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You Are On Question Answer Bank SET 1131

56551. Whichorganism has the heaviest brain?

Answer: Sperm Whale

56552. Whichorganism has the the heaviest tongue?

Answer: Whale

56553. The largest lizard:

Answer: Komodo Dragon

56554. Theorganisms that sleep with eyes open:

Answer: Fish

56555. Therespratory organ of fish:

Answer: 307.Thesnake that builds nest:

56556. Thebird that can rotate its head in a full circle:

Answer: Owl

56557. Whichis the largest invertebrate?

Answer: Giant Squid

56558. Cultivationof fish:

Answer: Pisciculture

56559. Studyof fish:

Answer: Ichthyology

56560. Theclonned horse:

Answer: Promitea

56561. Theclonned wolf:

Answer: Snu Woolf and Snu Woolfi

56562. Thefastest insect:

Answer: Dragon fly

56563. Thelargest carnivorous animal in the land:

Answer: bear

56564. Thelargest in the cat family:

Answer: Tiger

56565. Thenumber of chambers in the heart of birds:

Answer: 4

56566. Thestudy of snakes:

Answer: Ophiology

56567. Whichanimal has the largest number of names?

Answer: Puma

56568. Whichanimal is known as ‘the engineer of forest’?

Answer: Beever

56569. Thelargest frog in the world is called.....

Answer: Frog

56570. Theorganism that lives in the den made by otherorganisms:

Answer: Snake

56571. Fishthat can climb tree:

Answer: Anabus

56572. Landof Flying fish:

Answer: Barbados

56573. Whichis known as ‘dog fish’?

Answer: Shark

56574. Whichis known as ‘king of fish’?

Answer: Whale Shark

56575. Whichis known as ‘Poorman’s fish’?

Answer: Sardine

56576. Whichmammal is known as ‘laughing fish’?

Answer: Dolphin

56577. Whichorganism has the largest number of ribs?

Answer: Snakes

56578. Rabiesis also known as:

Answer: Hydrophobia

56579. BombayDuck is a type of :

Answer: Fish

56580. Whichis the largest animal ever evolved in thehistory of earth:

Answer: Whale

56581. Theworld’s smallest mammal is :

Answer: bat

56582. Whichrodent is related to ‘mass suicide myth’?

Answer: Lemming

56583. Anacondais a native of:

Answer: South America

56584. Onlyreptile with a four chambered heart:

Answer: Crocodile

56585. Parkinson’sdisease affects:

Answer: Nervous system

56586. PavoChistatus is the scientific name of:

Answer: Peacock

56587. Snakesrecognise smell using:

Answer: Tongue

56588. Thebird that can fly backwards:

Answer: bird

56589. Thebird which uses its wings for swimming:

Answer: Penguin

56590. Thestudy of eye:

Answer: Ophthalmology

56591. Thepigment that gives colour to Skin:

Answer: Melanin

56592. Thediameter of the eye ball:

Answer: 2.5 cm

56593. Nightblindness is caused by the deficiency ofvitamin:

Answer: A

56594. Whichorganism has the highest power of olefaction?

Answer: Shark

56595. Theclonned dog:

Answer: Snupy

56596. Themammal that can fold its four legs in the samedirection:

Answer: Elephant

56597. Thenumber of chambers in the heart of fish:

Answer: 2

56598. Whichfish is known as ‘Seahorse’?

Answer: Hippocampus

56599. Najanaja is the zoological name of:

Answer: Cobra

56600. Snakevenom is chemically........

Answer: Protein
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