The Prime Minister of Britain at the time of 1857 revolt 
Ans : Lord Palmerston
*The proclamation of British Queen Victoria was on
Ans : November 1,1858
*The Act of 1858 was presented in the British Parliament by
Ans : Edward Henry Stanley
*Lord Canning read out the Queen's Proclamation of 1858 at
Ans : Allahabad (November 1,1858)
*The British Parliament ended the rule of East India Company in India and transferred all administrative powers of India to the British Crown as per
*Queen's Proclamation Act 1958

1857 revolt related Books&Authors 
*1857 :The Great Rebellion - Ashok Metha
* 1857 in India -  A.T Embree
*Eighteen fifty-seven- S.N. Sen
* The Sepoy Mutiny and Revolt of 1857 - R.C. Majumdar T.R. Holmes
* The History of Indian Mutiny - T.R. Holmes
* The Sepoy Mutin..................
*The military and political supremacy of the East India Company in Bengal was established by
ans:Robert Clive
*The Governor who is known as "the Babar of British India" 
Ans : Robert Clive
*The Governor who separated the Revenue and Judiciary in Bengal 
Ans : Robert Clive
*The Governor who brought diarchy system in Bengal
Ans : Robert Clive
*First British Governor who committed suicide
Ans : Robert Clive
*The Governor who is known as heaven born General
Ans : Robert Clive
*The Governor who led the army in Carnatic war and Battle of Plassey 
Ans : Robert Clive
*The Person known as the Hero of Arcot 
Ans : Robert Clive
*The Person known as the Conqueror of India
Ans : Robert Clive
*The Governor who signed in the Allahabad pact
Ans : Robert Clive

*First Go..................
*1856 - 62 - Lord Canning
*1862 - 63 - Lord Elgin
*1864 - 69 - Sir John Lawrence
*1869 - 72 - Lord Mayo
*1872 - 76 - Lord North Brook
*1876 - 80 - Lord Lytton
*1880 - 84 - Lord Rippon
*1884 - 88 - Lord Dufferin
*1888 - 94 - Lord Lansdowne
*1894 - 99 - Lord Elgin II
*1899 - 1905 - Lord Curzon
*1905 - 10 - Lord Minto
*1910 - 16 - Lord Hardinge II
*1916 - 21 - Lord Chelmsford
*1921 - 26 - Lord Reading
*1926 - 31 - Lord Irwin
*1931 - 36 - Lord Willington
*1936 - 43 - Lord Linlithgow
*1943 - 47 - Lord Wavell
*March 1947 August 1948 - Lord Mount Batten
*1948 -1950 - C.Rajagopalachari

*Rent Act (1859)
*The Indian Penal Code (1860)
*The Indian High Court Act (1861)
*Indian Council Act (1861)

LORD C..................
*First person to receive Bharat Ratna 
Ans : C.Rajagopalachari
*The person popularly known as Rajaji & C.R 
Ans : C.Rajagopalachari
*The person known as the warrior from the South
Ans : C.Rajagopalachari
*The leader who founded Swatantra Party
Ans : C.Rajagopalachari
*The person who was described as 'keeper of my conscience' by Gandhiji
Ans : C.Rajagopalachari
*Person known as "Vedaranyam Gandhi"
Ans : C.Rajagopalachari
*The Indian Political leader who acquired the nick name 'the mango of Krishnagiri' 
Ans : C.Rajagopalachari


*Declaration of Partition of Bengal was held on
Ans : July 20,1905
*Partition of Bengal was announced by
Ans : Lord Curzon
*Partition of Bengal came into effect on
Ans : October 16,1905
*October 16..................
*The Mughal emperor who gave the title Raja 
Ans : Born on - May 22,1772
*Born at - Hoogly district in Bengal
*Father - Ram
*Mother - Tarini Devi September 
*Died on - September 27,1833 
*Died at - Bristol (England)
*The Mughal emperor who gave the title Raja to Ram Mohan Roy 
Ans : Akbarsha II
*Father of Indian Renaissance 
Ans : Raja Ram Mohan Roy 
*First organisation started by Raja Ram Mohan Roy
Ans : Atmiya Sabha (1815)
*The Indian leader who founded Vedanta College at Kolkata
Ans : Raja Ram Mohan Roy (1825) 
*First Indian who went to Europe by sea 
Ans : Raja Ram Mohan Roy
*In continuation of the actions taken by Raja Ram Mohan Roy, Sati was banned in India in 
Ans : 1829
*Prophet of Socio religious movements in India
Ans : Raja Ram Mohan Roy 
*Prophet of modern education [/..................
