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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 3874

193701. A fraction becomes 6/5 when 5 is added to its numerator and becomes 1/2 when 4 is added to its denominator. What will be the value of the fraction?

193702. Amit can complete a work in 25 days and Punit can complete the same work in 20 days. Punit alone worked at it for 10 days and then left the work. In how many days will Amit alone complete the remaining work?

193703. The measure of the four successive angles of a quadrilateral are in the ratio 7 : 11 : 7 : 11. The quadrilateral is a ______.

193704. What is the discount percentage offered on a book having marked price Rs 2150 being sold at Rs 1892?

193705. Rs 60500 is divided among A, B and C such that A receives 2/9 as much as B and C together and B receives 3/7 of as much as A and C together. What is the share of C (in Rs)?

193706. The average age of a class of 6 girls is x years. Four new girls having ages x - 2, x + 2, x + 4 and x + 6 joins the class. What is the new average age (in years) of the class?

193707. A dealer sells two machines at Rs 12000 each. On one it gains 32% and on the other it looses 32%. What is its profit/loss percentage in the whole transaction?

193708. How much water (in litres) must be added to 80 litres solution of milk and water containing 10% milk, so that it becomes a 5% milk solution?

193709. A bus travels 2/5 of a total journey at its usual speed. The remaining distance was covered by bus at 6/7 of its usual speed. Due to slow speed it reaches its destination 50 minutes late. If the total distance is 200 kms, then what is the usual speed (in km/hr) of bus?

193710. For an amount, simple interest at the rate of interest of 12% per annum for 6 years is Rs 25920. What will be the compound interest (in Rs) on same amount at the rate of interest of 8% per annum compounding annually for 2 years?

193711. If $$\alpha$$ and $$\beta$$ are roots of the equation $$3x^2 - 13x + 14 = 0$$, then what is the value of $$(\frac{\alpha}{\beta})+(\frac{\beta}{\alpha})$$ ?

193712. If a + b + c = 9 and ab + bc + ca = 18, then what is the value of $$a^3 + b^3 + c^3 - 3abc$$ ?

193713. If $$(\frac{x}{y})+(\frac{y}{x})=1$$, then what is the value of $$x^3 + y^3$$ ?

193714. If $$5^x=30^-y = 6^z$$, then what is the value of $$\frac{(xy + yz + zx)}{xyz}$$ ?

193715. The internal bisectors of ∠Q and ∠R of triangle PQR meet at O. If ∠P = 70°, then what is the measure of ∠QOR (in degrees)?

193716. If the areas of two similar triangle are in the ratio 5 : 7, then what is the ratio of the corresponding sides of these two triangles?

193717. ABCD is an isosceles trapezium such that AD||BC, AB = 5 cm, AD = 8 cm and BC = 14 cm. What is the area $$(in cm^2)$$ of trapezium?

193718. In the given figure. ABC is an equilateral triangle. If the area of bigger circle is 1386 $$cm^2$$. then what is the area $$(in cm^2)$$ of smaller circle? 

193719. What is the simplified value of $$[\frac{(tan^2 θ - sin^2 θ)}{(tan^2 θ +sin^2 θ)}]$$ ?

193720. If sec (3x - 20°) = cosec (3y + 20°), then what is the value of tan (x + y)?

193721. If $$cotA=\frac{n}{(n+1)}$$ and $$cotB=\frac{1}{(2n+1)}$$, then what is the value of cot (A + B)?

193722. The bar chart given below shows the sales of 3 types of cars in the Indian automotive industry over 4 years. All the sales figures have been shown in terms of '000 units.  Which of the following type of car has the highest increase in sales from 2009 to 2012?

193723. What is the simple annual growth rate (in %) in the sales of SUV from 2009 to 2012?

193724. What is the respective ratio of total sales of Sedan and total sales of SUV over the period of 4 years ?

193725. If all the 3 categories increase by same rate in 2013 over 2012 as they did in 2012 over 2011, then what will be the total approximate sales (in ‘000 units) of all the 3 categories taken together in year 2013 ?

193726. Which of the following rate is charged by banks to their most credit worthy customers?

193727. Medium term loans are provided for a period of _____.

193728. Which of the following is a feature of federal Government?

193729. Under which article, President of India can proclaim financial emergency?

193730. Who was the founder of the Ghadar Party?

193731. In which year (in AD) was the East India Company established?

193732. Himalayan mountain range falls under which type of mountains?

193733. 'Norwesters' are thunder storms which are prominent in _____.

193734. UV rays coming from Sun, majorly causes which cancer?

193735. Which of the following is the largest mammal?

193736. What is the full form of RNA?

193737. At which of the following place, weight of an object is maximum?

193738. What is the SI unit of temperature?

193739. Netscape Navigator is a _____.

193740. What is nature of pH of Milk?

193741. Which among the following is not an example of emulsion?

193742. Kyoto Protocol's (an international treaty to reduce greenhouse gas emissions) first meeting was held at which country?

193743. 'Lucky Grahak Yojana' and 'Digi Dhan Vyapar Yojana' to give cash awards to the customers and merchants was launched by which government body?

193744. Who among the following devised the technique IVF (In vitro Fertilization)?

193745. 'Wimbledon' is a place associated with which sport?

193746. Match the following.

193747. Who is the recipient of Arjuna Award 2016 in the field of athletics?

193748. Six Machine (I Don’t Like Cricket … . I Love It)' is an autobiography of which famous batsman?

193749. Which country is headed towards a confrontation over Gibraltar with Spain?

193750. Which country has banned 'Facebook' ?

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