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42201. Idiom of 360. To stare in the face

Answer: To threaten

42202. Idiom of 361. A stiff-necked person

Answer: An obstinate person

42203. Idiom of A shortcut

Answer: An easy way

42204. Idiom of To set one's face against

Answer: To oppose

42205. Idiom of 364. To shut one's eye to

Answer: To ignore

42206. Idiom of 363. To step into another's shoes

Answer: To take another's place

42207. Idiom of 366. A stone's throw

Answer: Very near

42208. Idiom of 367. To stir a finger

Answer: To make the best effort

42209. Idiom of 3b8. To see red

Answer: To see with angry eyes

42210. Idiom of 3b9. By the skin of one's teeth

Answer: Very narrowly

42211. Idiom of 370. To sow the dragon's teeth

Answer: To do something

42212. Idiom of To sit on the fence

Answer: To remain neutral

42213. Idiom of Street Arabs

Answer: Homeless and parent less children

42214. Idiom of To speak one's mind

Answer: To speak frankly

42215. Idiom of A slow coach

Answer: A lazy person

42216. Idiom of To set at naught

Answer: To disregard

42217. Idiom of To turn a deaf ear to

Answer: To refuse to listen to

42218. Idiom of To toe the line

Answer: To follow another's opinion

42219. Idiom of To turn one's head

Answer: To be proud

42220. Idiom of To turn turtle

Answer: To upset

42221. Idiom of To tremble in the balance

Answer: Uncertain

42222. Idiom of To turn over a new leaf

Answer: A change for the better

42223. Idiom of To throw cold water on

Answer: To discourage

42224. Idiom of Talk of the town

Answer: A widespread topic

42225. Idiom of To throw dust in the eyes of

Answer: To deceive

42226. Idiom of Time and tide

Answer: Courses of time

42227. Idiom of 392. To my cost

Answer: Through suffering

42228. Idiom of Twinkling of an eye

Answer: Very quickly

42229. Idiom of To take away one's breath

Answer: To surprise

42230. Idiom of True to one's salt

Answer: To be loyal to someone

42231. Idiom of A turning point

Answer: Anything that brings change

42232. Idiom of A thorn in the flesh

Answer: To be a source of anger

42233. Idiom of Time hangs heavy on one's hands

Answer: Difficult to pass time

42234. Idiom of To throw down the gauntlet

Answer: To give an open challenge

42235. Idiom of Under the thumb of

Answer: Under the control of

42236. Idiom of Up one's sleeves

Answer: In reserve

42237. Idiom of Utopian scheme

Answer: A visionary scheme

42238. Idiom of At sake

Answer: In danger

42239. Idiom of At case

Answer: Easily

42240. Idiom of As soon as

Answer: No sooner

42241. Idiom of Acquainted with

Answer: To meet someone

42242. Idiom of To while away

Answer: To pass in amusement

42243. Idiom of With open arms

Answer: Warmly and cordially

42244. Idiom of With a grain of salt

Answer: With some reservation

42245. Idiom of To win the palm

Answer: To win a prize

42246. Idiom of To worship the rising sun

Answer: To respect the man who is rising in power

42247. Idiom of To weather the storm

Answer: To come out safely through a difficulty

42248. Idiom of To wild up

Answer: To bring to an end

42249. Idiom of With one accord

Answer: With one voice

42250. Idiom of To win laurels

Answer: To achieve success
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