Abinava Gandhi -  Anna Hazare 
African Gandhi - Kenneth Kaunda 
Bihar Gandhi - Dr. Rajendra Prasad
Bardoli Gandhi - Sardar Vallabhai Patel
Modern Gandhi - Baba Amthe
Andhra Gandhi -  T .Prakasham
Frontier Gandhi -  Khan Abdul Gaffar Khan
Srilankan Gandhi -  A.T. Ariyaratne
Kenyan Gandhi -  Jamo Keniyatha
Japan Gandhi -   Kagawa
Ghana Gandhi - Kwame Nkrumah
U.P. Gandhi -  Purushotham Das Tandon
Young Gandhi -  Harilal Gandhi
German Gandhi - Jerald Fischer
Argentinian Gandhi - Che Guevara
Kerala Gandhi - K. Kelappan
Tanzanian Gandhi - Julius Narera
South Indian Gandhi - K.Kamaraj
Latin American Gandhi - Simon Boliver
Burmese Gandhi -  Aung Sansuukyi
 Balcon Gandhi -   Ibrahim Rugova
Kosova Gandhi -  Ibrahim Rugova 
Delhi Gandhi - Neyyattinkara Krishnan Nair
*Tattwabodhini Sabha was founded by 
Ans : Debendranath Tagore
*Tattwabodhini Sabha was founded in
Ans : 1839
*Earlier name of Tattwabodhini Sabha
Ans : Tattvaranjini Sabha
*The magazine of Tattwabodhini Sabha
Ans : Tattwabodhini Patrika
*Tattwabodhini Sabha was dissolved back into the Brahmo Samaj by Debendranath Tagore in
Ans : 1859 

*Shuddhi movement was started by 
Ans : Dayananda Saraswati 
*Converting outcasts from other religions to Hinduism is the major objective of
Ans : Shuddhi movement 
*In 1923, the 'Bhartiya Hindu Shuddhi Mahasabha' (Indian Hindu Purification Council) was founded by
Ans : Swami Shraddhanand

*Prarthana Samaj was founded by 
Ans : Atmaram Pandurang
*Prarthana Samaj was founded wit..................
Indian National Congress
*The predecessor of Indian National Congress
Ans :Indian National Union
*Indian National Union was formed in 
Ans : 1884
*The Organisation which was formed in Bombay during the formation of INC 
Ans : Seva Sadan
*Indian National Congress was formed on 
Ans : December 28,1885
*Indian National Congress was founded by 
Ans : A.O. Hume
*First General Secretary of INC 
Ans : A.O. Hume 
*First president of INC 
Ans : W.C Bannerjee
*The venue of the first session of Indian National congress was fixed at 
Ans : Pune
*The venue of first session of INC was shifted to
Ans : Gokul Das Tejpal Sanskrit College Bombay
*The venue of first session of INC was shifted from Pune to Bombay due to the outbreak of
Ans : Plague
*Number of representatives who attended the first session of INC 
Ans : 7..................
*World Population day
Ans : July 11
*Population Explosion Theory was propounded by
Ans : Thomas Robert Malthus 
*Census in India is held once in 
Ans : 10 years
*First population policy was declared in Ans : 1976 National Population Fund *was formed in 
Ans : 2003
*National Census Survey is conducted by
Ans : Registrar General and Census Commissioner, India
*Registrar General and Census Commissioner, India comes under the administrative control of
Ans : Ministry of Home Affairs
*First Census in India was started by
Ans : Lord Mayo (1872)
*First Regular Census was started by Ans : Lord Ripon (1881)
*First Census in Free India was conducted in 
Ans : 1951
*India's Census was started by collecting the data of
Ans : The President of India 
*In States, the Census began by collecting the data of
Ans : Gove..................
*The number of spokes in Ashoka Chakra 
Ans : 24
*Colour of Ashoka Chakra
Ans : Navy blue
*Cloth used to make National Flag
*New flag code of India is adopted in
Ans : January 26, 2002
*As per the flag code of India, the smallest size of National Flag is
Ans : 6" X 4"
*The tallest National Flag in India is situated at
Ans : Attari (Punjab)
*Indian National Flag can be made by
Ans : 9 types
*The only unit in India, that is authorised to manufacture and supply the National flag of India
Ans : Karnataka Khadi Gramodyoga Samyukta Sangha (Hubli, Karnataka).
*The ceremony of raising National Flag on the Lahori Gate in Red Fort on every Independence day was started from
Ans : 1947
*The countries; having National flags similar to India
*The studies of Flags is called 
Ans : Vexillology
* First woman to raise Indian National 
Ans : Bhikaiji C..................
 *Formed on - February 20, 1987
 *Capital - Itanagar
 *Major Languages- Monpa, Miji, Aka, Nyishi, Vancho, Galo
 *High Court - Guwahati
 *Official animal - Mithun Gayal
 *Official bird - Great Hornbill
 *State flower - Lady slipper orchid
 *Official dance - Veiking
 *Major Festival- Booriboot, Mopin, Losar
*Major rivers - Brahmaputra, Subansiri,Lohit
*Major lake - Mehao
*Airport - Zero Airport .
*Land of the rising sun
Ans : Arunachal Pradesh 
*Eastern most state in India 
Ans : Arunachal Pradesh
*24th State of India 
Ans : Arunachal Pradesh
*The largest North Eastern state in India 
Ans : Arunachal Pradesh
*The state with least density of population (17 sqkm)
Ans : Arunachal Pradesh
*Indian state having the most number of Regional Languages
Ans : Arunachal Pradesh[/..................
* Formed on - January 26,1950
*Capital - Dispur
*Major Language - Assamese
*High Court - Guwahati
*Official animal- One-horned Rhinoceros
*Official bird - White-winged wood duck
*State flower - Fox tail orchid
*Official dance - Bihu
*Major Festival - Bihu
*Major rivers - Brahmaputra,Barak
*Major lake - Chandubi,Saron
* Airport - Lokpriya Gopinath Bordoloi International
*The gateway to the north eastern states
of India
Ans : Assam
*'Kamarupa' is the old name of
Ans : Assam
*The state known as Land of Blue Hills
Ans : Assam
*The Indian state which shares international borders with Bhutan and Bangladesh
Ans : Assam
*Numaligarh oil refinery is situated in
Ans : Assam
*Most populated state among the north eastern India
Ans : Assam
*The state having a high maternal mortality rate..................
