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You Are On Question Answer Bank SET 475

23751. Antonym of lofty

Answer: lowly

23752. Where is Indian Institute of Vegetable Research ?

Answer: Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh

23753. Antonym of lender

Answer: borrower

23754. Antonym of first

Answer: last

23755. Antonym of rigid

Answer: pliable; soft

23756. Antonym of find

Answer: lose

23757. Antonym of Minority

Answer: Majority

23758. Antonym of captivity

Answer: freedom; liberty

23759. Antonym of blame

Answer: praise

23760. Antonym of below

Answer: above

23761. Where is Indian Institute of Natural Resins & Gums ?

Answer: Namkum, Ranchi

23762. Antonym of immense

Answer: tiny;minute

23763. Where is National Academy of Agricultural Research Management ?

Answer: Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh

23764. Where is Sugarcane Breeding Institute ?

Answer: Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu.

23765. Where is National Bureau of Ariimar Genetic Resources ?

Answer: Kamal, Haryana.

23766. Antonym of alive

Answer: dead

23767. Antonym of Down

Answer: Up

23768. Antonym of Cool

Answer: Warm

23769. Antonym of Zenith

Answer: Nadir

23770. Antonym of loyal

Answer: disloyal

23771. Antonym of Slim

Answer: Fat; Thick

23772. Antonym of Unqualified

Answer: Qualified

23773. Antonym of Common

Answer: Rare

23774. Antonym of Come

Answer: Go

23775. Antonym of Demand

Answer: Supply

23776. Antonym of eterior

Answer: interior

23777. Antonym of Inhale

Answer: Ehale

23778. Where is National Bureau of Plant Genetic Resources ?

Answer: New Delhi.

23779. Antonym of straight

Answer: crooked

23780. Where is National Centre for Agril Economics & Policy Research ?

Answer: New Delhi

23781. Antonym of Secure

Answer: Insecure

23782. Where is National Research Centre for Banana ?

Answer: Thiruchirappalli, Tamilnadu

23783. Antonym of Slow

Answer: Fast

23784. Antonym of Cheap

Answer: Epensive

23785. Antonym of neat

Answer: untidy

23786. Antonym of Dry

Answer: Moist; Wet

23787. Antonym of Ascend

Answer: Descend

23788. Antonym of left

Answer: right

23789. Antonym of king

Answer: subject

23790. Where is the National Research Center for cashew nuts?

Answer: Puttur. Karnataka

23791. Where is National Research Centre on Camel ?

Answer: Bikaner, Rajasthan

23792. Where is National Research Centre for Coldwater Fisheries ?

Answer: Bhimtal, Uttaranchal

23793. Antonym of Never

Answer: Always

23794. Antonym of Lend

Answer: Borrow

23795. Antonym of Help

Answer: Hinder

23796. Antonym of Tall

Answer: Short

23797. Antonym of Generous

Answer: Stingy

23798. Where is National Research Centre on Equines ?

Answer: Hissar, Haryana

23799. Antonym of North

Answer: South

23800. Antonym of Thick

Answer: Thin
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