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36551. With Which game is the Double Fault associated?

Answer: Football

36552. Gangotri; Yamunotri; Kedarnath; Badrinath and Mussorie lies in which state?

Answer: Uttrakhand

36553. Who has been awarded the Prem Bhatia Award for the year 2012?

Answer: P.R. Ramesh

36554. Which is the main difference between the Western and Eastern Ghats?

Answer: Continuity

36555. The United Nations declared 2012 as the International Year of which thing?

Answer: Cooperatives

36556. Local thunderstorms ‘Norwesters’ are prominent in which state?

Answer: West Bengal

36557. During electrolysis; which the species are discharged at cathode?

Answer: Cations

36558. Which is the largest irrigation canal in the world?

Answer: Indira Gandhi Canal

36559. Angel falls Venezuela Highest whaterfalls but where second Highest?

Answer: Yosemite USA

36560. A person to be qualified for standing in a panchayat election what age must have he attained?

Answer: 21 years

36561. India is self sufficient in production of which of the following commodities?

Answer: Milk

36562. In a living cell what is the site of ribosome formation?

Answer: Nucleolus

36563. Late Ustad Nisar Hussain Khan earned distinction in which fields?

Answer: Vocal music

36564. On which river did Pulakesin II defeat Harshavardhana?

Answer: Narmada

36565. Who was the first Indian to get selected in ICS?

Answer: Surendranath Banerjee

36566. How is the speed of light with the rise in the temperature of the medium?

Answer: Remains unaltered

36567. If the temperature of a patient is 40°C; what will be his temperature on Fahrenheit scale?

Answer: 104° F

36568. What is an essential attribute of inflation?

Answer: Increase in prices

36569. Who established Diwan-i-Mustakharaj (Department of Arrears)?

Answer: Alauddin Khalji

36570. Which is the longest inland waterways in the world?

Answer: Mississippi river system

36571. On which do Companies pay Corporation Tax?

Answer: Incomes

36572. How do fogs formed along the sea-coast?

Answer: Due to advection

36573. Which compound is used for writing on glass?

Answer: Hydrogen fluoride

36574. Who wrote the book “A nation in the making”?

Answer: Surendranath Banerjee

36575. Which game is Davis Cup associated with?

Answer: Tennis

36576. Which is the home of “Alphonso” mango?

Answer: Ratnagiri

36577. Who has written the famous book ‘Anna Karenina’?

Answer: Leo Tolstoy

36578. By virtue of which Act; dyarchy was introduced in India?

Answer: Government of India Act; 1919

36579. The Naga hills form the watershed between India and which country?

Answer: Myanmar

36580. The internal secretion of which acid helps in digestion?

Answer: Hydrochloric acid

36581. According to the law of demand; what happens when price increases?

Answer: Demand decreases

36582. What is known as venus’s flower?

Answer: Euplectella

36583. Wood pulp comes from which region?

Answer: Coniferous forest region

36584. Who has won Man of the Match award in the 2011 World Cup Cricket?

Answer: MS Dohni

36585. What is the characteristic odour of garlic?

Answer: A sulphur compound

36586. The change in temperature of a body is 50°C. What is the change on Kelvin scale?

Answer: 50 K

36587. In India; maximum number of newspapers are published which language?

Answer: Hindi

36588. Which school of paintings developed independently during the Mughal Period?

Answer: The Bijapur School

36589. Who was the founder of Sunga dynasty?

Answer: Pushyamitra

36590. The Fundamental Right to Property has been deleted by the which Amendment Act?

Answer: 44th

36591. The western disturbances which cause rain in north west India originate which sea?

Answer: Mediterranean Sea

36592. What is a person of mixed European and Indian blood in Latin America is called?

Answer: Mestizo

36593. In which inscription was the name Dharmasoka found?

Answer: Sarnath Inscription

36594. Which is the essential element in all organic compounds?

Answer: Carbon

36595. Who was the Sikh Guru to be slaughtered by Aurangzeb?

Answer: Teg Bahadur

36596. Which countries translated name means Land of the Eagle?

Answer: Albania

36597. Which part of separated UTI is under SEBI’s regulation?

Answer: UTI-II

36598. Who sent Hienu-Tsang as an envoy to Harsha’s’ court?

Answer: Tai Tsung

36599. By whom was oral polio vaccine discovered?

Answer: Jonas Salk

36600. Under which reign did Mughal Empire extend up to Tamil territory in the South?

Answer: Aurangzeb
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