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34901. Dropwise condensation of steam on cooling surface is promoted

34902. Conduction occurs in the buffer zone for a fluid flowing through a heated pipe, only when Prandtl number is

34903. In a heat exchanger, the rate of heat transfer from the hot fluid to the cold fluid

34904. With increase in temperature, the total emissivity of conductors

34905. Loss of heat from untagged steam pipe to the ambient air is by

34906. Fruit juice (a heat sensitive material) can be concentrated in a __________ evaporator.

34907. Tubes are held between top and bottom tube sheets in Calenderia type evaporator by keeping

34908. A single pass air heater is connected to a two pass unit. For the air flow rate and other conditions remaining the same, the film heat transfer co-efficient for air will vary in the ratio of

34909. Heat sensitive materials can be concentrated in an evaporator employing

34910. A concentric double pipe heat exchanger as compared to the shell and tube heat exchanger for the same heat load requires

34911. In a shell and tube heat exchanger, floating head is used for

34912. Steam trap is used to

34913. The average heat transfer co-efficient over the entire length of the plate (ha) and the local heat transfer co-efficient (hL), in case of heat transfer over a flat plate in lminar zone is related as

34914. Maximum heat transfer rate is achieved in __________ flow.

34915. Wavelength corresponding to the maximum energy is inversely proportional to the absolute temperature. This is __________ law.

34916. Three material A, B and C of equal thick-nes and of thermal conductivity of 20, 40 & 60 kcal/hr. m. °C respectively are joined together. The temperature outside of A and C are 30°C and 100°C respectively. The interface between B and C will be at a temperature of __________ °C.

34917. Which of the following parameters of the fluid is not very important, while deciding its route in a shell and tube heat exchanger?

34918. Corrosiveness of steam condensate is due to the presence of

34919. The equation, (NSt x N2/3Pr) = f/2, is the __________ analogy.

34920. The driving potential for the crystal growth during crystallisation is the __________ of the solution.

34921. jH factor for heat transfer depends upon the __________ number.

34922. Kg of liquid evaporated per hour in an evaporator is defined as its

34923. Sarkaria Commission was closely related to which of the following area?

34924. Open pan evaporators are preferred to be used, when the solution to be concentrated is

34925. is termed as the __________ number.

34926. The maximum heat transfer co-efficient from steam heating will be attained when the steam is

34927. Kirchoff's law is applicable to

34928. In a forward feed multiple effect evaporator, the pressure is

34929. In a co-current double pipe heat exchanger used for condensing saturated steam over the inner tube, if the entrance and exit conditions of the coolant are interchanged, then the rate of condensation will

34930. Which of the following situations can be approximated to a steady state heat transfer system ?

34931. Sensible heat absorbed by 1 lb of water when it is heated from 32 to 212°F may be around __________ BTU.

34932. The unit of conductance in SI unit is

34933. In a shell and tube heat exchanger, square pitch compared to triangular pitch

34934. Which of the following has maximum thermal conductivity ?

34935. A wall has two layers of materials A and B; each made of a different material. Both the layers have the same thickness. The thermal conductivity of materialA is twice that of B. Under the equilibrium, the temperature difference across the wall is 36°C. The temperature difference across the layer A is __________ °C.

34936. The film co-efficient between condensing vapour and metal wall increases with

34937. Critical value of the __________ number governs the transition from laminar to turbulent flow in free convection heat transfer.

34938. The thermal boundary layer at NPr > 1

34939. In the free convection regime of pool boiling, the heat flux is proportional to

34940. With increase in temperature, the thermal conductivity of fresh lubricating oil

34941. Fresh orange juice contains 12% (by weight) solids and the rest water 90% of the fresh juice is sent to an evaporator to remove water and subsequently mixed with the remaining 10% of fresh juice. The resultant product contains 40% solids. The kg of water removed from 1 kg fresh juice is

34942. Nusselt number is the ratio of the temperature gradient at the wall to

34943. The Stefan-Boltzman constant depends on the

34944. The units of resistance to heat transfer is

34945. Thermal conductivity of a gas at low density, __________ with increase in temperature.

34946. Nusselt number is a function of Prandtl number and __________ number of fluid in natural convection heat transfer.

34947. __________ heat exchanger is used for chilling oil to be dewaxed.

34948. It is not recommended to use a 1-2 shell and tube heat exchanger for a particular heat duty, whenever the LMTD correction factor is

34949. Who founded Valasamudaya Parishkarani Sabha?

34950. In sub-cooled boiling,

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