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11951. The first chief editor of Atmavidhyakahalam

Answer: C.P.Raman

11952. Athmavidya Maholsavam conducted in

Answer: Punnapra (1932)

11953. The founder of Ooralumkall Labour Contractors Cooperative Society

Answer: Vagbhatananda

11954. Who fought against the social evil Ettu Mattu

Answer: Vagbhatananda

11955. The disciples of Vagbhatananda

Answer: Aryabhattan,M.T.Kumaranasan,Samantha Bhadran

11956. Vagbhatananda Died on

Answer: 2019-10-29 00:00:00

11957. Full name of K.P.Karuppan

Answer: Kandathu Parambil Pappu Karuppan

11958. Original name of Pandit Karuppan

Answer: Sankaran

11959. Pandit Karuppan Born on

Answer: 24 may 1885

11960. Pandit Karuppan Born at

Answer: Cheranelloor (Ernakulam)

11961. Pandit Karuppan"s Father"s name

Answer: Pappu

11962. Pandit Karuppan"s Mother"s name

Answer: Kochupennu

11963. Pandit Karuppan"s Wife"s name

Answer: Kunhamma

11964. Pandit Karuppan"s Daughter"s name

Answer: Parvathy

11965. The house were Pandit Karuppan lived in

Answer: Sahitya Kudeeram (Ernakulam)

11966. Pandit Karuppan belongs to which community

Answer: Dheevara (Fisherman)

11967. The first guru of Karuppan

Answer: Azheekal Velu Vaidyan

11968. Who is the leader of Kayal Sammelanam

Answer: Pandit Karuppan

11969. Kayal Sammelanam conducted on

Answer: Kochi Kayal

11970. The year which Pandit Karuppan was appointed as the member of Cochin Legislative Assembly

Answer: 1925

11971. The first poem of Pandit karuppan

Answer: Sthothramandaram

11972. The first book in Malayalam literature questioning the cast system and untouchability

Answer: Jathikummi

11973. The book written by Pandit karuppan to generate awareness against Superstitions

Answer: Acharabhooshanam

11974. The first Sabha was founded by Pandit Karuppan

Answer: Kalyanadayini Sabha

11975. Founder of Prabodha ChandrodayaSabha

Answer: Pandit Karuppan

11976. Founder of Sanmarga Pradeepa Sabha

Answer: Pandit Karuppan

11977. Founder of Vala Samudaya Parishkarini Sabha

Answer: Pandit Karuppan

11978. Founder of Araya Samajam

Answer: Pandit Karuppan

11979. Founder of Cochin Pulaya Maha Sabha

Answer: Pandit karuppan and K.P.Vellon

11980. Founder of Araya Vamsha Dharani Sabha

Answer: Pandit Karuppan

11981. Founder of Jnanodayam Sabha

Answer: Pandit Karuppan

11982. Who is known as "Lincoln of Kerala"

Answer: Pandit K.P.karuppan

11983. The title kavithilakan (Great Poet) was given to Pandit karuppan by

Answer: Maharaja of Cochin

11984. The title Sahitya Nipuna was given to Pandit karuppan by

Answer: Maharaja of Cochin

11985. The title Vidwan was given to Pandit karuppan by

Answer: Kerala Varma Valiyakoi Thampuran

11986. Pandit K.P.Karuppan died on

Answer: 23 March 1938 (Pleurisy disease)

11987. Pandit Karuppan monument is situated at

Answer: Cheranelloor

11988. Pandit karuppan Smaraka Grammena Vayanasala(1953)Situated in

Answer: Cheranelloor

11989. Founder of Pandit karuppan Smaraka Grammena Vayanasala

Answer: A.K.Velappan

11990. The Pandit karuppan prize Instituted by

Answer: Pandit karuppan Vichara Vedic

11991. The first winner of Pandit Karuppan prize

Answer: Sugathakumari(2013)

11992. Winner of Pandit karuppan prize 2014

Answer: Matha Amrithanandamayi

11993. Winner of Pandit karuppan prize 2015

Answer: Swami Chidananda Puri

11994. The book Pandit Karuppan Jeevithavum Porattavum written by

Answer: Gopinath panangad

11995. The book Pandit Karuppan (Malayalam) written by

Answer: Rajesh K Erumeli

11996. Chattambi swami was born on

Answer: 25 August 1853

11997. The place where Chattambi Swami was born

Answer: kollur (Kannammoola)

11998. The house name of Chattambi Swami

Answer: Ullorkodu Veedu

11999. Chattambi Swami"s Father name

Answer: Vasudeva Sharma

12000. Chattambi Swami"s Mother Name

Answer: Nangamma
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