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You Are On Question Answer Bank SET 595

29751. Who is the author of House Divided ?

Answer: Pearl S Buck

29752. CP-20-961; what is it ?

Answer: Malarial vaccine.

29753. Who is the author of “Clear Light of Day”?

Answer: Anita Desai

29754. Who is the author of “King Lear”?

Answer: William Shakespeare

29755. Which is the First rubberized road in Kerala?

Answer: Kottayam - Kumili Road

29756. Experiences of an author as a traveller is called?

Answer: Travelogue

29757. The prophet of French Revolution?

Answer: Rousseau

29758. Divine Comedy' a classical work of the Renaissance period; was written by?

Answer: Dante

29759. The Currency of U.S.A.?

Answer: Dollar

29760. Warsaw is on the bank of which River?

Answer: Vistula

29761. Maharaja Ranjit Singh Gold Cup is associated with?

Answer: Hockey

29762. Who is the creator of the famous character “Emma Woodhouse”

Answer: Jane Austen

29763. Lords(England) is associated with which Sport?

Answer: Cricket

29764. Father of Natures History/ Father of Biology ?

Answer: Aristotle

29765. Who is the author of “Super Power”?

Answer: Raghav Bahd

29766. World Health Organisation (WHO) was established on ?

Answer: 7th April 1948 with headquarters in Geneva Switzerland.

29767. Who invented Stethoscope (1819)

Answer: Rene Laennee

29768. UNESCO has adopted New Delhi as the World Books Capital for?

Answer: 2003

29769. Who is the inventor of Vitamin D?

Answer: F.C. Hopkins

29770. Who is considered as the father of modem Russia?

Answer: Peter the Great

29771. Who is the author of “The Rogue States”?

Answer: Noam Chomsky

29772. Name the first known Personal Computer?

Answer: The Altair (1975)

29773. Bekal Fort is located in?

Answer: Kasargode district

29774. Who is the author of “Airport”?

Answer: Arthur Halley

29775. Who is the author of “The Pathology of Corruption”?

Answer: S.S. Gill

29776. Where is the underground power station in Kerala located at?

Answer: Moolamattom beneath Nadukani hills

29777. The American war of independence was fought between the American colonies and ?

Answer: The Britain

29778. Who is the author of “ The wall of glass”?

Answer: K.A.Abbas

29779. Name the German Physician; who isolated Bacillus Anthracis in1877 is?

Answer: Robert Koch

29780. Who applied the cell theory to plants?

Answer: Schleiden

29781. Plato's original name was ?

Answer: Aristocles

29782. Who was the first woman Chancellor of Germany ?

Answer: Angela Merckel In 2005

29783. 'Muthanga' is the famous hill station in?

Answer: Wyanad district

29784. Wildlife Institute of India is located at?

Answer: Chandrasvani (Uttar Pradesh)

29785. The scientific name of Frog is?

Answer: Rana hexadactyla

29786. The Capital of Sweden?

Answer: Stockholm

29787. Who is the author of Crescent Moon?

Answer: Rabindranath Tagore

29788. The plant hormone that controls fruit ripening is?

Answer: Ethylene

29789. Who is the inventor of Anti-polio Vaccine?

Answer: Jonas E.Salk

29790. Pakshipathalam bird sanctury is located in?

Answer: Wayanad

29791. Who is the author of “ Dharmaraja and Rama Raja Bhadur “?

Answer: CV Raman Pillai

29792. Who is the inventor of Air Conditioning?

Answer: Carrier

29793. Kurnool is on the bank of which River?

Answer: Tungbhadra

29794. Who is the author of “Adventures of Tom Sawyer”?

Answer: Mark Twain (Samuel Clemens)

29795. Who is the author of “India in the New Millennium”?

Answer: P.E. Alexander

29796. First person in the world to land on the moon?

Answer: Neil A. Armstrong and Edwin E. Aldrin Jr of USA

29797. Who is the author of Alchemist ?

Answer: Paulo Caulo

29798. Who proposed the idea of uniting Cochin and Travancore?

Answer: Sri Kerala Varma; The Cochin Maharaja

29799. Employment: Aspects of Planning in Under developed Countries was written by ?

Answer: K.N.Raj

29800. Who is the author of “Gathering Storm”?

Answer: Winston Churchill
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