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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 4482

224101. What is the Sex ratio of Rajasthan (according to 2011 Census) ?

224102. Which is the closest city to the geographical centre of India ?

224103. What is the period of a Fiscal/Financial Year in India ?

224104. What is the time difference between Indian Standard Time and Greenwich Meridian ?

224105. In which year was “Jana Gana Mana” adopted as the National Anthem ?

224106. What is the directional growth movement of a plant part in response to the touch of an object called ?

224107. If the potential difference across an electric bulb is 4.6 V and the current flowing through it is 0.25A what is the resistance of the bulb ?

224108. A ray of light hits a plane mirror at 60° from the normal What is the angle between the reflected ray and the surface of the mirror ?

224109. What is the name of the mode of reproduction by which the offspring arises from a single parent and inherits the genes of that parent only ?

224110. If a charge of 15.0 C flows through a wire and the amount of electrical energy converted into heat is 1.5 J what is the potential difference across the ends of the wire ?

224111. When a beam of light (wavelength=450nm) originally traveling in air enters a piece of glass (index of refraction 1.50) what will happen to its frequency ?

224112. Evolutionary principles have been used for classification of animals and plants According to this humans come under which class ?

224113. Who discovered the fact that _____”An electric current produces a circular magnetic field as it flows through a wire” ?

224114. If light enters an equilateral glass prism (n=1.50) with an angle of incidence of 45 degree what is the angle of refraction as the beam emerges from the prism ?Note that an equilateral triangle has three 60° angles.

224115. When a current carrying conductor is placed above a magnetic needle what is the maximum deflection that can be produced ?

224116. Who has been appointed as the New Chairman of Rajasthan Public Service Commission (RPSC) on 1st September 2012?

224117. What is the population growth rate according to 2011 census in Rajasthan ?

224118. ”Kesariya Balam” Song is sung in which singing style ?

224119. Rajasthan day is celebrated on

224120. What percentage of area is the area of Rajasthan in India ?

224121. Who built the Taragarh fort of Ajmer ?

224122. What was the name of Meera Bai’s husband ?

224123. In India where is the largest salt water lake situated ?

224124. What is the “Himalayan Yew” ?

224125. The “Jal Satyagraha” started in 2012 is associated with which of the following dam ?

224126. What was the percentage contribution of service sector in GDP of Rajasthan in 2011 ?

224127. In which of the following tribals the head of entire village is referred to as ‘Gameti’ ?

224128. Amrita Devi lost her life for the sake of

224129. Through which of the following district of Rajasthan does the Tropic of Cancer pass by ?

224130. What is the name of the two historical monuments that are going to be connected by the tunnel in the capital city Jaipur of Rajasthan ?

224131. In which of the following district of Rajasthan is “Kameshwari” oil found ?

224132. What is the name of the purest form of rainwater in Rajasthan ?

224133. In which city of Rajasthan was IIT started ?

224134. In which month the festival of “choti teej” is celebrated ?

224135. Who was the first Elected Chief Minister of Rajasthan ?

224136. Which one of the following Venn diagrams best describes the words ‘days’, weeks’, calendar’ ?

224137. What is the minimum number of colours needed to colour the sides of a cube so that adjacent side are not of the same colour ?

224138. Which of the following can be described by the Venn diagram below ?

224139. A bag contains 10 pairs of socks (each pair of different colour). How many draws are required at the most to get a matching pair ?

224140. Pointing to a person in a photograph Anil said “His father is the father of my father” How is the son of the person in photograph related to Anil ?

224141. Complete the series 62, 126, 254, 510

224142. If ‘training is coded as ‘tannriig’ then how is ‘placement’ coded ?

224143. If ‘dog’ is ‘cat’ is ‘rat’ ‘rat’ is ‘mat’ ‘mat’ is ‘cow’ then which one of the following is not an animal ?

224144. Complete the series 24, 60, 120, 210 _____

224145. Find the missing number in the series 1,4, ?, 4, 1

224146. Five years ago the ratio of Krishna’s age to his father’s age was 1:4 and five years from now their ages will be in the ratio 2:5 What is the ratio of their present ages ?

224147. If Anil’s salary is one-third more than that of Sunil’s then by what percentage Sunil’s salary is lesser than Anil’s ?

224148. A carpenter bought a rectangular white board of dimension 4 feet x 3 feet, which cost him Rs 12 per square feet.The cost of fixing aluminum lining to all the edges was Rs 4 per feet.At what price should he sell the finished white board so as to gain 25% on the cost price ?

224149. What is the time taken for a 300 metre long train speeding at 60 kmph to cross a pole ?

224150. Hari can do a piece of work in 30 days while giri can do the same work in 20 days working together they complete the work for which they are paid Rs 1000 in total.What is Hari’s share ?

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