* Formed on - November 1,1956
* Capital - Hyderabad
* Proposed capital - Amaravathi
* Major Language - Telugu
* High Court - Hyderabad
* Official animal - Black Buck
* Official bird - Indian Roller
* State flower - Lotus
* Official dance - Kuchupudi, Ottam
* Major Festival - Dasara, Deepavali
* Major rivers - Godavari, Krishna
* Major lake - Kolleru
* Airport - Visakhapatnam Airport, Sri Satyasai Airport at Puttaparthi 
*First State formed on linguistic basis 
Ans : Andhra Pradesh
*The State known as Egg bowl of India 
Ans : Andhra Pradesh
*South Indian state having the largest coastal area
Ans : Andhra Pradesh
*State having the second largest coastal area in India
Ans : Andhra Pradesh
*South Indian state which leads in the production of rice
Ans : Andhra Pradesh 
*The state ..................
*Formed on - January 26,1950
*Capital - Patna
*Major Languages - Mythili, Hindi
*High Court Official - Patna
*animal  Official bird - Gaur
*State flower Official - House sparrow
*dance Major Festival -  Kachnar Jat-jatin
*Major rivers Major lake - Ramleela Kosi, Damodar,Kanwar lake, Anupam lake
*Magadha was the old name of Bihar
Land of Viharas 
Ans : Bihar
*Indian state with highest population density 
Ans : Bihar (1106 sq km)
*Third state in terms of population Bihar
Indian state with Least literacy rate (61.8%) 
Ans : Bihar
*The third largest state in India by population 
Ans : Bihar
*The first state in India to constitute an agricultural cabinet to address the problems faced by the farmers 
Ans : Bihar
*Champaran Satyagraha (1917), the first satyagraha led by Gandhiji in India was held in the sta..................
Formed on - November 1,2000
Capital - Raipur
Major Languages - Hindi
High Court - Bilaspur
Official animal - Wild Buffalo
Official bird State - Hill Myna
flower Official - Rhododendron
dance - Pandavani,Rawatnacha
Major Festival - Goncha
Major rivers - Indravati,Shionath,Mahanadi
Major lakes - Ganga munda,Budhapara
Airport - Swami Vivekananda
Airport (Raipur)
*State formed by the division of Madhya Pradesh
Ans : Chhattisgarh
*Dakshina Kosala was the old name of , 
Ans : Chhattisgarh
*The region known as Dandaranya during the ancient period 
Ans : Chhattisgarh
*The only state mining Tin Ore in India 
Ans : Chhattisgarh
*Large deposits of Coal, Iron ore, Limestone, Bauxite, Dolomite are found in several parts of 
Ans : Chhattisgarh 
*The Indian state having the district named Kore..................
*Formed on - May 30,1987
*Capital - Panaji
*Major Languages - Konkini,Marathi
*High Court - Mumbai
*Official animal - Bison
*Official bird - Black crested,Bulbul
*State flower - Not declared
*Official dance - Talgadi, Goff
*Major Festival - GaneshChaturthi,Diwali,Christmas,Sao Jao 
*Smallest state in India 
Ans : Goa
*Porvorim is the Legislative capital of 
Ans : Goa
*The Indian state with lowest coast line 
Ans : Goa
*Indian State known as Paradise of the East 
Ans : Goa
*Indian State known as Land of Emerald 
Ans : Goa
*Indian State known as Tourist paradise of India
Ans : Goa
*In puranas, Gomanta, Goapuri, Gomachalam were the name of
Ans : Goa
*The only Indian state having Uniform civil code
Ans : Goa
*The first state in India to use electronic voting machines in all co..................
*Formed on - May 1,1960
*Capital - Gandhinagar
*Major Languages - Gujarati
*High Court - Ahmedabad
*Official animal - Asiatic Lion
*Official bird - Great Flemingo
*State flower - Mary Gold
*Official dance - Garba
*Major Festivals - Holi, Navarathri, Deepavali
*Major rivers - Narmada, Tapti,Sabarmati
*Major lakes - Chandola,Damodarkund
*Airport - Sardar VallabhaiAirport,
*Land of Epics 
Ans : Gujarat 
*Land of legends 
Ans : Gujarat
*Old name of Gujarat 
Ans : Gurjaram
*State having the largest coastline in India
Ans : Gujarat
*Western most state in India
Ans : Gujarat
*Largest producer of salt and groundnuts
Ans : Gujarat
*First state to completely prohibit liquor
Ans : Gujarat
*First fourline Express Highway in India was established in
*Formed on - November 1,1966
*Capital - Chandigarh
*Major Languages - Punjabi, Hindi
*High Court - Chandigarh
*Official animal - Black Buck
*Official bird - Black Francolin
*State flower - Lotus
*Official dance - Swang
*Major Festivals - Lohri, Baisakhi
*Major rivers - Ghaggar, Yamuna
*Major lakes - Blue Bird, Badkhal
*Airport - Chandigarh Airport
*The state known as 'Aaryana' 
Ans : Haryana
*The state known as 'Bahudanyaka' 
Ans : Haryana
*The state known as 'Milk Pail' of India 
Ans : Haryana
*The state known as the 'Abode of God'
 Ans : Haryana
*First state in India to achieve 100% rural electrification 
Ans : Haryana
*The state having the lowest area under forest cover in India 
Ans : Haryana
*India's first mobile court was established in
Ans : Haryana
*Formed on - January 25,1971
*Capital - Shimla
*Major Languages -  Pahari, Hindi
*High Court - Shimla & Dharmashala
*Official animal - Snow Leopard
*Official bird - Western Tragopan
*State flower - Pink Rhododendron
*Official dance - Loodi,Chham Dance
*Major Festivals -  Bonalu, Bathukama
*Major rivers - Chenab,Rabi, Beas
*Major lakes - Renuka,Khajjiar
*Airport - Shimla Airport, Kullu-Manali Airport, Dharmasala
*The state known as Apple State of India 
Ans : Himachal Pradesh
*The state known as 'Fruit Bowl of India' 
Ans : Himachal Pradesh
*The state known as Mountain State of India 
Ans : Himachal Pradesh
*The state meant as tap of Himalayas 
Ans : Himachal Pradesh 
*First Indian state to ban plastic 
Ans : Himachal Pradesh 
*First smoke-free state in India
Ans : Himach..................
