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40651. Synonym of Narrow (adj.)

Answer: limited; restricted; marginal; cramped

40652. Synonym of Naughty (adj.)

Answer: mischievous; roguish; playful; disobedient

40653. Synonym of Necessary (adj.)

Answer: compulsory; essential; needful; obligatory

40654. Synonym of Nightmare (n)

Answer: bad dream; horror; trial

40655. Synonym of Non-violent (adj.)

Answer: pacifist; peaceful

40656. Synonym of Notorious (adj.)

Answer: Infamous; flagrant; undisputed

40657. Synonym of Nourish (v)

Answer: cherish; comfort; cultivate; encourage

40658. Synonym of Nuisance (n)

Answer: irritation; offence; pain; trouble

40659. Synonym of Nutritious (adj.)

Answer: healthful; nourishing; nutritive

40660. Synonym of Noxious (adj.)

Answer: baneful; corrupting; destructive; harmful; injurious

40661. Synonym of Oblivious (adj.)

Answer: careless; forgetful; ignorant; negligent

40662. Synonym of Obnoxious (adj.)

Answer: abhorrent; abominable; odious; repulsive

40663. Synonym of Obvious (adj.)

Answer: apparent; clear; transparent; distinct

40664. Synonym of On looker (n)

Answer: observer; spectator; watcher; witness; viewer

40665. Synonym of Opaque (adj.)

Answer: cloudy; obscure; unclear; dim

40666. Antonyms of vowel ?

Answer: consonant

40667. Synonym of Opponent (n)

Answer: challenger; foe; antagonist; enemy

40668. Synonym of Orator(n)

Answer: lecturer; preacher; speaker

40669. Synonym of Optional (adj.)

Answer: extra; voluntary; possible

40670. Synonym of Overcome(v)

Answer: defeat; over throw; triumph

40671. Synonym of Owner(n)

Answer: lord; master; proprietor

40672. Synonym of Paradox(n)

Answer: ambiguity; puzzle; riddle

40673. Synonym of Particular(adj.)

Answer: peculiar; special; specific; distinct

40674. Synonym of Passionate(adj.)

Answer: aroused; emotional; sexy; eager

40675. Synonym of Peasant(n)

Answer: boor; country man

40676. Synonym of Pedestrian(n)

Answer: foot-traveller; walker

40677. Synonym of Pilgrimage(n)

Answer: crusade; expedition; tour; trip; journey; mission

40678. Synonym of Precious(adj.)

Answer: costly; fine; valuable; dearest

40679. Synonym of Prediction(n)

Answer: forecast; prognosis; prophecy

40680. Synonym of Presence (n)

Answer: attendance

40681. Synonym of Previous (adj.)

Answer: earlier; former; prior

40682. Synonym of Programme(n)

Answer: agenda; syllabus; curriculum

40683. Synonym of Prosperous(adj.)

Answer: successful; rich; lucky; wealthy; fortunate

40684. Synonym of Punctual (adj.)

Answer: early; exact; up-to-time; prompt

40685. Synonym of Puzzled (adj.)

Answer: bewildered; doubtful; perplexed; mixed

40686. Synonym of Quaint (adj.)

Answer: antiquated; odd; strange

40687. Synonym of Quarrelsome(adj.)

Answer: ill-tempered; irritable

40688. Synonym of Questioner(n)

Answer: enquirer; examiner; interviewer

40689. Synonym of Queer (adj.)

Answer: curious; strange; puzzling; uncommon

40690. Synonym of Rainy (adj.)

Answer: damp; wet; drizzly

40691. Synonym of Random (adj.)

Answer: accidental; chance; incidental; unplanned

40692. Synonym of Ratify (v)

Answer: affirm; approve; certify; authorise

40693. Synonym of Raucous (adj.)

Answer: harsh; hoarse; loud; noisy

40694. Synonym of Ready {adj.)

Answer: arranged; prepared; completed; fit

40695. Synonym of Rebellious (adj.)

Answer: disloyal; untruly; disobedient; revolutionary

40696. Synonym of Rebuke (v)

Answer: chide; blame; admonish; scold

40697. Antonyms of All ?

Answer: None; Nothing

40698. Antonyms of Antonym ?

Answer: Synonym

40699. Antonyms of Apart ?

Answer: Together

40700. Antonyms of Appear ?

Answer: Disappear; Vanish
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