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2601. The "Pink City"?

Answer: Jaipur

2602. The Panchayathi Raj System first time implemented in the State?

Answer: Rajasthan (1959)

2603. The first state in the leading producer of suffron?

Answer: Jammu and Kashmir

2604. Amarnath Cave is situated in?

Answer: Jammu and Kashmir

2605. Which Indian state has the longest costline?

Answer: Gujarth

2606. Which Indian state is leading producer of salt?

Answer: Gujarth

2607. Dharmashala is the home of ?

Answer: Dali Lama

2608. Where is Sakt Lake Stadium?

Answer: Kolkata

2609. Kanchenjunga is situated in the state of?

Answer: Sikkim

2610. The smallest state in India is?

Answer: Goa

2611. Goa was liberated from Portuguese in the year?

Answer: 1961

2612. Which state is known as "Jewl of India"?

Answer: Manipur

2613. Which Indian state"s official language is English?

Answer: Nagaland

2614. The last formed state of India?

Answer: Telangana

2615. Jim Corbett National Park is in?

Answer: Uttarakhand

2616. Which Veda states that "War Begins in the minds of Men"?

Answer: Atharva Veda

2617. Nalanda University was situated in?

Answer: Bihar

2618. Who was the founder of Slave Dynasty?

Answer: Qutab ud din Aibak

2619. The last Sultanate Dynasty of Delhi was?

Answer: Lodhis

2620. Which is known as the Fifth Veda?

Answer: Mahabharata

2621. Who advocated the theory that Central Asia was original home of Aryan People?

Answer: Max Mullar

2622. Which river is not mentioned in Rig Veda?

Answer: Narmada

2623. Which river is mentioned in Rig Veda?

Answer: Drishadvati

2624. Which of the following God is mentioned in Rig Veda?

Answer: Marut

2625. The God known as Prajapathi was:

Answer: Brahma

2626. Purush Sukta which mentions four varnas for the first time is:

Answer: Atharva Veda

2627. The Vedic deity Indra was the goddess of

Answer: Rain and thunder

2628. Which of the following ideals is not contained in the Atharva Veda ?

Answer: Moksha

2629. Which of the following Vedas throws light on the beliefs and practices of the non-Aryans ?

Answer: Rigveda

2630. Rigveda Samhita denotes one fourth of its hymns to

Answer: Indra

2631. Rigveda is divided into 10 books. Which among the following book(s) is/are the oldest ?

Answer: Second-seventh

2632. European Theory about home land of Aryans was advocated by

Answer: W Jones

2633. Which is the oldest Veda?

Answer: Rig Veda

2634. Which is the main source of knowledge about early Aryan culture in India?

Answer: Vedas

2635. Rig Veda contains :

Answer: 1028 Mantras

2636. Which of the following Vedas is a collection of spells and incantations?

Answer: Atharva Veda

2637. Which one of the following contains the Gayatri Mantra ?

Answer: Rig Veda

2638. Magic and charms are mentioned in :

Answer: Atharva Veda

2639. The Veda which tells about Music:

Answer: Sam Veda

2640. Varna system of Aryans was based on

Answer: Colour

2641. Ayurveda is a part of:

Answer: Atharva Veda

2642. Which was the lowest unit of Aryan Society?

Answer: Samiti

2643. Who advocated the theory that Central Asia was original home of Aryan People

Answer: ?Max Mullar

2644. Which among the following is the source of information about early Vedic period ?

Answer: Rig Veda

2645. What was the basis of class differentiation among Aryans ?

Answer: Colour

2646. Ayurveda owes its origin to

Answer: Yajur Veda

2647. The Gayatri Mantra contained in the Rig Veda is dedicated to which deity ?

Answer: Savitri

2648. The saying “War begins in the minds of men” is from:

Answer: Atharva Veda

2649. Who was the first person to found Harappa bricks in 1826?

Answer: Charles Merson

2650. Lothal, the Indus site, was excavated in:

Answer: 1957
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