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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 1988

99401. Which is the first month of National Calender of India?

99402. 'The Iron Man of India' was?

99403. The Grand Old Man of Britain?

99404. The last Hindu king of northern India?

99405. A group of 27 coral islands in Arabian Sea?

99406. .........was the first state, which the presidential rule imposed upon?

99407. Core of transformer is made up of?

99408. The author of' Sathyarthaprakash'?

99409. The biggest body which approves the 5 year plan in India?

99410. . was known as the 'Prince of Neyyattinkara'?

99411. Which of the following is not an official language of UN?

99412. 'Sathyameva Jayathe' is related to our national?

99413. 'Sick man of Europe' is the nick name for?

99414. The first women Judge of a High Court,?

99415. The name of the Parliament of Vietnam?

99416. The pioneer of vanchippattu?

99417. 'The Wonder That Was India' was written by?

99418. The following incident related to Indian Republic Day?

99419. The genome of AIDS virus (HIV) is made up of?

99420. The rolling plan concept in India in the National Planning was introduced by?

99421. The first battle of Panipat was in?

99422. Kerala Varma Valiakoil Thampuran was popularly known as?

99423. The oldest Indian Language is?

99424. Death Valley is located in?

99425. The place of worship of Judaism?

99426. Caesar and Cleopatra was written by?

99427. Our Prime Minister is responsible to the?

99428. .....solids are readily soluble in water?

99429. The largest island in the world is?

99430. The works of ............laid the foundations of Malayalam literature?

99431. What is the name of the Supreme Court decision. in which guidelines are laid down to prevent sexual harassment to working women?

99432. Human Rights are recognised in which part of the Indian Constitution?

99433. Which provision gives protection from torture or in human treatment?

99434. Name the "Land of the Morning Calm"?

99435. Sahyadri ranges refer to?

99436. The line beyond which snow Dever melts is?

99437. Gir Forest is in?

99438. A fountain of hot water issuing from a hole which extends deep into earth's crust is called?

99439. Universal Adult Franchise creates?

99440. Who is the. guardian of Fundamental Rights in India?

99441. Right to Information Act (RTI) became effective in India on15th June?

99442. The Governor can nominate to the Legislative council of his state one member from this community?

99443. The year in which Panchayati Raj was introduced in India?

99444. Universal Declaration of human rights was passed by the U.N.General Assembly on?

99445. The proclamation of emergency brings automatic suspension of the right to?

99446. The concept of Fundamental Right has it's basis in the?

99447. The chairman of the UPSC is appointed by the?

99448. Kerala is the first state in India to launch a Pension Scheme for farmers namely?

99449. The Union Territory in India with the highest population?

99450. IRDP means?

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