2013RRBAllahabad Related Question Answers

1. Find the odd one out


3. Find the odd one out.

4. 22 boys are standing in front of Kunal in a queue. 12 boys are standing to the back of Rohit in the same queue. If total number of boys is 30 then the number of boys standing in between Kunal and Rohit is

5. In the following sequence of alphabets a a b a b a a b a b a a a b b a b a b b a a a a The number of a’s in between 7th a from left and 7th a from right is

6. If A stands for ‘+’, B stands for ‘-’, C stands for ‘x’ and D for ‘$$\div$$’ then $$\frac{1}{2} A \frac{1}{3} B \frac{1}{4} C \frac{1}{5} D \frac{1}{6}=$$

7. If 1st July, 1977 was a Friday then 1st July 1970 was a

8. If “A+B’ stands for ‘A is the father of B’. ‘A-B’ stands for ‘A is the wife of B’ and ‘$$A \div B$$’ stands for ‘A is the sister of B’ then ‘$$P+Q \div R$$’ means

9. In a certain code language 278 means ‘run very fast’ 853 means ‘come back fast’ and '376' means 'run and come' then 'back' may be represented by the digit

10. If X is a player then X must be stout.This statement can be deduced from

11. Natural:Artificial:Spontaneous: ?

12. The sum of all the natural numbers between 301 and 501 (including 301 and 501) which are divisible by 7 is

13. 5 pencils and 4 erasers cost Rs 13 whereas 9 pencils and 5 erasers cost Rs 19 Then the price of 6 pencils and 3 erasers is

14. Let $$a_{1}, a_{2}.........a_{7}$$ be arbitrary different positive integers taking one value at a time from 1,2,........7. The number $$(a_{1}-1) (a_{2}-2)......(a_{7}-7)$$

15. Consider the natural numbers 88935. Then the least natural number by which we can divide or multiply the number to make it a square number is

16. There is a path 1 m wide outside a rectangular field of 16 m length and 11m breadth then the total area of the path is

17. A two digit is such that when it is divided by the largest single digit prime number leaves remainder 4.If the difference of the two digit is 4 then the number is

18. A train runs at the speed of 72 Km per hour The distance between any two stations is 42 km and the train stops at each stations for 5 minutes. Then the time taken by train to go 350 km is

19. The Parliament consists of the

20. Ribosome’s main activity is

21. Synovial fluid is found in the

22. The donor of AB blood group can donate to recipient of blood group

23. Filariasis is a disease caused by

24. Lack of vitamin B complex causes

25. Leukaemia is a form of

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