*Formed on  - November 1,1956
*Capital - Jammu(October - March), Srinagar(March-October)
*Major Languages - Urdu
*High Court - Jammu &Sri Nagar  
*Official animal - Kashmir Stag
*Official bird - Black necked crane
*State flower - Lotus
*Official dance - Rouf Dance, Jhakri, Hikant
*Major Festivals - Lohri, Holi, Navratri, Baisakhi
*Major rivers - Indus, Jhelum,
Chenab, Ravi
*Major lakes - Dal, Wular, Nagin
*Airport - Kushok Bakuia Rimpochee Airpori
*The state known as Heaven on earth
Ans : Jammu and Kashmir
*Article 370 gives special status to
Ans : Jammu and Kashmir
*The state which is excluded from the list of other states under Article 152 
Ans : Jammu and Kashmir
*The state which shares international boundaries with most number of countries 
Ans : Jammu and Kashmir 
*The state known ..................
*Formed on - November 15,2000
*Capital - Ranchi
*Major Languages - Hindi, Santhali
*High Court - Jharkhand High Court, Ranchi
*Official animal - Elephant
*Official bird - Asian Koel
*State flower - Palash
*Official dance - Paiga
*Major Festivals - Jhumar, Phagwa
*Major rivers - Damodar, Ganga
*Major lakes - Topchanchi, Ranchi
*Airport - Birsa Munda International Airport
*28th state of India 
Ans : Jharkhand
*The state formed as per the 84th amendment by dividing the Bihar State
Ans : Jharkhand
*The state which was carved out from the southern part of Bihar
Ans : Jharkhand
*The state otherwise known as Vananchal
Ans : Jharkhand
*The state known as Tribal State of India
Ans : Jharkhand
*The state known as Mineral state of India
Ans : Jharkhand
*Leading producer of Mica in India[/b..................
*Formed on - November 1,1956
*Capital - Bengaluru
*Major Languages - Kannada
*High Court - Karnataka High
Court, Bengaluru 
*Official animal - Asian Elephant 
*Official bird - Indian Roller 
*State flower - Lotus
*Official dance -Yakshagana
* Major Festivals - Dasara, Ugadi (New Year)
*Major rivers - Saravati, Kaveri,Krishna
*Major lakes - Ulsoor, Pampa sarovar
*Airport - Kempa GowdaInternational Airport
*Mysore was the old name of 
Ans : Karnataka
*Largest south Indian State 
Ans : Karnataka
*First Indian state to launch Health Adalat 
Ans : Karnataka
*State having the largest collection of Sandal trees in india
Ans : Karnataka
*Leading producer of Silk, Coffee, Gold, Sandal in India
Ans : Karnataka
*The state where the first hydro electric power power project named Sivasamudra  is located in
*Formed on - November 1,1956 
*Capital - Bhopal
*Major Languages - Hindi 
*High Court - Madhya Pradesh,High Court,Jabalpur 
*Official animal - Barasingha 
*Official bird - Indian paradise flycatcher
*State flower -Madonna lily 
*Official dance - Bhagoria, Badhai, Matki
*Major Festivals - Pachmarhi Utsav, Tansen Music Festival
*Major rivers - Narmada, Tapti, Indravati
*Major lakes - Bhojtal,Lower
*Airport - Devi Ahalya Bhai Holker International Airport
*The state known as Tiger state 
Ans : Madhya Pradesh
*The state known as the heart of India 
Ans : Madhya Pradesh
*The state known as Soya state of India
 Ans : Madhya Pradesh 
*State having the largest forest area 
Ans : Madhya Pradesh 
*Second largest state in India 
Ans : Madhya Pradesh
*State having the largest deposit of ti..................
*Formed on - May 1, 1960
*Capital - Mumbai
*Major Languages - Marathi
*High Court - Mumbai High Court
*Official animal - Indian GiantSquirrel
*Official bird - Yellow Footed,Green Pigeon
*State flower -  Pride of India
*Official dance - Tamasha, Lavani
*Major Festivals -  Ganesholsav, Holi
*Major rivers - Krishna, Godavari, Tapti, Indravati 
*Major lakes -   Lonar, Rangala 
*Airport - Chhatrapati,Shivaji International Airport, Baba Saheb Ambedkar International Airport
*Most industrialised state in India 
Ans : Maharashtra 
*Most urbanised state in India 
Ans : Maharashtra
*Leading producer of electricity in India 
Ans : Maharashtra 
*Power House of India 
Ans : Maharashtra
*Second most populous state in India 
Ans : Maharashtra 
*State having the most number of Jainist, Buddhi..................
