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20951. Site of fertilization in a mammal is :

Answer: Fallopian tube

20952. Function of Sertoli cells is to:

Answer: Nourish sperms

20953. For successful implantation of the embryo in the uterine wall, which hormone is necessary?

Answer: Progesterone

20954. Ovulation is induced by :

Answer: LH

20955. Neo-Darwinism was supported by :

Answer: Huxley and Haeckal

20956. Idiogram me

Answer: Diagrammatic representation of chromosome

20957. A circular DNA present in bacterial cell along with main chromosomes is known as :

Answer: Plasmid

20958. If P={1,2,3,4,5} and Q={4,5,6,7}, then P-Q is:

Answer: {1,2,3}

20959. MU(N∩P) is :

Answer: (MUN) ∩ (MUP)

20960. In which quadrant all the trigonometric ratios have the same sign?

Answer: 1

20961. Sec(-225o) is :

Answer: -√2

20962. The radian measure corresponding to 25o30| is :

Answer: 51π/360

20963. If the solution set of the equation ax2+bx+c=0 is {α, β} then α-β is:

Answer: √(b2-4ac)/a

20964. If i=√-1 then the sum of i+i2+i3+…. 100 terms is equal to:

Answer: 0

20965. The number of different permutations of the letters of the word ‘JANAB’ is :

Answer: 60

20966. If x, 2x+2, 3x+3 are in G.P. then the next term is :

Answer: -13.5

20967. Milk is rich in ------------- mineral:

Answer: Calcium

20968. Which country is the largest producer of milk in the world?

Answer: India

20969. The total Buffalo population in Kerala is less than :

Answer: One Lakh

20970. The acid used for coagulating milk when paneer is prepared:

Answer: Citric acid

20971. Dry ice is also called as:

Answer: Solid Carbon Dioxide

20972. Dry steam which is further heated at a constant pressure thus raising its temperature is called as:

Answer: Superheated steam

20973. Letting down of milk is due to the release of :

Answer: Oxytocin

20974. The true stomach in ruminant is :

Answer: Abomasum

20975. According to PFA table butter should contain not less than -----% fat :

Answer: 80

20976. As per PFA standards toned milk should have minimum :

Answer: 3.0% fat

20977. Deficiency of magnesium produces-------- disease in adult ruminants:

Answer: Grass staggers

20978. A variety of grass which considered as “friend of the poor”:

Answer: Dheenanath Grass.

20979. The Malayalam name of Gliricida :

Answer: Seemakonna

20980. Microbial contaminants suspended in air are referred to as :

Answer: Aerosols

20981. The pricing system of milk followed by APCOS:

Answer: Two axis pricing policy

20982. The milk powder plant in Kerala is located at ------ District:

Answer: Alappuzha

20983. The operation food programme in the country is implemented by :

Answer: NDDB

20984. A ball of mass of 10gm strikes a wall with a velocity of 5m/s and rebounds making a perfectly elastic collision. The impulse is then given by :

Answer: 0.1 kgms-1

20985. The slope of the displacement time graph gives us the :

Answer: Velocity

20986. A particle moves along a straight line according to the law S2=at2+2bt +c. The acceleration of the particle varies as:

Answer: S-3

20987. A body is projected at an angle of 30o to the horizontal with kinetic energy 40J. What will be the Kinetic energy at the topmost point?

Answer: 30J

20988. Work done by all the forces(external and internal) on a system equals the change in :

Answer: Kinetic Energy

20989. The Bulk modulus of elasticity in the case of an adiabatic expansion is :

Answer: γp

20990. Milk is an example of :

Answer: Emulsion

20991. For an isochoric process:

Answer: The volume remains the same

20992. If the temperature of the source is double that of the sink then the efficiency of the Carnot’ engine is :

Answer: 0.5

20993. The amount of heat energy generated by a perfectly black body per second per unit area and maintained at a temperature of T:

Answer: Is directly proportional tio T4

20994. The impedance in an LCR circuit in which the inductive reactance is equal to the cacacitive reactance:

Answer: R

20995. If the unit of self inductance is Henry then unit of mutual inductance will be:

Answer: Henry

20996. A transformer has a turn ration of 1:If the current in the primary has a peak value of 5A, then the current in the secondary will be :

Answer: 0.5 A

20997. 1 kilowatt hour is :

Answer: 3.6 x 106 Joules.

20998. 1 Which company developed the multiplayer first person shooter computer game - Quake III Arena?

Answer: id Software

20999. Which is the largest city in Goa?

Answer: Vasco da Gama

21000. "A Mediterranean Diet is usually depicted graphically in the form of what geometrical structure?"

Answer: Pyramid
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