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34801. Who earned the title of a 'Liberator'?

Answer: Ashoka

34802. Which book brought the first Nobel Prize to an Indian?

Answer: Gitanjali

34803. Which was an associate State of India before becoming a full fledged State?

Answer: Sikkim

34804. Maximum nutritive element absorbed by blood from which part of alimentary canal?

Answer: Small intestine

34805. What does the emission of ß-particle?

Answer: Increases the atomic number by one

34806. What is the state the main activity associated with the fold mountain?

Answer: Earthquakes

34807. Who is the author of the book’ Economic Nightmare of India’?

Answer: Charan Singh

34808. Which metal was first discovered by man?

Answer: Copper

34809. Stock Exchanges play a role in an economy how may it be termed?

Answer: Useful but need strict regulation

34810. The opening lines of which classic Russian novel are in French?

Answer: War and Peace

34811. Where is Port Blair situated?

Answer: South Andaman

34812. Which is a programme that converts high level language to machine language?

Answer: Compiler

34813. Mixture of which pair of gases is the cause of occurrence of most of the explosions in mines?

Answer: Methane and air

34814. Which Asian languages are UN official languages?

Answer: Chinese & Arabic

34815. What was the name of the tax which the kings used to collect from the people in the Vedic period?

Answer: Bali

34816. In which forests are the greatest diversity of animal and plant species occurs?

Answer: Tropical moist forests

34817. What is deficit financing?

Answer: Spending in excess of revenue

34818. What is the largest environmental organisation in the world?

Answer: Greenpeace

34819. Alcoholic fermentation is brought about the action of which thing?

Answer: Yeast

34820. The temples built during the medieval period by which dynasty are known as 'Seven Pagodas'?

Answer: Pallavas

34821. Which branch of biology deal with the study of heredity?

Answer: Genetics

34822. Which National Highway connects Chennai and Visakhapatnarn?

Answer: NH 5

34823. What is the effect of inflation on tax revenue results in a situation?

Answer: Fiscal drag

34824. How many subjects are in the State List?

Answer: 66 subjects

34825. Raja Rammohan Roy and David Hare were associated with the foundation of which college?

Answer: Hindu College

34826. Which are Tile earliest Buddhist literature that deal with the stories of the various birth of Buddha?

Answer: Jatakas

34827. Medicine for epilepsy is obtain from which lichen?

Answer: Parmelia

34828. With which name of the particle ‘Boson’ is associated?

Answer: S. N. Bose

34829. Who was the head of the Committee formed by the government to enquire into Jallianwala Bagh massacre?

Answer: Hunter

34830. Parimarjan Negi has excelled in which games?

Answer: Chess

34831. On which date the earth is at the least distance from the sun (Perihelion)?

Answer: January 3rd

34832. Who decides the number of Judges in a High Court?

Answer: President

34833. What was the script of Indus Valley Civilization?

Answer: Undeciphered

34834. What was the former name of the Reliance Cup?

Answer: Prudential Cup

34835. Who is the recepient of Nobel Prize for the development of Wireless Telegraphy?

Answer: Marconi

34836. For how many months is the President’s rule imposed?

Answer: 6 months

34837. Who was the first Foreign Minister of free India?

Answer: Jawaharlal Nehru

34838. Who first imparted a mass character to the Indian National Congress?

Answer: Mahatma Gandhi

34839. By whom was the book ‘Gulliver’s Travels’ written?

Answer: Jonathan Swift

34840. From which site; was the famous Bull-seal of Indus Valley found?

Answer: Mohenjodaro

34841. Where is the headquarters of Amnesty International?

Answer: London

34842. Which range of Himalayas is know for hill stantions?

Answer: Himachal

34843. What is the transfer of energy through matter from particle to particle?

Answer: Conduction

34844. The Kiel Canal links which seas?

Answer: North Sea and Baltic Sea

34845. The National Institute of Communicable Diseases is located at which place?

Answer: Delhi

34846. Which is used as a gift in Japan?

Answer: Euplectella

34847. Which state receives rainfall from north-east monsoons?

Answer: Tamil Nadu

34848. Which South Indian Kingdom is not mentioned in the Ashokan inscription?

Answer: Satvahan

34849. Which leader died in St Helena?

Answer: Napoleon Bonaparte

34850. Bachendri Pal became famous for her grand success in which field?

Answer: Mountaineering
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