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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 2887

144351. Colchicum autumnale belongs to the family:

144352. The act which controls the advertisement of certain drugs:

144353. Kwashiorkor is a disease associated with the deficiency of:

144354. Type of emulsion may be determined by:

144355. Drugs colored coated powdered or polished to conceal damage or to appear to be of better therapeutic value than they really are is called:

144356. Grease spot test is used to identify:

144357. Vitamin A is also called:

144358. The foreign bodies which are present in our body are collectively called as:

144359. Primrose leaves is an adulterant of:

144360. Anthraquinone glycosides are present in:

144361. Physically distinct forms of same enzyme are called:

144362. Albinism is produced due to the defect in biosynthesis of:

144363. Diseases and ailments which drug may not purport to prevent or cure is included in:

144364. Which one among the following is classified as a diuretic drug?

144365. Total energy gained from one mol of glucose under aerobic condition is:

144366. Holding temperature for moist heat sterilization is 115-1180C for:

144367. Chemical test for opium is done to check the presence of

144368. The immunity in which the body receives readymade antibody is called:

144369. Water which is free from volatile and non-volatile impurities,micro organisms and pyrogens is called:

144370. The process in which a solid gets directly converted into vapour is called:

144371. Adult dose of a drug is 240 mg calculated dose for a child of age of 12 years is:

144372. When certain drugs administered repeatedly at short intervals decreased response is obtained is called:

144373. Liquid or semi solid preparations applied with friction is called:

144374. 1:500 concentration of a drug means:

144375. Person who wishes to manufacture of preparations containing alcohol or other narcotic substance is required to obtain license from:

144376. The proportion of oil:water:gum in arachis oil emulsion is:

144377. g.o.means:

144378. Superior and inferior vanacava enter:

144379. Rheumatoid arthritis is caused by:

144380. Vasopressin is secreted by:

144381. Diabetis mellitus is caused when there is:

144382. Any substance capable of triggering an immune response is called a:

144383. HIV virus destroys:

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