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126. Which government has set up task forces on agriculture development and poverty alleviation?

127. Bangladesh has won their first ever ODI series against which South Asian team?

128. Rail Vikas Nigam Limited (RVNL) has signed MoU with Private Sector Dighi Port Limited for Rail Connectivity between Roha and Dighi Port in Raigad district of _________?

129. India's first International Financial Services Centre (IFSC) recently became operational at GIFT City in Gandhinagar district of which state?

130. Who has won Asian Junior Tennis Title 2015?

131. Which state has launched "Subodham project" to end liquor and drug abuse?

132. Where will 2016 Olympics be held?

133. Which city's High Court is celebrating its centenary celebration this year?

134. What is the name of recently launched Indian Navy’s new stealth destroyer?

135. Who has inaugurated centenary celebration of Patna High Court?

136. Which project has been launched by Indian Railways to monitor rail projects online?

137. Which type of banks have been allowed to set up off-site/mobile ATMs without prior approval from RBI?

138. JB Patnaik who has just passed away was Chief Minister of which Indian state?

139. Which bank has launched "Tap-n-Pay", a Near Field Communications (NFC) based payment service?

140. Who has designed online monitoring mechanism, known as E-Samiksha , for the Indian Railways?

141. Who has won Bahrain Grand Prix of Formula One?

142. Which states's police commissioner has been appointed as chief advisor of the BCCI's Anti-Corruption & Security Unit?

143. As per 2014 Global e-Waste monitor report India stands at _____ place in terms of generation of e-waste?

144. Japan’s Magnetic levitation technology (Maglev) train has made a new world speed record by breaking its old record of 581 km/h. How much is new record?

145. Which train has made a new world record for its speed by clocking at 603 km/hr?

146. Who has been elected as new general secretary of CPI (Marxist)?

147. Bharatiya Mahila Bank Ltd has entered into MoUs with below insurance companies to provide insurance cover to its accountholders?

148. Union Cabinet has approved lowering of age of Juveniles from 18 to ______ years for heinous crimes?

149. Which Space Agency has made first 3D printed rocket engine part?

150. Which union ministry has recently received ISO 9001:2008 certification from the British Standards Institute (BSI?

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