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You Are On Question Answer Bank SET 803

40151. Antonyms of Unsafe ?

Answer: Safe

40152. Antonyms of Up ?

Answer: Down

40153. Antonyms of Upside -Down ?

Answer: Right-Side-Up

40154. Antonyms of Upstairs ?

Answer: Downstairs

40155. Antonyms of Us ?

Answer: Them

40156. Antonyms of Useful ?

Answer: Useless

40157. Antonyms of Vacant ?

Answer: Occupied

40158. Antonyms of Vanish ?

Answer: Appear

40159. Antonyms of Vast ?

Answer: Tiny

40160. Antonyms of Victory ?

Answer: Defeat

40161. Antonyms of Virtue ?

Answer: Vice

40162. Antonyms of Visible ?

Answer: Invisible

40163. Antonyms of Voluntary ?

Answer: Compulsory

40164. Antonyms of War ?

Answer: Peace

40165. Antonyms of Wa ?

Answer: Wane

40166. Antonyms of Weak ?

Answer: Strong

40167. Antonyms of Wet ?

Answer: Dry

40168. Antonyms of White ?

Answer: Black

40169. Antonyms of Wide ?

Answer: Narrow

40170. Antonyms of Win ?

Answer: Lose

40171. Antonyms of Wisdom ?

Answer: Folly; Stupidity

40172. Antonyms of Within ?

Answer: Outside

40173. Antonyms of Wrong ?

Answer: Right

40174. Antonyms of Yes ?

Answer: No

40175. Antonyms of Yin ?

Answer: Yang

40176. Antonyms of Young ?

Answer: Old

40177. Antonyms of Zip ?

Answer: Unzip

40178. Science of fixing dates.

Answer: Chronology

40179. Science of crimes and criminals.

Answer: Criminology

40180. Study of coins.

Answer: Numismatics

40181. Science of climate.

Answer: Climatology

40182. Science of blood.

Answer: Haematology

40183. Science of birds.

Answer: Ornithology

40184. Rise or fall in the level of the sea.

Answer: Tide

40185. Right or advantage available to a person.

Answer: Privilege

40186. Reward for a work or service.

Answer: Remuneration

40187. Return to one's own country.

Answer: Repatriate

40188. Return the same sort of ill treatment.

Answer: Retaliate

40189. Reduction in a tax or debt.

Answer: Rebate

40190. Religious discourse.

Answer: Sermon

40191. Reserved in speech.

Answer: Reticent

40192. Responsible according to law.

Answer: Liable

40193. Restore to former position.

Answer: Rehabilitate

40194. Public merry making and feasting.

Answer: Carnival

40195. Public activity which take place in

Answer: (A) a very elaborate

40196. Antonyms of Zenith ?

Answer: Nadir

40197. Colourful and expensive way.

Answer: Extravaganza

40198. Antonyms of absence ?

Answer: presence

40199. Place of good climate for invalids.

Answer: Asylum

40200. Property left to someone by a will.

Answer: Legacy
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