*Formed on - January 21,1972
*Capital - Imphal
*Major Languages - Manipuri
*High Court - Manipur High Court
*Official animal - Sangai
*Official bird - Nongyeen
*State flower - Siroi Lily
*Official dance - Manipuri
*Major Festival - Yaoshang
*Major rivers - Barak, Imphal
*Major lake - Loktak 
*Airport - Tulihal Airport and Imphal Airport
*The state known as Jewel of India 
Ans : Manipur
*The state known as Switzerland of East 
Ans : Manipur
*Modern Polo game was originated in 
Ans : Manipur 
*Khuga dam is in 
Ans : Manipur
*The Kuki tribes are found in
Ans : Manipur
*The state demands to form a new state named Kuki state
Ans : Manipur
*Mao Hill station is located in
Ans : Manipur
*Kangla Fort is situated in
Ans : Manipur
*First state to start Multi ..................
*Formed on - January 21,1972
*Capital - Shillong
*Major Languages - English, Khasi, Garo
 *High Court- Meghalaya High Court
 *Official animal - Clouded leopard
 *Official bird - Hill Myna
 *State flower - Lady's slipper orchid
*Official dance - Laho
*Major Festival - Wangala
*Major rivers - Digaru, Kopili River
 *Major lakes - Umiam, Thadlaskein Lake
 *Airport - Umroi Airport Shillong 
*The abode of clouds is the meaning of the word
Ans : Meghalaya
*The heavy rainfall areas Cherrapunji and in
Ans : Meghalaya
*Indian state with highest population growth rate (27.82%)
Ans : Meghalaya
*Gasi Hills, Gharo Hills, Jaintia Hills etc are situated in
Ans : Meghalaya
*The Indian state where women are selected as successors
Ans : Meghalaya
*The last North East State which entered the railway map[/..................
*Formed on - February 20,1987
*Capital - Aizawal
*Major Languages - Mizo, English
*High Court - Gauhati High Court
*Official animal - Himalayan Serow
*Official bird - Mrs. Hume's pheasant
*State flower - Red Vanda
*Official dance - Khuallam, Cheraw
*Major Festivals - Chepchar Kut 
*Major rivers - Tuichawng,Tiau, Tlawng
*Major lakes - Palak lake, Tamdil
*Airport - Lengpui Airport, Aizawl
*State with largest percentage of forest area (91.27%)
*Second least populated state in India 
Ans : Mizoram
*The second most literate state in India 
Ans : Mizoram
*The Indian state having no industries 
Ans : Mizoram
*Lushai Hills are in .
Ans : Mizoram
*Cheraw is the major bamboo dance in 
Ans : Mizoram
*The Indian state which has no Panchayat Raj System
Ans : Mizoram
*The state kno..................
*Formed on - December 1,1963
*Capital - Kohima
*Major Languages - Nagamese and English
*High Court - Gauhati High Court Kohima Bench
*Official animal - Mithun
*Official bird - Blyth's Tragopan
*State flower - Tree rhododendron
*Official dance - Butterfly dance, Kuki dance
*Major Festival - Great Hombill Festival
*Major rivers - Doyang, Dikhu 
*Major lake - Shilloi
*Airport - Dimapur Airport
*Hornbill Festival is the famous festival of 
Ans : Nagaland
*The Indian state with the least population growth
Ans : Nagaland
*The only Indian state with negative population growth (-0.47 %)
Ans : Nagaland
*The state having the highest Christian population in India 
Ans : Nagaland
*The state known as the most populated Baptist state in the World
Ans : Nagaland
*The state which is known as the group of Vi..................
*Formed on - April 1,1936
*Capital - Bhubaneswar
*Major Languages - Odiya, English
*High Court - Odisha High CourtsCuttack
*Official animal - Sambar Deer
*Official bird - Blue Jay
*State flower - Ashoka
*Official dance - Odissi
*Major Festivals - Makar, Dola Yatra
*Major rivers - Mahanadi, Koina
*Major lakes - Chilka
*Airport - Biju Patnaik International Airport 
*Kalinga and Utkalam are the ancient names of 
Ans : Odisha
*Leading state in the production of manganese 
Ans : Odisha
*The Indian state which has the most percentage of people living Below Poverty Line
Ans : Odisha
*First Indian state to adopt Self Help Group based financial inclusion model 
Ans : Odisha
*First Indian state to disburse salary through e-payment to the Government Employees 
Ans : Odisha
*The only Indian state from w..................
*Formed on - November 1,1956
*Capital - Chandigarh
*Major Languages - Punjabi
*High Court  - Punjab & Haryana High Court
*Official animal - Blackbuck
*Official bird - Northern Goshawk (Baaz)
*State flower - Gladiolus
*Official dance - Bhangra, Giddha
*Major Festivals - Lohri, Vaisakhi
*Major rivers - Chenab, Ravi,Beas, Sutlaj, Jhelum
* Major lakes - Kanjili, Ropar
*Airport - Sri Guru Ram Dass Jee International Airport
*Land of five rivers
Ans : Punjab
*Bread basket of India
Ans : Punjab
*The state known as Granary of India
Ans : Punjab
*First e-state in India
Ans : Punjab
*The state using more chemical fertilizer in India
Ans : Punjab
*The state which achieved more advantage through Green revolution
Ans : Punjab
*The state in India in which Wagah border is situated
Ans : Pun..................
