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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 2631

131551. The - company was the last to leave India after Independence.

131552. Din- Ilahi is a religion founded by :

131553. The Chinese traveller Hiuen Tsang visited the pilgrim center of - in South India

131554. Kandalur Salai is an ancient university of :

131555. The Ashtadiggajas belonged to - dyanasty:

131556. The "Navaretnas" Lived during the period of :

131557. Who was the Prime Minister of Britain at the time of Indian Independence?

131558. With reference to the history of philosophical thought in India, consider the following statements regarding Sankhya school : 1. Sankhya does not accept the theory of rebirth or transmigration of soul. 2. Sankhya holds that it is the self knowledge the leads to liberation and not any exterior influence or agent. Which of the statements given above is / are correct?

131559. Which among the following is responsible for specifying address of a memory location?

131560. Consider the following Bhakti Saints : 1. Dadu Dayal 2. Guru Nanak 3. Tyagaraja Who among the above was/were preaching when the Lodi dynasty fell and Babur look over?

131561. Whose pen name in Nanthanar?

131562. Who was the first woman Olympic Champion?

131563. Some Buddhist rock - cut caves are called Chaityas, while the others are calledViharas. What is the difference between the two?

131564. The National Agricultural day:

131565. Consider the following statements: Attorney General of India can 1. take part in the proceedings of the Lok Sabha 2. be a member of a committee of the Lok Sabha 3. speak in the Lok Sabha 4. vote in the Lok Sabha Which of the statements given above is/are correct?

131566. Who was the first person from depressed classes to be nominated to Travancore legislative assembly?

131567. Thatwa Prakashika Ashramam was established by ?

131568. Name the author of The Spirit of India:

131569. The moderate who led the Indian Congress

131570. Rajya Samacharam was published from Tellicherry by:

131571. Hortus Malabaricus is associated with:

131572. The word Buddha means:

131573. The freedom fighter who died in jail while on hunger strike was:

131574. After his coronation, Shivaji assumed the title of:

131575. The Mehrauli Pillar inscription belongs to the period of the:

131576. The Quit India Movement was adopted by the Indian National Congress at:

131577. Which Buddhist Council was held during the reign of Asoka?

131578. Best Bakery case is related to:

131579. The Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FICCI) was founded by:

131580. Who gave the title Mahatma to Gandhiji?

131581. Who was the Prime Minister of Britain when India achieved independence?

131582. Home rule movement was started by:

131583. Which famous port of South India gives evidence of Indo-Roman trade?

131584. The last Viceroy of British India was:

131585. Gautama Buddha was born in:

131586. was the First Chief Justice of India.

131587. Under whose patronage Kutabminar was built ?

131588. Who among the following is the father of Pakistan?

131589. Who had started the concept of ‘Misra Bhojanam’?

131590. The New Education Policy was introduced by:

131591. Who got Jimmy George Foundation award in 2015?

131592. Who is the Chief Minister of West Bengal?

131593. ’Give me blood in turn I will give you Freedom’who declared this word?

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