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You Are On Question Answer Bank SET 447

22351. Recently reserves of diamond have been reported in Madhya Pradesh from which place

Answer: Devbhog

22352. In which State is the Guru Shikhar Peak located

Answer: Rajasthan

22353. Which state has the largest net irrigated area

Answer: Tamil Nadu

22354. Which State sends the maximum number of members to the Rajya Sabha

Answer: Uttar Pradesh

22355. Which city is nearest to the Tropic of Cancer

Answer: Kolkata

22356. The world famous 'Khajuraho' sculptures are located in which State

Answer: Madhya Pradesh

22357. Which state has smallest land area

Answer: Goa

22358. Which state is with the largest area under waste land

Answer: Jammu and Kashmir

22359. In which is the largest population of Scheduled Tribes

Answer: Madhya Pradesh

22360. Which state has the maximum length of surface roads

Answer: Tamil Nadu

22361. Which State has the largest number of sugar mills

Answer: Uttar Pradesh

22362. Which does not have a unit of Hindustan Aeronautics Ltd (HAL)

Answer: Kolkata

22363. Which region does not receives much rainfall in the south-west monsoon season

Answer: Tamil Nadu coast

22364. Who is the leading wicket taker in the history of Test cricket

Answer: Shane Warne

22365. What can be the maximum length of a cricket bat

Answer: 32'

22366. What is the distance between popping crease and stumps on cricket pitch

Answer: 3½ ft

22367. With Which game/sport is 'Popping crease' associated

Answer: Cricket

22368. 'Queen's berry Rules' is the name. give to the rules in which game

Answer: Boxing

22369. Who was the first Test centurion in Indian Cricket

Answer: Lala Amarnath

22370. Which Cricketer has scored the highest total runs in test cricket

Answer: Sachin Tendulkar

22371. Wood used in making cricking cricket bats, from which is got

Answer: Salix alba / S Purpurea

22372. 'Chinaman' refers to which game

Answer: Cricket

22373. Who was the 1st President of BCCI (Board of Control for Cricket in India)

Answer: R.E. Grant Govan

22374. Bahadur Singh is a distinguished athlete of which game

Answer: Athletics

22375. If one wants to throw a cricket ball to the maximum distance, then at which angle should he throw it

Answer: 45°

22376. wickets in a single test match

Answer: Narendra Hirwani

22377. Where did the 1st ODI match was played in India

Answer: Ahmedabad

22378. Which Indian batsman made three consecutive centuries in his first three Test matches

Answer: Mohd. Azharuddin

22379. Which was the 1st non Test playing country to befit India in an international match

Answer: Sri Lanka

22380. ODI wickets in least number of matches

Answer: Ajantha Mendis

22381. Who has taken maximum wickets in one-day internationals

Answer: Mutthiah Muralitharan

22382. Which Australian player was known as 'Fruitfly' amongst the rest of the team

Answer: Merv Hughes

22383. Pravin Amre and Vinod Kambli played for which province in South Africa

Answer: Boland

22384. In baseball, the two opposing teams consist of how many players

Answer: 9 players each

22385. What is the name of the person that controls a football match

Answer: An umpire

22386. Where did India made her debut in Olympic football

Answer: London in 1948

22387. In which Indian state is the game of Polo said to have originated

Answer: Manipur

22388. How many players are there on each side in a women's Basketball game

Answer: 6

22389. How many players are there on each side in a baseball match

Answer: 5

22390. The famous sportsman Michael Jordan is associated with which game

Answer: Basket ball

22391. With Which game is the Double Fault associated

Answer: Football

22392. Which cup/trophy is associated with football

Answer: Santosh Trophy

22393. Which international tennis event is played on a grass court

Answer: Wimbeldon

22394. Famous GOLF player Vijay Singh is from which country

Answer: Fiji

22395. Jude Felix has established reputation as an Indian player in which game

Answer: Hockey

22396. India won the last Hockey Olympic Gold in which year

Answer: 1980, Moscow

22397. Jaspal Rana is a distinguished athlete in which game

Answer: Shooting

22398. With which is the 'Tennis court oath' associated

Answer: French Revolution

22399. Which game is Davis Cup associated with

Answer: Tennis

22400. Who broke Pete Sampras's record of maximum Grand Slams in tennis

Answer: Roger Federer
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