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41101. Idiom of Loose tongue

Answer: Unsettled matter

41102. Idiom of Lump sum

Answer: An amount of money that is paid at one time and not on separate occasions

41103. Idiom of Lose heart

Answer: To stop hoping for something or trying to do something because you no longer feel confident

41104. Idiom of 12. Laugh in one's sleeves

Answer: To be secretly amused about something

41105. Idiom of 13. Lend one's ear

Answer: To listen

41106. Idiom of 14. Little by little

Answer: (A) Slowly

41107. Idiom of 15. Lose one's cool

Answer: To lose control

41108. Idiom of 16. Lose one's head

Answer: To become unable to act in a calm or sensible way

41109. Idiom of 17. Lose one's way

Answer: To forget way

41110. Idiom of Make a name

Answer: To be famous; to earn name and fame

41111. Idiom of 2. Make good

Answer: To compensate

41112. Idiom of 3. Make up one's mind

Answer: To determine

41113. Idiom of 4. Miss the bus

Answer: To be unable to take advantage of something because you are too late

41114. Idiom of 5. Man of parts

Answer: A man of talent

41115. Idiom of 6. Man in the street

Answer: Simple man

41116. Idiom of 7. Man of action

Answer: A dutiful person

41117. Idiom of 8. Make an ass of oneself

Answer: To be foolish

41118. Idiom of Make the best of both the worlds

Answer: Benefit in both hands

41119. Idiom of Make a fortune

Answer: To become rich

41120. Idiom of Make friends

Answer: To become a friend of somebody

41121. Idiom of Make or mar

Answer: To make or spoil

41122. Idiom of Mend or end

Answer: To improve or ruin

41123. Idiom of Man of the world

Answer: An experienced man

41124. Idiom of Mind one's own business

Answer: To leave other people alone

41125. Idiom of More or less

Answer: Little or much around

41126. Idiom of Move heaven and earth

Answer: To work hard to get something

41127. Idiom of Make a fool of oneself

Answer: To be stupid

41128. Idiom of Make a mess of

Answer: To bungle

41129. Idiom of 20. Maiden name

Answer: The name of a married woman before marriage

41130. Idiom of 21. Make a hash of something

Answer: To do something badly

41131. Idiom of Miss the boat

Answer: Tomiss a chance

41132. Idiom of Null and void

Answer: (A) Invalid

41133. Idiom of Now and again

Answer: Occasionally

41134. Idiom of Nip in the bud

Answer: To destroy a thing at the very beginning

41135. Idiom of A narrow escape

Answer: To be saved with a great difficulty

41136. Idiom of Neck and neck

Answer: Side by side

41137. Idiom of Night and day

Answer: To be continued (day or night)

41138. Idiom of Nine day's wonder

Answer: (A) Something that is of interest or beauty

41139. Idiom of Now and then

Answer: Sometimes

41140. Masculine And Femanine of Lover

Answer: Beloved

41141. Masculine And Femanine of Wizard

Answer: Witch

41142. Masculine And Femanine of Stag

Answer: Hind

41143. Masculine And Femanine of Papa

Answer: Mamma

41144. Masculine And Femanine of Lord

Answer: Lady

41145. Masculine And Femanine of Gander

Answer: Goose

41146. Masculine And Femanine of Earl

Answer: Countess

41147. Masculine And Femanine of Drake

Answer: Duck

41148. Masculine And Femanine of Colt

Answer: Filly

41149. Masculine And Femanine of Buck

Answer: Doe

41150. Masculine And Femanine of Fox

Answer: Vixen
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