architect of New Delhi:

Answer: Edwin Lutyens

52241. What is the colour of Nickel Salt?

Answer: Green

52242. What is the colour of Ferric salt?

Answer: Brown

52243. What is the colour of Cobalt salt?

Answer: Blue

52244. What is the colour of Manganese dioxide?

Answer: Purple

52245. What is the colour of Cupric oxide?

Answer: Red

52246. What is the colour of Cadmium sulphide?

Answer: Lemon yellow

52247. What is the colour of Uranium oxide?

Answer: Greenish yellow

52248. What is the colour of Cryolite?

Answer: Milky

52249. What is the colour of Phosphate?

Answer: Milky

52250. 5 lakh crore for financing the development of infrastructure projects?

Answer: Life Insurance Corporation of India
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