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41551. Idiom of Will and pleasure

Answer: Desire or wish

41552. Idiom of 21. With one voice

Answer: As a group; with everyone agreeing; unanimously

41553. Idiom of 22. A warm reception

Answer: To receive cordially

41554. Idiom of 23. Without reserve

Answer: Without hiding a matter

41555. Idiom of Well to do

Answer: Rich

41556. Idiom of Well-off

Answer: In good circumstances

41557. Idiom of Walls have ears

Answer: To listen by someone in disguise

41558. Idiom of Walk the streets

Answer: (A) To be a whore

41559. Idiom of 28. While away

Answer: To waste time; to pass time in amusement

41560. Idiom of White lie

Answer: A blunt lie

41561. Idiom of 30. Win laurels

Answer: To distinguish oneself

41562. Idiom of 31. Wipe off

Answer: To clean by rubbing with cloth

41563. Idiom of 32. With good grace

Answer: Willingly

41564. Idiom of 33. With one accord

Answer: Agreeing together

41565. Idiom of 34. Without an exception

Answer: for every one

41566. Idiom of 35. A word in one's ears

Answer: To say in private

41567. Idiom of 36. Weal and woe

Answer: In prosperity and adversity

41568. Idiom of 37. Wear and tear

Answer: Decrease in value due to constant use

41569. Idiom of Worth while

Answer: Proper

41570. Idiom of A wind goose chase

Answer: A foolish and useless search

41571. Idiom of 40. Towin the pal:m

Answer: To win a prize

41572. Idiom of Year by year

Answer: Yearly

41573. Idiom of 2. Yeoman service

Answer: An excellent work

41574. Idiom of 3. Yet again

Answer: Once more

41575. Idiom of 4. Yoke of opinion

Answer: Force of public opinion

41576. Idiom of 5. Yellow boy

Answer: A gold coin

41577. Idiom of 6. Yellow brick road

Answer: (A) A path to fame

41578. Idiom of Zig-zag

Answer: Not straight

41579. Idiom of At random

Answer: Aimlessly

41580. Idiom of At first sight

Answer: At the first meeting

41581. Idiom of Above all

Answer: More than anything else

41582. Idiom of At a discount

Answer: Declining

41583. Idiom of Above board

Answer: Openly

41584. Syngular or Plural of word Play

Answer: Plays

41585. Idiom of Apple of one's eye

Answer: An object of love

41586. Syngular or Plural of word Toy

Answer: Toys

41587. Idiom of Apple of discord

Answer: Cause of quarrel

41588. Syngular or Plural of word Valley

Answer: Valleys

41589. Idiom of Apple pie order

Answer: In perfect order

41590. Syngular or Plural of word Pay

Answer: Pays

41591. Syngular or Plural of word Monkey

Answer: Monkeys

41592. Idiom of An axe to grind

Answer: Selfish motive

41593. Syngular or Plural of word Storey

Answer: Storeys

41594. Idiom of At one's wit's end

Answer: To be in a confusion

41595. Syngular or Plural of word Day

Answer: Days

41596. Idiom of At an arm's length

Answer: To keep at a distance

41597. Syngular or Plural of word Donkey

Answer: Donkeys

41598. Idiom of To add fuel to the fire

Answer: To increase anger

41599. Syngular or Plural of word Key

Answer: Keys

41600. Idiom of At a stone's throw

Answer: Ve.zynear
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