*Formed on - November 1,1956
*Capital - Jaipur
*Major Languages - Rajasthani, Hindi
*High Court - Rajasthan High Court, Jodhpur
Official animal - Camel &Chinkara
Official bird - Godawan or Great Indian Bustard
State flower - Rohida
Official dance - Ghoomar
Major Festivals - Bikanir camel festival,Gangaur festival
Major rivers - Luni,Ghaggar
Major lakes - Sambhar,Pushkar
Airport - Maharana Pratap Airport, Udaypur
*The state known as Brahmavartham in Manusmrithi
Ans : Rajasthan 
*Largest state in India 
Ans : Rajasthan
*The State known as Land of Palaces and Forts
Ans : Rajasthan
*Indian state also known as Land of Kings 
Ans : Rajasthan
*The state which was earlier known as Matsya and Rajputana 
Ans : Rajasthan 
*The Indian state with which Pakistan shares longest boundary 
Ans : R..................
*Central Sheep and Wool Research Institute 
Ans : Malpura
*The community which was recently included in the OBC catergory by the Central Government 
Ans : Jat
*The traditional puppet show of Rajasthan 
Ans : Kathputali
*Rawatbhata atomic power plant is otherwise known as
Ans : Kota Atomic Power Plant 
*The train service of Indian Railway which connects the tourist centres of Rajasthan 
Ans : Palace on Wheels
*The prominent industrialists of Rajasthan is known as
Ans : Marwadis
*Rajasthan became the largest state in India in 
Ans : 2000
* The place known as the Oasis of desert 
Ans : Jaisalmer
*The Chittorgarh fort is the largest fort in India
*The place where the Gajavilasam palace is situated
Ans : Jaisalmer
*Beach lake is situated at
Ans : Jaisalmer
*The only vyildlife sanctuary which is s..................
*Formed on - May 16,1975
*Capital - Gangtok
*Major Languages - Nepali, Lepcha, Bhutia
*High Court - Sikkim High Court
*Official animal - Red Panda
*Official bird -  Blood Pheasant
*State flower - Noble Dendrobium
*Official dance - Lu Khangthamo, Maruni
*Major Festivals - Lhabab Duchen Festival, Losoong Festival
*Major rivers - Teesta, Lhonak
*Major lakes - Gurudongmar, Cholamo
*Airport - Pakyong Airport
*The name of the state which has the meaning 'new palace'
Ans : Sikkim
*The state which was ruled by Chogyal dynasty
Ans : Sikkim
*Smallest landlocked state in India 
Ans : Sikkim
*Least populous state in India 
Ans : Sikkim
*The second smallest state in India 
Ans : Sikkim
*The State in India which is known as Denjong (the valley of paddy) in Tibetan region
Ans : Sikkim
*Formed on - January 26,1950
*Capital - Chennai 
*Major Languages - Tamil
*High Court - Chennai High Court
*Official animal - Nilgiri Tahr
*Official bird - Emerald Dove
*State flower - Gloriosa Lily
*Official dance - Bharatanatyam
*Major Festivals - Pongal, Deepavali
*Major rivers - Kaveri, Bhavani, Vaiga
*Major lakes - Kodaikanal,
Veeranam,Emerald lake (Ooty) 
*Airport -  Chennai International Airport, Coimbatore International Airport, Tiruchirappalli International Airport
*Southern most state of India 
Ans : Tamil Nadu
*Western Ghats and Eastern Ghats intersect at Nilgiri in
Ans : Tamil Nadu
*Leading producer or Cement and-Cofton clothes
Ans : Tamil Nadu
*The state having the most number of regional parties
Ans : Tamil Nadu
*The state which abolished lottery by law
Ans : Tamil Nadu..................
*Formed on - June 2,2014
* Capital - Hyderabad
*Major Languages - Telugu, Urdu
* High Court - High Court of Judicature at Hyderabad
*Official animal - Spotted Deer (Jinka)
*Official bird - Indian Roller (Paala pitta)
*State flower - Tangidi Puvvu
*Official dance - Perini,Shivathandavam
*Major Festivals - Bonalu, Bathukamma (women)
*Major rivers - Godavari, Krishna, Musi
*Major lakes - Hussain Sagar, Nizam Sagar, Osman Sagar
*Airport - Rajiv Gandhi International Airport 
*29th state of India 
Ans : Telangana
* The state formed by the bifurcation of Andhra Pradesh 
Ans : Telangana
 The only landlocked state in South India 
Ans : Telangana
*The only south Indian state which has no coast line
Ans : Telangana
* Twelfth largest state in India and Twelfth most populous state in India 
Ans : Telangana[..................
*Formed on - January 21,1972
*Capital - Agarthala
*Major Languages  - Tripuri, Bengali, Kokboro
*High Court - Tripura High Court, Agarthala
*Official animal - Phayre's leaf monkey
*Official bird - Green imperial pigeon
*State flower - Indian rose chestnut
*Official dance - Goria Dance, Huk kaimani Dance
*Major Festivals - Karchi festival, Ker Puja
*Major rivers - Gomati, Dhalai, Manu
*Major lakes - Dumboorlake
*Airport - Agartala Airport
*Last Highcourt of India was established in 
Ans : Tripura
*The Indian state almost surrounded by Bangladesh (Three Sides)
Ans : Tripura
*The smallest state among the seven sister states in India 
Ans : Tripura
*Unakoti is the famous pilgrim centre in 
Ans : Tripura
*The name Ujjyanta palace is given by 
Ans : Rabindranath Tagore 
*Third smallest state in ..................
