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You Are On Question Answer Bank SET 579

28951. Which is the first country to legalize Euthanasia or mercy killing ?

Answer: Netherlands( second is Belgium)

28952. When did Vasco Da Gama reached at Kappad near Calicut?

Answer: 20th May 1498.

28953. Who is the author of Invisible Man ?

Answer: H.G Wells

28954. Centre for Advanced Technology (CAT) is located at?

Answer: Indore.

28955. With which sport G V Raja Trophy is associated?

Answer: Football

28956. Who is the author of Experiments with Untruth ?

Answer: Michael Anderson

28957. Who is the inventor of Typewriter?

Answer: Sholes

28958. Who is the author of “Tess of the D' Urbervilles”?

Answer: Thomas Hardy

28959. First British Governor General of the new Dominion of India?

Answer: Lord Mountbatten

28960. Which was the first country in the field of colonialism?

Answer: Portugal

28961. What is the symbol of WWF ?

Answer: The Giant Panda

28962. Utiyam Cheralatham of first Chera Empire had the title ?

Answer: 'Vanavarampan'.

28963. First Judge; First Judge of a High Court?

Answer: Justice Syed Mehmood (Men); Anna Chandi(Women)

28964. Who is the author of “Rathrikal”?

Answer: Dr.Ayyappa Panicker

28965. The Capital of Somalia?

Answer: Magadishu

28966. The economic and political reforms started by Gorbachev in 1985 was known as ?

Answer: Peristroika' means restructuring

28967. The early name of feudalism was?

Answer: Clientage

28968. The Currency of Kuwait?

Answer: Kuwait Dinar

28969. Who is the author of “The Songs of India”?

Answer: Sarojini Naidu

28970. The disintegration of the USSR took place in the year?

Answer: 1991

28971. Which was the first Bank established in Kerala?

Answer: Nedungadi Bank

28972. Who is the author of “The Audacity of Hope”?

Answer: Barack Obama

28973. Who is the author of “The Gathering”?

Answer: Ann Enright

28974. Kerala History Museum is located at ?

Answer: Edappalli (Emakulam).

28975. The name 'Protestant' was first applied by ?

Answer: Martin Luther

28976. Who is the author of “Leela”?

Answer: Kumaranasan

28977. Mathrubhumi was founded by?

Answer: K P Kesava Menon in 1923 from Kozhikode

28978. Who is the inventor of Animal Classification?

Answer: Aristotle (Father of Zoology)

28979. The reign of which King is known as a Golden Age in the history of Travancore?

Answer: Swathi Thirunal (1829-1847)

28980. Lenin was the leader of which section of the party?

Answer: Bolshevic section

28981. The year in which Kerala State Chalachitra Academy was founded is?

Answer: Aug-98

28982. Who is the creator of the famous character Perikalan Andhru?

Answer: S.K. Pottakadu

28983. Plastic Money is the popular name of ?

Answer: Credit Cards

28984. India government to initiate the 'Project Tiger on ?

Answer: 1-Apr-73

28985. Who is known as the Father of Kerala Renaissance?

Answer: Sree Narayana Guru

28986. The Goal of Montreal Protocol was?

Answer: To keep ozone layer intact (To reduce CFCs)

28987. Malayali Memorial(Travancore) was in ?

Answer: 1891

28988. Secret Police force of Hitler was known as?

Answer: 'Gustapo'

28989. List by the CIA (Central Intelligence Agency) world fact book (2009); the country with highest life expectancy among UN member state is?

Answer: Macau (84 years)

28990. Who is the creator of the famous characters "Dr. Watson; Sherlock Holmes"?

Answer: Arthur Conan Doyle

28991. Preserved dead bodies of the Egyptians were known as?

Answer: Mummies

28992. The Capital of Finland?

Answer: Helsinki

28993. Which boundary line separates Pakistan and Afghanisthan?

Answer: Durand Line

28994. Who is the author of The Fall of a Sparrow?

Answer: Salim Ali

28995. Thiruvananathapuram Medical College was started in?

Answer: 1951

28996. Who is the author of “Naked Came the Stranger”?

Answer: Penelope Ashe

28997. Who is the inventor of Neon-gas?

Answer: W.Ramsay

28998. Who is the author of Ritu Samhara ?

Answer: Kalidas

28999. Who is the author of “Treasure Island”?

Answer: Robert Louis Stevenson

29000. ATM stands for?

Answer: Automated Teller Machine
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