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168551. Section----------------of sale of Goods Act, 1930, enumerates the doctrine of‘Nemo dat quodnon habet’.

168552. The term 'Mercantile agent.' defined under sale of Goods Act means an agent having in the customary course of business as such agent authorised to

168553. A contract of sale under Section 4 of the sale of goods may be :

168554. The unpaid seller of goods can waive his right to lien :

168555. Conditions and warranties are defined in Sect ion--------------of the sale of Goods Act.

168556. The principle of caveat cmptor is enunciated under Section --------------of the sale ofGoods Act.

168557. The term ‘Person' defined under the Kerala value added tax includes :

168558. The turnover on which a dealer shall he liable to pay tax after making the deductions from . his total turnover, is called :

168559. Every dealer whose total turnover in any year is not less than------------------should getcompulsory' registration.

168560. “No tax shall be levied or collected except by authority of law”. This is provided under :

168561. Sale under; Section 3 of the Central Sales Act means, any transfer of goods by one person to another:

168562. The term goods under Section 2 (d) of the Central Sales Tax Act 1956 includes :

168563. An Indian company is always :

168564. According to Section 2 (34) of the Income Tax Act 1961. Previous year means, year :

168565. The term Assessee means :

168566. In one of the following cases Mr. A.B. Vajpayee, before he became the Prime Minister of . India, was a respondent. The case was :

168567. In R.C Cooper V. Union of India, the Supreme Court declared as unconstitutional one of the following Constitution (Amendment) Acts, which is

168568. What is the maximum age fixed by the Food Security Act for providing nutritional entitlements to children of school-going age?

168569. The Maximum number of Judicial Members excluding the Chairperson Green Tribunal is :

168570. Any man who follows a woman and contacts repeatedly despite a dear indication of disinterest by such woman is punishable under Sect ion 354 D of the Indian Penal code for the offence of:

168571. Disbursement of wages of a worker under the National Rural Employment Guarantee Act has to be made on :

168572. The Wild Life Protection Act was enacted in the year :

168573. The concept of basic structure was adopted from the Constitution of:

168574. Two provisions in the Indian Constitution that are connected to the right to education are :

168575. Which of the following is not specifically mentioned as eligible for appointment as Judge of t he Supreme Court under Article 124?

168576. The most important event related to Malabar Rebellion is :

168577. The fourth all Kerala political conference held at Payyannur presided over by :

168578. Which among: the following is ‘World Cancer Day’?

168579. Wishakanyaka is the work of:

168580. Which among the following Gandhiji called “a miracle of modern times”?

168581. The leader of 'Narmada Bachao Andolan agitation is :

168582. GSAT-M successfully launched from Sriharikotta on

168583. The value of absolute permittivity is :

168584. The equation for find out the energy stored in a coil is :

168585. The Dummy coil used in a DC generator :

168586. The transformer oil used in transformer provides :

168587. The polarity of interpole in the case of a DC generator is :

168588. Ward - Leonard Method of Speed control is basically a:

168589. The Primary equivalent of Secondary current I2 of a transformer in the equivalent circuit of transformer is :

168590. In a transformer the half load copper loss is 600 W. It’s full load copper loss will be :

168591. Condition for maximum efficiency in a transformer is :

168592. When the frequency is doubled, what are the change in eddy current and hysteresis loss :

168593. The most economical connection for small and high voltage transmission is

168594. A 100 KVA Delta transformer order. How much load it can carry :

168595. The frequency of Rotor Current at the time of starting of an induction Motor is :

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