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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 1352

67601. A resistor color coded with brown, black, and orange bands has a value of 10 k.

67602. A conductor will not carry current.

67603. The abundance of electrons would imply a negative charge.

67604. The atomic number is the number of neutrons in the nucleus of an atom.

67605. Charges of the same polarity tend to attract one another.

67606. The atomic number of an atom equals the number of electrons orbiting the nucleus.

67607. A normally open push-button switch can carry current when not pushed.

67608. Switches are either on or off, but can have multiple poles.

67609. The movement of electrons between two points is called voltage.

67610. Electrons flow from negative to positive when a voltage is applied across a conductor.

67611. The symbol that represents electrical charge is Q.

67612. All conductors have some resistance.

67613. Resistance is the pressure that causes current to flow.

67614. The potential difference between two points is called voltage.

67615. An open circuit allows current to flow.

67616. Switches are used to open and close paths for current.

67617. Carbon is a semiconductor.

67618. The unit for voltage is the ___ and the symbol for voltage is ___.

67619. A connection to the frame of a piece of electronic equipment is sometimes referred to as ___ ground.

67620. Fuses and circuit breakers are designed to ___ when excessive current flows.

67621. The capacity of a battery cell is measured by the amount of __________ that can be supplied over time.

67622. The genetic material of a cell is in:

67623. If an electronic component fails by developing an open circuit, the current will __________.

67624. ___ make electric current possible.

67625. The ___ is placed in series with the flow of current.

67626. The ___ represents a negative charge in an atom.

67627. An atom of a semiconductor has _______________ electrons in the valence shell.

67628. An atom with more electrons than protons is ___.

67629. All resistors can be placed into one of two main categories: ___ or ___.

67630. Voltage is _________.

67631. A ___ resistor has color bands of yellow, violet, yellow, gold.

67632. The unit for resistance is the ___ and the symbol for resistance is ___.

67633. What is the color code for a 220 5% resistor?

67634. If 60 J of energy are available for every 15 C of charge, what is the voltage?

67635. An atom's atomic number is determined by the number of:

67636. A voltage will influence current only if the circuit is:

67637. Which resistive component is designed to be temperature sensitive?

67638. An RC coupled amplifier has an open loop gain of 200 and a lower cutoff frequency of 50 Hz. If negative feedback with β = 0.1 is used, the lower cut off frequency will be

67639. In figure v1 = 8 V and v2 = 4 V. Which diode will conduct?

67640. The load impedance ZL of a CE amplifier has R and L in series. The phase difference between output and input will be

67641. If an amplifier with gain of - 1000 and feedback factor β = - 0.1 had a gain change of 20% due to temperature, the change in gain of the feedback amplifier would be

67642. In figure The minimum and maximum load currents are

67643. In figure, VEB = 0.6 V, β = 99. Then VC and IC are

67644. The input impedance of op-amp circuit of figure is

67645. In a BJT circuit a pnp transistor is replaced by npn transistor. To analyse the new circuit

67646. To protect the diodes in a rectifier and capacitor input filter circuit it is necessary to use

67647. The output V0 in figure is

67648. In a CE amplifier the input impedance is equal to the ratio of

67649. For a system to work, as oscillator the total phase shift of the loop gain must be equal to

67650. An amplifier has a large ac input signal. The clipping occurs on both the peaks. The output voltage will be nearly a

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