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You Are On Question Answer Bank SET 1097

54851. The first state to set up a fenced, forested elephantsanctuary-

Answer: Karnataka

54852. World’s busiest airport for international traffic-

Answer: Dubai International Airport

54853. Who is currently the World’s oldest Monarch?

Answer: Queen Elizabeth II

54854. Who heads the Supreme Court Panel to ensure major reforms inthe practice and procedure of BCCI (Board of Control for Cricket in India)-

Answer: Justice RM Lodha

54855. Who was the captain of the Kerala Strikers Team in theCelebrity Cricket League held in 2012 and 2013?

Answer: Mohanlal

54856. Who is the Goodwill Ambassador of Akshaya Project?

Answer: Mammootty

54857. Who is the Chairman of Malayalam Communications Limited,brands of which are Kairali and We etc?

Answer: Mammootty

54858. Who is recently published a book titled “Sallapam”-

Answer: Manju Warrier

54859. Who got Ezhuthachan Award 2014?

Answer: Vishnunarayanan Namboothiri

54860. The winner of 2013 Ezhuthachan Award?

Answer: M.K.Sanu

54861. The rank of India in the medal table of 2014 Nanjing YouthOlympics-

Answer: 64

54862. The rank of India in the medal table of 2014 Incheon Asiad-

Answer: 8

54863. The number of medals won by India in the 2014 Incheon Asiad-

Answer: 57

54864. The venue of International Yoga Festival scheduled in March2015-

Answer: Rishikesh

54865. The radio programme hosted by Narendra Modi which has beenbroadcasting twice every month by All India Radio-

Answer: Mann Ki Baat

54866. With which firm Google signed 60 year lease?

Answer: NASA

54867. In which country Tabare Ramon Vazquez Rosas won PresidentialElection in 2014?

Answer: Uruguay

54868. The laureates of 2014 Nobel Prize for Chemistry-

Answer: Eric Betzig, Stafan Hell, William Moerner

54869. The laureates of 2014 Nobel Prize for Medicine-

Answer: John O’Keefe, May-BrittMoser, Edvard Moser

54870. The nationality of Jean Tirole who got 2014 Nobel forEconomics-

Answer: France

54871. The nationality of Omara Khan Massoudi who got Magsaysay Award2014-

Answer: Afghanistan

54872. The boxer who got Arjuna Award after a legal battle with theMinistry of Sports-

Answer: Manoj Kumar

54873. Name the first spacecraft to orbit a comet?

Answer: Rosetta

54874. The venue of 18th SAARC Summit ?

Answer: Kathmandu

54875. Who authored the novel ‘Half Girl Friend’?

Answer: Chetan Bhagat

54876. The venue of 2014 World Ayurveda Conference-

Answer: New Delhi

54877. Time Magazine’s Person of the Year 2014?

Answer: The Ebola Fighters

54878. The first state in India to launch a Health Adalat-

Answer: Karnataka

54879. The purpose of the appointment of TSR Subramanyan Panel-

Answer: To review environment related laws

54880. The South African sprinter who killed his lover by shooting onValentine’s Day-

Answer: Oscar Pistorius

54881. The place in Thiruvananthapuram district where Games Villagewas built in connection with the 2015 National Games, using pre-fab technology-

Answer: Menamkulam

54882. Who won Delhi Half Marathon in 2014-

Answer: Guye Adola ()

54883. The official mascot of 2014 Commonwealth Games-

Answer: (An anthromorphic thistle)

54884. The mascot of 2012 Summer Olympics-

Answer: Wenlock (Drops of steels with cameras for eyes)

54885. The mascot of 2014 Winter Olympics-

Answer: Belly, Mishka, Snow, Zaika

54886. The mascot of 2016 Summer Olympics-

Answer: Vinicius

54887. The venue of 2014 Summer Youth Olympics-

Answer: Nanjing (China)

54888. The mascot of 2014 Summer Youth Olympics-

Answer: Lele

54889. The venue of 2016 Winter Youth Olympics-

Answer: Lillehammer (Norway)

54890. The convict who was executed on 9th February 2013for his role in 2001 terrorist attack on Indian Parliament-

Answer: Afzal Guru

54891. Which neighbouring country of India gave its second highest award to Pranab Mukherjee in 2013? –

Answer: Bangladesh

54892. Name the University that conferred Honorarydoctorate to Pranab Mukherjee on 5th October2013-

Answer: University

54893. Who authored the book “The Dramatic Decade: The Days of IndiraGandhi”?

Answer: Pranab Mukherjee

54894. Which did Telengana become the 29 state of India?

Answer: 41792

54895. To which sports Rohan Boppanna is related?

Answer: Lawn Tennis

54896. The first Indian President to visit officialresidence of Santa Claus-

Answer: Pranab Mukherjee

54897. In which country John Key re-elected asPrime Minister in 2014?

Answer: New Zealand

54898. The founder of CMP (Communist MarxistParty) who passed away in 2014 November?

Answer: M.V.Raghavan

54899. Who occupies number one position in the list of most powerfulpersons of the world published by Forbes Magazine in 2014 November-

Answer: Vladimir (Second Obama)

54900. The new system launched by Union Government to renew pensionscheme by submitting biometric data through computer or smart phone-

Answer: JeevanPraman
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