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73301. The drain current of a MOSFET in saturation is given by lp = K(VGS - VT)2 where K is a constant. The magnitude of the transconductance gm is

73302. Two infinitely long wires carrying current are as shown in the figure below. One wire is in the y-z plane and parallel to the y-axis. The other wise is in the x-y plane and parallel to the x-axis. Which components of the resulting magnetic field are non-zero at the origin?

73303. A uniform plane wave is described by the equation H = A/m. If the velocity of the wave is 2 x 108 m/s and εr = 1.8, then. The electric field intensity is

73304. The amplitude modulated wave is given by __________ e = 25(1 + 0.7 cos 5000t - 0.3 cos 1000t) x sin 5 x 106t The amplitude of carrier and sideband frequencies in magnitudes are

73305. (11)2 + (11)3 = (11)?

73306. If h1[n] = 3δ[n] + δ[n - 1], h2[n] = 2δ[n] + δ[n - 2]h3[n] = δ[n] - 3δ[n - 1] + 7δ[n - 4] + 6δ[n - 6]h[n] = h1[n] h2[n] + h3[n] h1[n] has value

73307. The feedback control system shown in the given figure represents

73308. Time domain equivalent circuit of the figure is

73309. Locus of a point Z satisfying the equation arg is:

73310. A silicon PN junction with no bias have a doping concentration of Nd = 2 x 1016 cm-3 and Na = 1016 cm-3. The space charge width is:

73311. In 8085, Whenever a signal is received at TRAP terminal its program execution is transferred to a subroutine on address __________ .

73312. If (225)Y = (165)8 find value of Y

73313. ωH =

73314. The given characteristic polynomial s4 + s3 + 2s2 + 2s + 3 = 0 has

73315. In n-well CMOS fabrication substrate is:

73316. The transfer function of a zero-order-hold system is :

73317. In the signal flow graph of figure below, the gain C/R will be :

73318. The resonant frequency of the circuit shown in figure is,

73319. A short grounded vertical antenna has a length L which is 0.05λ at frequency f. If its radiation resistance at f is R ohms, then its radiation resistance at a frequency 2f will be

73320. Which of the following is a solution to the differential equation ?

73321. In the circuit shown, the device connected to Y5 can have address in the range

73322. In a certain network not containing any dependent sources, number of nodes = 4 and number of branches is equal to 6.

73323. The following statements are true with respect to "Cascode Amplifier". The reduction in h12 and Miller capacitance result in negligible reverse internal feedback. A's is large loads cannot be connected. As a narrow band amplifier, it provides small range of cμ is reduced. As a narrow band amplifier it provides small range of frequencies parameters the effect of cμ reduces.

73324. A 4 cm by 3 cm rectangular waveguide with air cavity, is operating at 12 GHz with TE11 mode. The cut-off frequency is:

73325. For a bipolar transistor, avalanche multiplication factor depends on __________ .

73326. In the following transistor circuit VBE = 0. 7 V, rc = 25mV/IE, and β and the capacitance are very largeThe mid-band voltage gain of the amplifier is approximately

73327. With respect to the Miller integrator sweep shown below, the sweep rate will be

73328. The trigonometric Fourier series for the waveform f(t) shown below contain

73329. For a class B amplifier using a supply of VCC = 30 V and driving a load of 16 Ω the maximum efficiency will be __________ .

73330. If x[n] = cos then the sequence x[n] is

73331. The point P in the following figure is stock at 1. The output f will be

73332. Error due to bad ranging is

73333. For a given transfer function: Damping ratio is:

73334. The energy of constant-amplitude complex valued exponential sequence is __________ (where A is the constant amplitude)

73335. Find the electric charge required on the earth and moon to balance their gravitational attraction if the charge on the earth is 10 times that on the moon.

73336. An audio signal of FM radio station is sampled at a rate of 15% above the Nyquist rate. Signal is sampled in 512 levels and bandwidth of the signal is 4 KHz. The minimum bandwidth required to transmit this signal will be

73337. A Hartley oscillator uses FET with gm of 2 ms and rd = 2 KΩ. The total coil inductance is 10 μH with turns ratio of input to output side of 1 : 10. It is tuned with a 50 pf capacitor. Find frequency of oscillations, amplifier gain margin in dB.

73338. The recursion relation to solve x = e-x using Newton Raphson method is

73339. In the circuit shown in the given figure the diode states at the extremely large negative values of the input voltage vi are :

73340. Consider a baseband binary PAM receiver shown below. The additive channel noise n(t) is whit with power spectral density SN(f) = N0/2 = 10-20 W/Hz. The low-pass filter is ideal with unity gain and cutoff frequency 1 MHz. Let Yk represent the random variable y(tk).Yk = nNk if transmitted bit bk = 0Yk = a + Nk if transmitted bit bk = 1Where Nk represents the noise sample value. The noise sample has a probability density function, PNk(n) = 0.5a e-a|n| (This has mean zero and variance 2/a 2). Assume transmitted bits to be equiprobable and threshold z is set to a /2 = 10-6 V.The value of the parameter a (in V-1) is

73341. The skin-depth of copper at a frequency of 3 GHz is 1 micron. At 12 GHz, for a non-magnetic conductor whose conductivity is times of copper, the skin depth would be :

73342. If the z-transform of x(n) is given by then the filter it represents is __________ .

73343. The system of linear equations 4x + 2y = 1 , 2x + y = 6 has

73344. Which of the following periodic waveforms will have only odd harmonics of sinusoidal waveform?Select the correct option using the codes given below Codes:

73345. A control system is as shown in given figure The maximum value of gain K for which the system is stable is

73346. A transmitted using AM has in modulated carrier output power of 10 KW and can be modulated to a maximum depth of 90% by a sinusoidal modulating voltage without causing overloading. Find the value to which an modulated carrier power can be increased without resulting in overloading if the maximum permitted modulating index is 40%

73347. The Laplace transform of the given waveform is

73348. With respect to the following 555 timer circuit what will be the value of RA and R such that the LED turns on for a duration of 10 ms every time it receives negative trigger pulse. LED operating current = 20 mA, Vf = 1.4 V, Vo on = 13.4 V and C = 0.22 nf

73349. Consider the program segment written for 8085 based system:LXI S, FFFFHMVI A, 00HMVI B, 0FHSUB BCNC GOLOCMVI A, FFH where in the program subroutine labelled ''GOLOC'' introduces delay of 28 T-states only. How many T-states are required to execute above program statement?

73350. A discrete random variable X takes values from 1 to 5 with probabilities as shown in the table. A student calculates the mean of X and 3.5 and her teacher calculates the variance of X as 1.5. Which of the following statements is true?

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