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56101. Who founded the Poona Sarvajanik Sabhain 1870?

Answer: MG Ranade

56102. Who headed the boundary commissionappointed to demarcate the boundary between India and Pakistan?

Answer: Cyril Radcliff

56103. Who was the leader of Dharma Sabha which has the chiefobjective to counter act the propaganda of Brahma Samaj?

Answer: Radhakant Dev

56104. The prime minister who signed on Lahore Declaration with Nawaz Sherif of Pakistan:

Answer: A B Vajpayee

56105. The autobiography of Morarji Desai:

Answer: Story of My Life

56106. Who succeeded Rajiv Gandhi as tminister of India:

Answer: V.P.Singh

56107. To whom Jawaharlal Nehru dedicated hisautobiography?

Answer: Kamala Nehru

56108. The final resting place of JawaharlalNehru:

Answer: Santhi Van

56109. Who performed the role of Jawaharlal Nehruin the film ‘Gandhi’?

Answer: Roshan Seth

56110. The first bank in India-

Answer: Bank of Hindustan

56111. Kirit Parikh Committee was set up to review-

Answer: Petroleum pricing

56112. Depreciation means-

Answer: loss of equipment overtime due to wear and tear

56113. Disinvestment in Public Sector iscalled?

Answer: Privatisation

56114. India changed over to the decimal system ofcoinage in-

Answer: 20911

56115. How many banks were nationalised in 1980?

Answer: Six

56116. The Industrial Credit and Investment Corporation of IndiaLimited (ICICI) was founded in –

Answer: 1955

56117. Where is the head office of New India Assurance?

Answer: Mumbai

56118. The celebrated work on Indian economic history ‘The IndustrialEvolution in India inRecent Times’ was written by-

Answer: D.R.Gadgil

56119. The apex bank of industrial credit in India.

Answer: IDBI

56120. The first National Income Committee wasconstituted in the year-

Answer: 1949

56121. The full form of ‘P.P.P.’ in financial world-

Answer: Purchasing Power Parity

56122. The insurance company that was founded byDorab Tata-

Answer: New India Assurance

56123. NAFED is connected with-

Answer: Agricultural marketing

56124. Which five year plan was called Harrold Domer model?

Answer: First FYP

56125. Economic growth is usually coupled with

Answer: Inflation

56126. National Development Council was formed in:

Answer: 1952

56127. The ex officio chairman of the National Development Councilis:

Answer: Prime Minister

56128. The first book on Indian Planning entitled ‘Planned Economy’for India was the attempt of-

Answer: M.Visvesvarayya

56129. The Panchayat Raj system was introduced in 1959 under the recommendation of:

Answer: Belwant Rai Mehta Committee

56130. Repo rate means-

Answer: The rate at which RBI in CommercialBank

56131. Father of Green Revolution in India

Answer: M.S.Swaminathan

56132. In which area priority was given in the first Five year Plan?

Answer: Agriculture

56133. In which field Co-operative Movement was started for the firsttime in India?

Answer: Credit

56134. When was the New Liberalized Industrial Policy was announcedin India?

Answer: 1991

56135. People’s Plan was envisaged by-

Answer: M.N.Roy

56136. Which Five Year Plan is referred to as‘Industrial and Transport Plan’?

Answer: Second

56137. India copied the idea of Five Year Plansfrom:

Answer: Former Soviet Union

56138. The Ashok Mehta Committee was appointedin:

Answer: 1977

56139. The Rolling Plan concept in National Planningwas introduced by:

Answer: Janatha Government

56140. Who is known as Father of Indian Budget?

Answer: P.C.Mahalanobis

56141. Who was the Prime Minister of India when Prime Minister’s Rozgar Yojana (PMRY) wasstarted?

Answer: P.V.Narasimha Rao

56142. Who gave the slogan “Garibi Hatao”(Eradicate Poverty)?

Answer: Indira

56143. Which body compiles the national income of India?

Answer: Central Statistical Organisation

56144. The first Five year Plan was started in:

Answer: 1951

56145. During which Five Year Plan, the Twenty PointProgramme (TPP) was launched by IndiraGandhi?

Answer: Fifth

56146. What is functioned in Phiroze Jeejeebhoy Towers ?

Answer: Bombay Stock Excahnge

56147. The originator of Human Development Index:

Answer: Mahbub ul Haq

56148. The Indian capital market is under the control of:

Answer: SEBI

56149. The acronym SEBI stands for:

Answer: Securities and Exchange Board of India

56150. The monetary policy in India is formulatedby:

Answer: Reserve Bank of India
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