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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 1453

72651. A long specimen of P type semiconductor material

72652. For BJT, under saturation condition

72653. An inductor filter has a ripple that __________ with load resistance and consequently is used only with relatively __________ load currents.

72654. For a given velocity of a projectile,the range is maximum when the angle of projection is

72655. Introducing a resistor in the emitter of a common amplifier stabilizes the d.c. operating point against variations in

72656. Consider the following statement S1 and S2. S1: The β of a bipolar transistor reduces if the base width is increased. S2: the β of a bipolar transistor increases if the doping concentration in the base is increased. Which one of the following is correct?

72657. Assertion (A): A BJT can be used as a switch. Reason (R): In forward active mode emitter base junction is forward biased and base collector junction is reverse biased.

72658. The concentration of minority carriers in an extrinsic semiconductor under equilibrium is

72659. The mean life time of the minority carriers is in the range of a few

72660. Choose the correct match for input resistance of various amplifier configurations shown below configuration.CB : Common Base LO : LowCC : Common Collector  MO : moderateCE : Common EmitterHI: High

72661. The resistivity of a semiconductor

72662. The voltage at which Avalanche occurs is known as

72663. If the energy gap of a semiconductor is 1.1 eV, then it would be

72664. In intrinsic semiconductor the increase in conductivity per degree increase in temperature is about

72665. The ripple factor for a bridge rectifier is

72666. Which of the following semi-conductor has forbidden energy gap less 1 eV?

72667. In the vacuum diode equation ib = keb1.5, the current is

72668. Higher pitch of roof

72669. Which of these is used in seven segment display?

72670. The current in a p-n junction diode with V volts applied in p region relative to n region (where I0 is reverse saturation current, m is ideality factor, k is Boltzmann's constant, T is absolute temp and q is charge on electron) is

72671. In the BJT amplifier shown in the figure is the transistor is biased in the forward active region. Putting a capacitor across RE will

72672. In a centre tap full wave rectifier, 50 V is the peak voltage between the centre tap and one of the ends of the secondary. The maximum voltage across the reverse biased diode will be

72673. Consider the following statements.The functions of an oxide layer in an IC device is to mask against diffusion or ion implantinsulate the surface electricallyincrease the melting point of siliconproduce a chemically stable protective layer of these statements.

72674. The forbidden energy gap for germanium is

72675. If the gate of JFET is reverse biased, the width of depletion region

72676. If the atomic number of germanium is 32, the number of electrons in the outer most shell will be

72677. Dielectric loss due to polarisation occurs in

72678. A metal loses electrons at room temperature.

72679. Figure shows small signal common base transistor circuit.The current source I and resistor R on the output side are

72680. Consider the following statement associated with bipolar junction transistor and JFET The former has higher input impedance than the laterThe former has higher frequency stability than the laterThe later has lower noise figure than the formerThe later has higher power rating than the former. Of these statements

72681. The turn off time of a bipolar transistor is about

72682. Hystresis loss least depends on

72683. In a bipolar transistor, emitter efficiency is about

72684. For signal diodes the PIV rating is usually in the range

72685. The potential of suppressor grid (with respect to cathode) is usually

72686. In n type semiconductor, the free electron concentration

72687. If both emitter base and collector base junctions of a BJT are forward biased, the transistor is in

72688. Which of the following can be operated with positive as well as negative gate voltage?

72689. The reverse breakdown voltage of a diode depends on the extent of doping.

72690. The correct answer is

72691. At a P-N junction, the potential barrier is due to the charges on either side of the junction, which consists of

72692. In a vacuum triode μ = rpgm.

72693. The material which has zero temperature coefficient of resistance is

72694. When the light falling on a photodiode increases, the reverse minority current

72695. When a ferromagnetic substance is magnetised, small changes in dimensions occur. Such a phenomenon is known as

72696. As the temperature of an intrinsic semiconductor material is increased

72697. In an insulated gate FET, the polarity of inversion layer is the same as that of

72698. Hall effect can be used to find the type of semiconductor.

72699. The conductivity of germanium increases by about 6 percent per degree increase in temperature.

72700. The range of visible light is

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