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You Are On Question Answer Bank SET 583

29151. Who is the author of The Pathology of Corruption?

Answer: S.S. Gill

29152. Who is the author of “Post Office”?

Answer: Rabindranath Tagore

29153. Who is the author of “A View from Delhi”?

Answer: Chester Bowles

29154. The most densely populated country in the world is?

Answer: Monaco

29155. Who is the author of “ Greater Common Good”?

Answer: Arundhati Roy

29156. Which civilization discovered the use of Lunar Calendar based on the Moon ?

Answer: The Sumerians

29157. Who is the inventor of Blood Circulation?

Answer: Harvey

29158. Who is the author of “My Own Country”?

Answer: Dr.Abraham Varghese

29159. Who is the author of Utopia?

Answer: Sir Thomas Moore

29160. Who is the author of “Ratnavali”?

Answer: King Sri Harsha

29161. Who was the Diwan of Sri ChitraThirunal?

Answer: Sir C.P. Ramaswami Ayyer

29162. Rajkumari Challenge Cup is associated with?

Answer: Table Tennis (Junior Girls)

29163. College of Satellite Communication Technology is located at?

Answer: Ahmedabad (Gujarat).

29164. Central Coconut Research Institute is located at?

Answer: Kaserkode (Kerala)

29165. Who was the director of the Malayalam filim Neelakuyil?

Answer: P Bhaskaran and Ramu Kariat

29166. The Currency of Yemen Arab?

Answer: Dinar

29167. Who is the author of “Whispers of the Desert”?

Answer: Fatima Bhutt

29168. The Capital of Kirghizia?

Answer: Frunze

29169. Where was London Mission Society (LMS) established in 1816?

Answer: Nagercoil

29170. Vitamin B2 is also called?

Answer: Riboflavin

29171. China was admitted to the UN in ?

Answer: 1971

29172. Who is the author of Bisarjan ?

Answer: Rabindranath Tagore

29173. Headquarters of Kerala Agricultural University is at?

Answer: Mannuthi

29174. Who is the author of “Rubaiyat”?

Answer: Omar Khayyam

29175. What is the total number of family courts in the state?

Answer: 16

29176. Holy Land?

Answer: Palestine

29177. Who is the author of Many worlds; Yesterday and Today?

Answer: K.P.S Menon

29178. Who is the author of “L’Allegro”?

Answer: John Milton

29179. The Capital of Guinea-Bissau?

Answer: Bissau

29180. The Capital of Fiji?

Answer: Suva

29181. Who is the author of “Indian Legal System·Can it be saved”?

Answer: Fali S. Nariman

29182. The Travancore University was started on 1, November 1937 by?

Answer: Sri Chithirathirunal Maharaja

29183. Who is the author of Brave New World?

Answer: Aldous Huxley

29184. Otto Von Bismark is also known as?

Answer: 'Iron Chancellor'

29185. The last Chera Emperor was ?

Answer: Cheraman Perumalj

29186. Who is the author of “ Ayalkar”?

Answer: P. Kesava Dev

29187. Who is the author of “Najma Heptullah”?

Answer: Journey of a Legend

29188. The Arab states formed CENTO in ?

Answer: 1955 (Central Treaty Oganisation)

29189. Pazhassi Raja was shot dead on ?

Answer: 30th November 1805

29190. The Capital of Lebanon?

Answer: Beirut

29191. Garden in the desert?

Answer: Ethiopia

29192. Capitalism and Freedom was written by ?

Answer: Rose Friedman

29193. The smallest measurement of memory is?

Answer: Bit.

29194. Who is the author of “Major Barbara”?

Answer: G.B.Shaw

29195. Who is the author of “Surviving Men”?

Answer: Shobha De

29196. The Currency of Tobago?

Answer: Tobago Dollar

29197. Remedy for Hypermetropia also known as long sightness or far sightness is to use ?

Answer: Convex Lens

29198. Alice

Answer: Lewis Carroll

29199. Who is the author of “ Ghazal”?

Answer: Balachandran Chullikkadu

29200. ‘Travancore Muslim Mahajanasabha’ was founded by?

Answer: Vakkom Abdul Khadar Maulavi.
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