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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 1551

77551. The dual of a node is

77552. At t = 0+, the current i1 is

77553. Kirchoff's laws are applicable to

77554. The double energy transients occur in the

77555. The capacitance of a parallel plate capacitor varies as per the equation C(t) = C0 (1 - cos ωt). It is connected to a battery of V volts. The equation for current is

77556. Which one of the following is a passive device/Component?

77557. Which one of the following theorem can be conveniently used to calculate the power consumed by the 10 Ω resistor in the network shown in the above figure?

77558. Which one of the following gives DC supply?

77559. Figure shows a parallel resonant circuit having resonance frequency of 15 MHZ. At this frequency

77560. In an R-C circuit, there is an initial voltage of 3 V across the capacitor. In s domain equivalent circuit, the voltage source to take into account the initial voltage has a strength of

77561. An electrical network with 8 independent nodes will have __________ nodal equations.

77562. An RLC series circuit has . If the poles p1 and p1 are close to jω axis, then

77563. Assertion (A): When a square periodic wave is applied to an RC circuit, the voltage across capacitor is observed to be a triangular periodic wave.Reason (R): The RC circuit works as integrator and its time constant is much larger than time period of input wave.

77564. Assertion (A): In a series resonant circuit current is maximum at resonance.Reason (R): The inductive and capacitive reactances are equal.

77565. Laplace transform of a unit doublet U-2 (t) is

77566. In the transformer shown in the figure, the inductance measured across the terminal 1 and 2 was 4 H with open terminals 3 and 4. It was 3H when the terminals 3 and 4 were short circuited. The coefficient of coupling would be

77567. An ac network has two sources of the same frequency. The currents in one branch when the sources act independently are 10 ∠30° A and 10 ∠60° A. When both sources act, the current in the branch should be

77568. A network is said to be non-linear if it does not satisfy

77569. For checking the air movement,there is an instrument called:

77570. At a frequency less than the resonant frequency

77571. The voltage of single phase supply to residential consumers in India is

77572. Power factor of the following circuit will be unity

77573. In the transformer shown in figure, the inductance measured across terminal 1 and 2 was 4 H with terminals 3 and 4 open. It was 3H when terminals 3 and 4 are short circuited. The coefficient of coupling is

77574. The time constant of the network shown in figure is, when switch is closed.

77575. For an ideal transformer

77576. The relation AD - BC = 1 where A, B, C, D are transmission parameters of a network is valid for

77577. In figure the phase plot

77578. A network N is dual of network N if

77579. The resistance of the aluminium conductor (r = 2.83 x 10-8 Ωm) in figure is

77580. The chemical formula of R134ais:

77581. For an RC admittance function

77582. If resistance is 20 Ω and inductance is 2 H in a R-L series circuit, then time constant of this will be

77583. The following table gives some Laplace transforms and the functionsf(t)F(s)1.δ(t)s2. u(t)1/s3. tu(t)2/s24. t2u(t)2s3Of these the correctly matched pairs are

77584. In series as well as parallel resonant circuits, increasing the value of resistance would lead to

77585. The thermostat for the window type air-conditioner is set at:

77586. In solid dielectrics the rate of deterioration doubles for every 10-12°C rise in temperature.

77587. An RLC series circuit is excited by a step voltage E. The circuit current at t = 0 is

77588. The Laplace transform of a function f(t) u(t) is __________ where f(t) is periodic with period T, and y(S) times the L.T. of f(t) for first period. Then

77589. For representing two sinusoidal voltages on a phasor diagram

77590. While using Maxwell bridge, the Q factor of a coil is obtained as

77591. The colour code of a carbon resistance is yellow-violet-orange silver. The value of resistance is

77592. Choose the correct option Transit period is the time between two steady stateTransient Response is the response due to internal energy stored in circuitTransit response is also called natural responseTransit response arises due to presence of C and L in the circuitTransit is due to R, L, C in the circuit

77593. If current is less than 20 mA and time of contact is very small, the effect of current on human body is likely to be temporary.

77594. A dielectric should have poor heat conductivity.

77595. The ability of a radio receiver to discriminate between different input signals and to accept only one definite signal is called its

77596. Assertion (A): A graph can have many trees.Reason (R): The number of tree branches is equal to number of nodes.

77597. Electric shock is

77598. The first critical frequency nearest the origin of the complex frequency plane for an RL driving point impedance will be

77599. If Ia, Ib, Ic are line currents and Ia0 is the zero sequences component of Ia then

77600. The polynomial P (s) = (s - 1) (s2 + 1) (s + 2) (s + 3) is

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