*Formed on - January 26,1950
*Capital - Lucknow
*MajorLanguages - Hindi, Urdu
*High Court - Allahabad High Court
*Official animal - Barasingha
*Official bird - Sarus crane
*State flower - Brahma Kamal
*Official dance - Kathak
*Major Festivals - Dusshera, Ramlila
*Major rivers - Gomati, Yamuna,  Ganga
*Major lakes - Keetham lake, Barua Sagar Tal
*Airport - Lai bahadur Shastri International Airport
*Largest populated state in India 
Ans : Uttar Pradesh
*The Indian state having the largest number of Scheduled caste people
Ans : Uttar Pradesh
*The state having highest population of Muslims and Hindus
Ans : Uttar Pradesh
*The state having the highest population of subnational entity
Ans : Uttar Pradesh
*The state having the most number of literate people are residing in 
Ans : Uttar Pradesh
* Formed on - November 9,2000
*Capital - Dehradun
* Major Languages - Hindi, Sanskrit
*High Court - Uttarakhand High Court, Nainital
*Official animal - Alpine Musk Deer
*Official bird - Himalayan Monal
*State flower - Brahma Kamal
*Official dance - Barada Nati,Bhotiya Dance
*Major Festivals -  Basant Panchami, Ganga Dusshera
*Major rivers -  Ganges, Yamuna
*Major lakes - Naini, Bhimtal 
*Airport - Jolly Grant airport; Dehradun
*The state known as 'Deva Bhoomii'  
Ans : Uttarakhand
*First Indian state to install a system to detect earth quake and disseminate warning 
Ans : Uttarakhand
*The economy of which Indian State is known as Money order economy
Ans : Uttarakhand
*The Chipko movement was started in 
Ans : Uttarakhand 
*National Centre for Himalayan studies is set up at
Ans : Uttarakhand..................
*Formed on - January 26,1950
*Capital - Kolkata
*Major Languages - Bengali
*High Court - Kolkata High Court
*Official animal - Fishing Cat
*Official bird - White Throated Kingfisher
*State flower - Night Flowering Jasmine
*Official dance - Gambhira, Kir-tan
*Major Festivals - Durga Puja, Kali Puja
*Major rivers - Ganges, Damodar,Hoogly
*Major lakes - Rabindra Sarovar,Nalbel
*Airport - Netaji Subash Chandra Bose International Airport (Dum Dum)
*Vangadesha and Gaudadesha were the old names of
Ans : West Bengal
*Leading producer of Rice and Jute 
Ans : West Bengal
*Kali Pooja is the famous festival of 
Ans : West Bengal 
*The Writers Building is the Secretariat building of
Ans : West Bengal 
*The Indian state having the largest area under Mangroves 
Ans : West Bengal 
*State having second..................
*Formed on - November 1,1956
*Formed as National Capital Territory
Ans : February 1,1992
Ans : New Delhi
*High Court
Ans : New Delhi
*Official Animal
Ans : Nilgai
*Official Bird
Ans : House Sparrow
*Official Flower
Ans : Alfalfa
*Indraprastha was the old name of 
Ans : Delhi
*Most populous city in India 
Ans : Delhi
*The union territory having the highest population and population density 
Ans : Delhi
*Second metro train in India was opened in 
Ans : Delhi
*The only Union Territory in India which II has its own High Court
Ans : Delhi
*Kerala house is located in 
Ans : Delhi
*The Union Territory situated inside the state of Haryana 
Ans : Delhi
*The place known as Shifting Capital of India
Ans : Delhi
*The only Indian city which hosted..................
*The idea of constitution was originated in 
Ans : U.S.A
*A Constitution is known as 
Ans : Law of land
*The mother of Constitutions 
Ans : British Constitution  
*The mother of Parliament 
Ans : British Parliament  
*The oldest Constitution in the world 
Ans : Britain
*The land of modern democracy 
Ans : Britain
*The cradle of Democracy 
Ans : Greece
*The home of Direct Democracy 
Ans : Switzerland
*Apex law of a Nation is 
Ans : Constitution
*British Parliament was described as the mother of Parliament by
Ans : John Bright
*The lengthiest written constitution in the World
Ans : Indian constitution
*The shortest and the oldest written constitution in the world
Ans : American constitution 
*The Indian constitution is both 
Ans : Rigid and flexibl..................
*Article 39D - Equal pay for equal work for men and women
*Article 40 - Formation of Village Panchayat
*Article 41 - Right to work
*Article 44 - Uniform civil code for the citizens
*Article 45 - To provide early Childhood Care and education for all children until they complete the age of 14 years
*Article 46 - Promotion of educational and economic interest of SCs and STs and other weaker section
*Article 47 - Prohibition of Liquor
*Article 48 - Organisation of agriculture and animal husbandry Prohibition of slaughter of cow
*Article48A - Protection of Environment 
*Article 49 - Protection of Monuments and place and object of National Importance 
*Article 50 - Separation of Judiciary from the executive
*Article 51 - Promotion of International peace and security 
*Article 51A - List of Fundamental Duties
*Article 52 There shall be a Presid..................
'Kerala', historically known as Keralam, is an Indian state in South India on the Malabar Coast. It was formed on 1 November 1956 following the States Reorganisation Act by combining Malayalam-speaking regions. Spread over 38,863 km2 (15,005 sq mi), it is bordered by Karnataka to the north and northeast, Tamil Nadu to the east and south, and the Lakshadweep Sea to the west. With 33,387,677 inhabitants as per the 2011 Census, Kerala is the thirteenth-largest Indian state by population. It is divided into 14 districts with the capital and the largest city being Thiruvananthapuram. Malayalam is the most widely spoken language and is also the official language of the state.
