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38101. The Portuguese traveller, Nuniz visited Vijayanagar during the reign of which rular?

Answer: Achyuta Raya

38102. Howmany subjects are in the Union list?

Answer: 97 subjects

38103. Among South Asian countries which one is the Maternal Mortality Ratio (per 1,000 live births) lowest?

Answer: Bangladesh

38104. What is meant by ‘Underwriting’, the term frequently used in financial sector?

Answer: Under valuation of the assets.

38105. In colourful diamond, Why are different colours present?

Answer: Due to impurities

38106. From the view of International economy, What does third World imply?

Answer: The developing countries

38107. The ruler of which State was removed from power by the British on the pretext of misgovernance ?

Answer: Awadh

38108. Which Indian revolutionary helped Subhash Chandra Bose in raising ‘Indian National Army’ ?

Answer: Rasbehari Bose

38109. Who propounded that ‘destiny determines everything, man is powerless?

Answer: Ajivakas

38110. Which State has the largest forest area. ?

Answer: Gujarat

38111. Sufi Kalam, a type of devotional music, is the characteristic of which state?

Answer: Kashmir

38112. When some detergent is added to water, what will be the surface tension?

Answer: Increases

38113. Port Blair - the capital of Andaman and Nicobar Islands, is located in which island?

Answer: South Andaman

38114. What was the original name of Tansen, the most famous musician at the court of Akbar?

Answer: Ramtanu Pande

38115. What is the effect of overseretion of harmone from pituitary gland?

Answer: Increase growth in lenght

38116. What was the rate of land revenue as 'given in the dharma shastras ?

Answer: 1/6

38117. If the cash-reserve ratio is lowered by the Central bank, what will be its effect on credit creation?

Answer: Increase

38118. Which shipyard is known for the manufacture of bargets, coasters and dredgers?

Answer: Garden Reach Shipyard

38119. Moho discontinuity lies at the depth of approximately howmany kilometers?

Answer: 400 km

38120. From the evolutionary point of view, which is the most primitive animal?

Answer: Turtle

38121. Who authored the Tamil epic 'Silappadikaram' ?

Answer: Ilango

38122. By which impact is Nuclear fission is caused ?

Answer: Neutron

38123. Automatic approval upto 51 % in the enfrastructure seety was given in which year?

Answer: 1991

38124. Which Indian origin immigrants became the Governor of Louisiana province of the USA in 2007 ?

Answer: Bobby Jindal

38125. What is the minimum age for election/appointment as member of the Rajya Sabha ?

Answer: 30 years

38126. When milk is churned, how does the cream separate from it?

Answer: Due to the centrifugal force

38127. In USA, which region receives heavy rainfall throughout the year under the influence of Westerlies?

Answer: North-western

38128. When did man first land on moon ?

Answer: 1969

38129. By using which technique, is DNA fingerprint done?

Answer: Southern Blotting

38130. In India, in which industry are maximum number of workers employed?

Answer: Textile industry

38131. Who stated that there was no slavery in India ?

Answer: Megasthenes

38132. When is International Day for Tolerance, recognized– the UN is observed?

Answer: November 16

38133. At present the Rajya Sabha consists of howmany members?

Answer: 245

38134. Which mirror is to be used to obtain a parallel beam of light from a small lamp ?

Answer: Concave mirror

38135. Which is most primitive ancestor of man ?

Answer: Australopithecus

38136. In which city of India, the diurnal range of temperature is maximum?

Answer: New Delhi

38137. By whom was the rare work on architecture, Samarangana Sutradhara written?

Answer: Bhoja Paramara

38138. Who was the first Sultan of Delhi to introduce the practice of 'Sijda' ?

Answer: Balban

38139. Which Sultan of Delhi imposed Jazfya on the Brahmins also ?

Answer: Firoz Tughlaq

38140. Who got the ‘Bharat Ratna’ award, before becoming the President of India?

Answer: Dr. Zakir Hussain

38141. If a material, placed in a magnetic field is thrown out of it, then how is the material?

Answer: Diamagnetic

38142. Stock Exchanges play a role in an economy how may itbe termed?

Answer: Useful but need strict regulation

38143. A person who lives exclusively on milk, egg and bread is likey to become a victim of which desease?

Answer: Scurvy

38144. Which is at the apex of the-three tier system of Panchayati Raj ?

Answer: Zila Parishad

38145. In organic compound, halogens are estimated by which method?

Answer: Carius method

38146. Who is the author of the book ‘My Country, My Life’ ?

Answer: L.K. Advani

38147. If the temperature of a semiconductor rises, what is its resistivity?

Answer: Decrease

38148. Who is the author of the book ‘Glimpses of World History’ ?

Answer: Jawaharlal Nehru

38149. Taxation and the government’s expenditure policy are dealt under under which policy?

Answer: Fiscal policy

38150. Which were the patrons of Sangam, an assembly of Tamil poets?

Answer: Pandya
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