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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 4051

202551. Which among the following is the least corrupt country according to Transparency International?

202552. Which among the following policy of Life Insurance company is related to regular old-age pension?

202553. Which among the following writs comes into the category of public litigation petition before High Court or Supreme Court?

202554. On the administered price of which of the following articles not subsidy is given?

202555. Which among the following statements is not true wen there is an increase in interest rate in an economy?

202556. What happens when a chemical bonds is formed?

202557. Our bones and teeth are generally made of-

202558. World Intellectual Property Organization is situated at

202559. When did China start the Civil Services Examinations?

202560. Which among the following is the most competitive country, according to World Economic Forum?

202561. Where was the first regular session of UN General Assembly held?

202562. Angora wool is extracted from-

202563. Which disease affects women easily than that of men?

202564. On which technique does a photo state machine work?

202565. How the interest level of a country is affected by the inflow of FDI?

202566. Which among the following intuitions is not related to United Nations?

202567. Where is NS Ashwini anchored off?

202568. Naokhali is situated in ?

202569. Which are the six schools of Indian philosophy?

202570. One Kilowatt hour is equal to ?

202571. What is the minimum escape velocity of rocket to be launched?

202572. Pituitary gland is located in

202573. What is the limit of MG /DL of blood sugar in the normal person at the time of fast

202574. What is the size of floppy diskette which is used normally?

202575. In which of the following states wheat is not produced?

202576. What is the position of sun & raindrops when we see Rainbow?

202577. Which of the following statements is true regarding international Date line?

202578. What is the interval between high tide and neap at a given place?

202579. The sunlights is available 24 hours on the longest day at which of the following latitudes of the earth?

202580. On which planet is water cycle avialable?

202581. Which of the following city is situated in the farthest east?

202582. Which of the following districts is not situated in the terai of Uttar Pradesh ?

202583. Which of the following Entrances test is essential to get admission in the educational institutions of America?

202584. Mahatma gandhi was arrested in the satyagraha in the year

202585. Which among the following has least possibility of globalization ?

202586. Which of the following is not a non custom duty obstacle in the world trade?

202587. Which of the following is carbohydrate?

202588. The cross section of stem of tree has fifty rings ,what is the age of that tree?

202589. Onion is modified form of ?

202590. The pollination of maize takes place by ?

202591.  Which Game Tiger Woods belongs to

202592. Which among the following form the first cabinet of Independent India was responsible mass religious conversion?

202593. The author of the book Cosmos is ?

202594. Which among the following is not the outcome of the decrease in Prime Lending Rate

202595. The capital city of Daydo established by the Kublai Khan is situated at ?

202596. Which of the following numbers can be obtained by inverting the order the digits and multiplying by an integer?

202597. If the radius of the cylinder and of a sphere having the same volume as that cylinder is ‘r’ then what is the height of that cylinder?

202598. What is the width of goal post in the game football?

202599. The decimal system of Indian Currency was started in

202600. What is the chronology of four ‘samwatas’ ?

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