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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 3110

155501. Transformers are rated in :

155502. Frequency of rotor current of 3 phase induction motor is :

155503. _________ is known as universal gate

155504. 1 KWh =

155505. IE: IB :IC

155506. Zener diodes arc commonly used as :

155507. 1 nF =

155508. The time taken by an alternating quantity to complete one cycle :

155509. Speed of dc motor is directly proportional to —- and inversely proportional

155510. If capacitors are connected in series, effective capacitance is :

155511. Watts =

155512. EMF equation of DC generator is :

155513. Admittance is theof conductance and susceptance.

155514. Tools’ is inmenu of theAdobe PageMaker

155515. Picture Palette is used for— a picture in Adobe PageMaker.

155516. Ctrl + E are the shortcut keys for- in Adobe PageMaker.

155517. “pmd' files can be created by using— software.

155518. We can change the font by :

155519. Full Form of JPG :

155520. Text wrap” option is contained in :

155521. .Full form of FTP:

155522. One of the following is not a search Engine

155523. One of the following is not a social networking site :

155524. One of the following website is not providing facility for sending E-mails :

155525. A website created for fraudulently acquiring sensitive information such as passwords, credit card details etc.

155526. 13.MAN stands for :

155527. The entire hostname has maximum of

155528. ATM Full form :

155529. What is the term used when you press and scroll of the left mouse key and more the mouse around the slide?

155530. One of thefollowing is not the PowerPoint’s views :

155531. ’Macro’ command in which menu of the MS PowerPoint 2003?

155532. How many width of the field Date/Time is MS Access?

155533. MS Access is a :

155534. Which of the following: is not a type of MS Access Database object?

155535. In MS Dos generally the date is entered in the-------form.

155536. Del command in MS DOS is used to :

155537. One of the following Ribbons not seen in the MS Word 2007 Window

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