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42151. Idiom of To nurse a grudge

Answer: To revenge

42152. Idiom of Neck to neck

Answer: Side by side

42153. Idiom of Neck or Nothing

Answer: With the use of everything

42154. Idiom of The printer's devils

Answer: Misprints

42155. Idiom of To play the games

Answer: To observe the rules

42156. Idiom of To pick a quarrel

Answer: Intentionally begin a quarrel

42157. Idiom of Palmy days

Answer: Prosperous and peaceful days

42158. Idiom of To put one's shoulders to the wheel

Answer: To help oneself

42159. Idiom of To put the cart before the horse

Answer: Reverse order

42160. Idiom of To pull one's legs

Answer: To make a fool of

42161. Idiom of A past master

Answer: Thorough master

42162. Idiom of To poke one's nose

Answer: To interfere with

42163. Idiom of To play with fire

Answer: To do something dangerous

42164. Idiom of Pass through

Answer: Undergo

42165. Idiom of To pay the piper

Answer: To bear the cost

42166. Idiom of 325. To put in cold storage

Answer: To neglect

42167. Idiom of 126. A queer fish

Answer: A strange person

42168. Idiom of 327. To pour oil on troubled waters

Answer: To pacify matters

42169. Idiom of 328. A rainy day

Answer: A time of difficulty

42170. Idiom of 329. A red letter day

Answer: Lucky and important day

42171. Idiom of 330. Root and branch

Answer: Entirely

42172. Idiom of 331. Torun down

Answer: Weak in health

42173. Idiom of 332. A red rag to a bull

Answer: A cause for anger

42174. Idiom of 333. Rough and ready

Answer: Unpolished manners

42175. Idiom of 334. Red tapism

Answer: Official formality

42176. Idiom of 335. Round the comer

Answer: Near

42177. Idiom of 336. Run through

Answer: Waste

42178. Idiom of 337. A rolling stone

Answer: One who is never constant to one's work

42179. Idiom of 338. A royal road

Answer: An easy way to achieve an end

42180. Idiom of 339. To smell a rat

Answer: To suspect something

42181. Idiom of 340. Sweat of one's brow

Answer: Hard labour

42182. Idiom of 341. To save one's skin

Answer: To accept without loss

42183. Idiom of ,142. Snake in the shoes

Answer: To be in a state of fear

42184. Idiom of 34.1. Shoulder to shoulder

Answer: In co-operation

42185. Idiom of 344. See through

Answer: Understand

42186. Idiom of 345. Safe and sound

Answer: Safely

42187. Idiom of To stand on one's own legs

Answer: To be independent

42188. Idiom of 347. To stick to one's guns

Answer: To stand firm

42189. Idiom of 348. Swelled head

Answer: Pride

42190. Idiom of 349. Snake in the grass

Answer: A hidden enemy

42191. Idiom of 350. To see eye to eye with

Answer: To agree

42192. Idiom of 351. A sheet anchor

Answer: The chief support

42193. Idiom of 352. To sail under false colours

Answer: To try to deceive

42194. Idiom of 353. To see a thing through coloured glasses

Answer: To see a thing with a prejudiced mind

42195. Idiom of 354. Snuff and nonsense

Answer: Foolish

42196. Idiom of 355. Smooth sailing

Answer: No difficulty

42197. Idiom of 356. Spick and span

Answer: Very neat and tidy

42198. Idiom of 357. Swan song

Answer: Last great achievement of work

42199. Idiom of 358. To sink fast

Answer: To grow worse and worse

42200. Idiom of 359. To steal a march

Answer: To get the advantage secretly
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