The region has been a prominent spice exporter since 3000 BCE. The Chera Dynasty was the first prominent kingdom based in Kerala, though it frequently struggled against attacks by the neighbouring Cholas and Pandyas. In the 15th century, the spice trade attracted Portuguese trad..................
*The constitutional head of the State 
Ans : The President 
*The President is known as 
Ans : De-jure (in law)
*The first citizen of India The President The nominal executive of India 
Ans : The President
*All the executive decisions are taken in the name of
Ans : The President
*The term of office of the President of India 
Ans : 5 years
*The President takes oath in the presence of 
Ans : The Chief Justice of India 
*In the absence of the Chief Justice, the oath will be in the presence of
Ans : The senior most judge of Supreme Court
*The President can resign the post by giving a resignation in writing addressed to [/b..................
*The real head of India (De facto)
Ans : The Prime Minister 
*The Prime Minister is appointed by the President of India under 
Ans : Article 75
*The Keystone of the Cabinet Arch 
Ans : The Prime Minister 
*The Constitutional head described as 'First among equals' (Primus Inter Pares)
Ans : The Prime Minister 
*A person who is not a member of the Parliament can be appointed the Prime Minister but he must become a Member of Parliament with in 
Ans : Six months
*The Prime Minister must be a member of either 
Ans : Lok Sabha or Rajya Sabha 
*The oath of office of the Prime Minister is administered by
Ans : The President 
*Tenure of Prime Minister is 
Ans : 5 years
*Meeting of the Council of Ministers is presided by
Ans : The Prime Minister 
*The ex-officio chairman of the NITI Ayog, National Develop..................
*The term 'parliament' is originated from the French word
Ans : 'Parler' which means to discuss or to talk
*In India the Union Legislature is known as 
Ans : The Parliament
*The legislative body of India is 
Ans : The Parliament
*Article 79 of the constitution deals with 
Ans : The Parliament
*The articles which allow the Parliament the power of law making
Ans : Article 245 & 246 
*The Parliament of India consists of 
Ans : Lok Sabha, Rajya Sabha and The President of India 
*The Indian parliament is
Ans : Bicameral (Rajya Sabha & Lok Sabha)
*Indian Parliament observed the diamond Jubilee in
Ans : May 13, 2012
*Total number of members in Indian, Parliament
Ans : 790 (Lok Sabha 545 Rajya Sabha 245)
*The article which deals with the oath of office of the members of the Parliament
Ans : Article 99..................
*The head of the state government 
Ans : The Chief Minister 
*The position of the Chief Minister at the state level is analogous to the position of 
Ans : The Prime Minister
*The Chief Minister is appointed by the Governor under article
Ans : 164
*The oath of office and secrecy to the ministers are administered by
Ans : The Governor
*A person who is not a member of the state - legislature can be appointed the Chief Minister only for
Ans : Six months (within which he should become a member of state legislature)
*Advocate General, Chairman and members of the State Public Service Commission, State Election Commissioner etc. are appointed by the Governor on the advice of
Ans : The Chief Minister
*The Chairman of the State Planning Board
Ans : The Chief Minister
*The dissolution of the State Legislative Assembly can be recomm..................
*The Panchayati Raj expert who participated in the Bardoli Satyagraha
Ans : Balwant Rai Mehta 
*The second Chief Minister of Gujarat 
Ans : Balwant Rai Mehta
*The three tier Panchayati Raj System consists of:
Ans : Grama Panchayat at the Village level Panchayat Samiti at the Block level Zila Parishad at the District level 
*As per the recommendations of the Balwant Rai Mehta Committee the Panchayat samiti should be an 
Ans : Executive body
*As per the recommendations of the Balwant Rai Mehta Committee the Zila -Parishad should be the
Ans : Advisory, co-ordinating and supervisory body
*As per the recommendations of the Balwant Rai Mehta Committee, the chairman of the zila parishad is
Ans : The District Collector
*The recommendations of the Committee were accepted by the National Development Council in
Ans : January 1958
*First state to establish Panchayati Raj in India
Ans : R..................
*The idea of State List was borrowed from
Ans : Canadian Constitution
*The Legislative body having exclusive power to make laws in State List
Ans : State Legislature
*Total subjects included in State List
Ans : 61 (originally 66)

*Local Self Government
*Public Health & Sanitation 
* Liquor
*Panchayati Raj
*Taxes on Agricultural. Income
*State Public Service Commission
*Land and Building Tax
*Sales Tax
*Public Transport

*The idea of State List was borrowed from
Ans : Australian Constitution
*The Legislative body having exclusive power to make laws in Concurrent List
Ans : Both Parliament and State Legis..................
*The idea of State List was borrowed from
Ans : Canadian Constitution
*The Legislative body having exclusive power to make laws in State List
Ans : State Legislature
*Total subjects included in State List
Ans : 61 (originally 66)

*Local Self Government
*Public Health & Sanitation 
* Liquor
*Panchayati Raj
*Taxes on Agricultural. Income
*State Public Service Commission
*Land and Building Tax
*Sales Tax
*Public Transport

*The idea of State List was borrowed from
Ans : Australian Constitution
*The Legislative body having exclusive power to make laws in Concurrent List
Ans : Both Parliament and State Legis..................
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